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Bradley Cooper captured the hearts of millions of girls. With each premiere of the film with the participation of the actor, the army of fans only increases. The article will tell about the best and famous projects in which Bradley starred. Surely you will become a fan as soon as you get acquainted with the filmography of Bradley Cooper and appreciate his acting talent.

Actor on the screen for more than eighteen years. During this time, the Bradley Cooper filmography has increased to nearly two hundred films, TV shows and other film and television projects. In addition to those pictures that are described below, the actor can be seen in the tapes "American Hack", "Words", and "Team A". Among the latest projects that Bradley has worked on are two parts of The Guardians of the Galaxy, and also The Avengers: War of Infinity. The actor gave his voice to a character named Rocket. This is a raccoon who knows how to talk, and also has a good command of a wide variety of weapons.

Bradley Cooper in the movie & quot; Areas of Darkness & quot;

Among the serials in which Cooper starred, "Secrets in the Kitchen", "Sex and the City", "Areas of Darkness", "Spy". Soon the film of Bradley Cooper replenished with several more tapes.At the moment, the actor is acting in the films "Lost Paradise", "Drug Courier", "Atlantic Wall", "The Star was Born", "Avengers 4".

"Fields of Darkness"

One of the most famous projects in the filmography of Bradley Cooper was the painting "Areas of Darkness". The tape was so pleased with the audience that after a few years its creators released a series of the same name, where the same roles as the original tape played the main roles.

Bradley played a New York writer named Eddie, who is going through a difficult period. He has problems in his personal life, and also pursues failures on his career path. However, at one moment everything changes. The guy meets his old friend. It turns out that he is involved in the development and testing of a new drug. Tablets allow you to use more brain potential than people usually use.

Eddie agrees to be part of the experiment. The drug literally works wonders. The guy gets the opportunity to earn huge money. It seemed that now he would be fine, but it turns out that the pills have horrific side effects. It all starts with a memory failure. The guy just forgot the last four days.Meanwhile, Eddie attracts the attention of dangerous individuals.


The comedy "The Hangover" takes a special place in the filmography of Bradley Cooper. The main roles in the project together with him were Ed Helms, Zach Halifianakis, Justin Barth.

Bradley Cooper in "The Bachelor Party in Vegas"

Cooper got the role of friend of the groom. In the story, the wedding should take place literally in two days, and the two best friends of the future family man decide to arrange a bachelor party. The bride asks to take with her her brother, a bit of a strange guy who turns out to be a real 30-year-old child. Despite this, nothing can prevent the main characters from enjoying the night in Las Vegas.

The party really goes off with a bang. In the morning, the guys can't even remember what happened to them. However, the consequences are terrible. The groom was gone, and he should be at the ceremony in the evening. In the bathroom of the room sits a tiger, a chicken wanders around the kitchen. One of the main characters discovers that he does not have a tooth, but the worst thing is that they find someone else’s child in them. Friends need to remember what happened at night, and fix it.


Nomination for the Oscar actor brought the tape "Sniper", so the picture can be safely called one of the best in the Bradley Cooper filmography. The tape has got to the list of the best films of 2015.Moreover, she was even nominated in this category for an Oscar.

Bradley Cooper in the film "Sniper"

The film is based on real events, but rather on the history of the life of a real person named Chris Kyle. The guy served as a sniper in Iraq and became famous throughout the world for having killed an incredible number of opponents. Moreover, he set a record, and the enemies began to call the hero the devil.

"Silver Linings Playbook"

The actor Bradley Cooper's filmography also includes the tape "My boyfriend is crazy." The main character has touched the hearts of millions of viewers. In the center of the story is a guy named Pat.

Bradley Cooper in the film "My Boyfriend is Psycho"

He spent eight months in a psychiatric hospital and only recently returned home. He now lives with his parents and hopes to make peace with his ex-wife, but according to the court’s decision he cannot even come close to her. Suddenly everything changes a lot. Pat meets a very peculiar girl named Tiffany.

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