Fictional characters: a list of the most famous. Scrooge McDuck. Tony Stark

For many years, the famous Forbes magazine annually tells readers about the most significant beings (simply, not all of them belong to the human race), which never existed in reality. Of course, this list includes the richest fictional characters. The main selection criterion is their capital, no matter how it is received and for what needs it is spent.

Some of these characters got wealth from wealthy relatives, and they didn’t need to move a finger. Someone rose himself, someone first lowered the status of whole generations below all possible norms, and then, like a phoenix, was revived in a new image.

This article selected the richest fictional characters. The list includes those that are known to most people and that have come to where they are now in completely different ways.

15.Jay Gatsby (book / film "The Great Gatsby") - $ 1 billion

While many other fictional characters were already born with a golden spoon in their mouths, Jay Gatsby began his career as a janitor and was far from legal methods towards wealth. The smuggling trade helped him acquire solid real estate on Long Island and capital, which enabled him to get on this list of the richest heroes.

fictional characters

Gatsby prefers to spend most of his money on arranging noisy parties, about which the whole city and three more neighbors speak, and, of course, trying to impress Daisy Buchanan - the main love of his life. Jay was lucky that Sherlock Holmes did not get in his way. Fictitious or not, debaters from many countries have not yet decided, but if they had entered the Great Gatsby universe, the great detective would have definitely reduced this list by at least one item.

14. Lady Mary Crawley (series “Doughton Abbey”) - 1.1 billion dollars

The eldest daughter of Count Grantham was one of the richest from birth. Mary's condition increased many times after the death of her first husband, Matthew Crowley.

Scrooge McDuck

She does not particularly think about exaggerating her condition or any development.Being a representative of high society, Crowley actively spends money on expensive clothes, exquisite dishes, unique jewelry and occasional trips to London.

13. Mr. Monopoly (the game “Monopoly”) - $ 1.2 billion

Mr. Monopoly was on this list due to its incredible success in real estate trading. At different periods, he even became the man of the year, according to many reputable publications.

Carlile Cullen

He actively invests money in hotels around the world, while remaining modest enough for a billionaire in all that relates to daily spending.

12. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider game series) - 1.3 billion dollars

Being, like many other fictional characters in this list, the heir to the immense fortune of the family of aristocrats, Lara Croft, without hesitation, goes to anywhere in the world.

Tony Stark

Of course, darkens the situation that she got the wealth due to the death of her parents. But this did not discourage the girl from a life full of dangerous adventures, ancient caves and a constant feeling of incredible danger.

11. Walden Schmidt (TV series “Two and a half people”) - 1.3 billion dollars

His first million hero performed by Ashton Kutcher earned in 19 years.Then he was actively working on his own startup, which afterwards was able to sell for an incredible amount - 1.3 billion dollars.

fictional characters list

The character appeared after the departure of Charlie Sheen, who played the main role. Schmidt spends his entire fortune on a house in Malibu, an ex-wife and friends.

10. Charles Montgomery Burns (the Simpsons animated series) - $ 1.5 billion

The fictional characters in The Simpsons are incredibly similar to real people. Surprisingly, not only the main, but also secondary heroes get their share of popularity. Mr. Burns was born in a poor family, but in early childhood was adopted by an unknown millionaire. After graduating from a prestigious university, he headed the Springfield nuclear power plant.

 Bruce Wayne

The stingy Montgomery Burns is to a certain extent the main antagonist of the series, however in one of the episodes it was announced that with all his bitterness and greed, he is the only one in the whole town who pays taxes.

9. Tywin Lannister (book / series "Game of Thrones) - 1.8 billion dollars

The head of the family, who always pays the bills. He was able to raise the family almost from the bottom and make it one of the richest and most influential in all sevenkingdoms. In many ways, the wealth turned out to return thanks to countless gold-bearing mines throughout Västerås. Tywin Lannister was actively involved in managing the estate and increasing the welfare of the family. However, the rich also cry.

Tywin Lannister

The death of his beloved wife forever erased a smile from his face and made him hate his youngest son, whose birth was the cause of this terrible tragedy for the whole family.

8. Christian Gray (book / film “50 shades of gray”) - 2.5 billion dollars

No wonder why this successful man became an ardent enthusiast of the BDSM direction. After all, thanks to his mother's friend, who led him into the world of submission and domination, he got his start-up capital (yes, fictional characters manage to get their fortunes in many different ways).

the richest fictional characters

Gray's 100 thousand dollars was more than enough to create his own corporation, which, as sounded in the second book, began to bring him 100 thousand dollars an hour. Christian spends most of his income on luxury items: expensive cars, helicopters, apartments ... and, of course, rather specific addictions.

7Richie Rich (comic / film “Rich Richie”) - 5.8 billion dollars

Poor rich Richie is the heir to a multi-billion dollar state, the only son and a consolation for his parents. This child knows all about the whims of the rich. Of course, the depository with the most valuable things of the family is located in the rock on which their profiles are carved. Not to mention the various technical inventions and his personal McDonalds.

fictional characters list

But why then "poor"? Because, looking at the games and entertainment of ordinary children from families whose wealth is not even average, Richie feels lonely and so desperately needs a friend of his age who doesn't care about his huge bank account.

6. Batman (comics / films series of the same name) - 9.2 billion dollars

Under the mask of a thunderstorm of all Gotham, Bruce Wayne is hidden - the heir to a great fortune, who had to grow up at a very young age. He lost his parents too soon, he became a billionaire too soon. However, his desire to eradicate crime is not revenge, and besides, he never kills anyone.

sherlock holmes fictional character or not

Simply, while still quite young, Bruce Wayne realized how rotten society can be and, perhaps,In an effort to get rid of baby grass, he invests most of his fortune in creating unique weapons and various equipment used by Batman.

5. Charles Foster Kane (film "Citizen Kane") - 11.2 billion dollars

Newspaper media mogul - an example of how in the pursuit of power and money a person can lose himself. A boy from a poor family successfully got on the education of an American journalist, and then began his journey from deception, gossip and cruel decisions.

sherlock holmes fictional character or not

This character is in many ways the epitome of the real media magnate Randolph Hearst, who, trying to remove the film from public access, unwittingly, made the picture one of the legendary in modern cinema.

4. Iron Man (comics / films series of the same name) - 12.4 billion dollars

In the eyes of society, the heir to the multibillion-dollar arms empire, Stark Industries, was able to turn from a "death seller" into a "protector of the planet." At least tried.

Tony Stark

The vigorous nature, uncommunicativeness, tendency to alcoholism and sarcasm do not do him honor in the eyes of others. However, the incredible intelligence (Tony Stark already in 19 received two master's degrees) and charisma allow him not only to become part of the team of Avengers,but firmly settled in the hearts of lovers of comic books first, and then, thanks to the amazing performance of Robert Downey Jr., also films.

3. Cullen Carlisle (Twilight book / film series) - $ 46 billion

Of course, when you live forever and do not need many things necessary for an ordinary person, it is easy to accumulate a fortune. Especially if at one time successfully invest a large amount. Nevertheless, Carlisle Cullen became famous and loved by many characters not because of his condition (not very attentive readers could not even notice this fact), but because of their humanity. A strange definition for a vampire, isn't it?

Carlile Cullen

Nevertheless, it was thanks to him that the whole Cullen family appeared, he saved all his "children" from certain death, giving them life and teaching them to do without bloody human victims. In addition, Carlisle Cullen himself has learned so much self-control that he successfully works as a doctor, saving lives. Perhaps this is a way to atone for the sins of the past? Certainly not in order to increase the state.

2. Dragon Smaug (the book "The Hobbit, or There and Back") - 54.1 billion dollars

As befits any self-respecting dragon, Smaug is the owner of countless riches, which he, of course, received, shedding a lot of blood in a battle with the dwarves of the Lonely Mountain.

the richest fictional characters

He is not a fan of long shopping and meaningless spending. In fact, the dragon has not spent a single grain of gold in the last 200 years, because the main thing for it is to save, and then you can fall into a long sleep and wake up only if someone dares to attack all these treasures.

1. Scrooge McDuck (The Duck Stories animated series) - $ 65.5 billion

Who among us has not dreamed of having the same huge vault and diving, as if into a pool, into an endless sea of ​​gold coins?

In fact, this character is an example of hard work and dedication, which, of course, is seasoned with a grain of greed, because it spends almost nothing, evoking a steady interest in its colossal safe. Scrooge McDuck has come a long way from the Scottish shoemaker to the richest drake in the world.

Scrooge McDuck

By the way, the character himself in the Disney universe also went a long way, appearing initially as an auxiliary character and slowly but surely becoming not only the richest, but also the most famous drake in the world.

On this list comes to an end. If you feel poor during the reading, or have begun to feel burning envy, then immediately stop. Fortunately, all the finances of these characters are drawn or written on paper.Although, who knows, maybe the development of technology will sooner or later lead to the fact that we will have a hero like Tony Stark. The main thing is not to Scrooge McDuck. Many will be embarrassed by the fact that the idol of their childhood walks through the streets and contributes to the increase in crime.

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