Fear of success: how to “not sleep” your life

Does this question concern me?

Have you noticed an increase in the level of anxiety on the eve of a decisive significant event to a level of painful intolerance, even the desire to refuse to participate: exam, admission, concert performance, entry into a new position?

Make an analogy between the described symptoms and the emotions that are visiting you, and honestly admit the existence of coincidences or their absence.

  1. An attack of painful anxiety and doubt before an upcoming important event, especially if it will occur in humans.
  2. Fear, akin to superstitious, expressed in the expectation of the worst, the subsequent reckoning, as punishment for luck, luck, won success. Blind faith in the so-called "law of meanness", fear of "jinxing" the expected result.
  3. Psychological rejection of praise and compliments and, as a result, the reaction in the form of excuses for their luck, an explanation of their accidental luck, leveling their own merits.
  4. Disbelief in oneself and in the objectivity of the high assessment of one’s abilities and capabilities, known as the “impostor syndrome”. It manifests itself by the fear that they can “bring to clear water”: the factor of chance of success will become obvious.
  5. As a consequence of the previous manifestation: perfectionism - excessive demands, especially for themselves. Often manifested in demanding despotic chiefs.
  6. Devaluation of interpersonal relations in friendship and in love, manifested by distrust of the partner, exaggerated suspiciousness, touchiness.
  7. Constraint in communicating with those from whom there is a certain dependence, and the level of dependence may be different: from your boss to your child’s kindergarten teacher.
  8. Hypertrophied dependence on the critical assessment of "from the side", submission to someone else's authoritative opinion.

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If you have found at least a few coincidences, analogies, carefully consider the following psychological tips and recommendations.

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