Features of the human psyche

Mental phenomena

Psychology studies the foundation consisting of the processes, properties and states of the psyche. However, not all processes are realized by man. According to scientists, self-consciousness cannot exist separately from the unconscious, superconscious, preconscious and subconscious. Unconscious processes that are the first level of the psyche, such as breathing, reproduction, and often even automatic thinking are not “brought out” to the surface so as not to load the brain.

With their individual unconscious people form the collective unconscious, that is, the history of the entire human race. For the first time, Jung pointed at him in his work “The Structure of the Soul”.

Name of the phenomenon


Subconscious This is a collection of all aspirations that, for one reason or another, went out of consciousness. Modern psychologists very often observe the conflict of the subconscious with the conscious.
Preconsciousness "Station of ferrying" from the unconscious to the conscious.Manifested by a spontaneous flow of associations, thoughts and images. Along with thinking, this includes casual feelings.
Superconscious These are formations formed by the effort of the will, allowing, for example, to regulate somatic functions (the wonders of yogis with red-hot coals and cardiac arrest).

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