Fluffy rug

The carpet is an indispensable thing in everyday life. It is he who creates the comfort of the apartment and retains heat. Despite the fact that more and more people put parquet and linoleum on the floor, floor mats are also popular and in demand. They are mainly in the bathroom and toilet, on the balcony, in the hallway near the door. The variety of carpets in stores is great, but you can easily make a cute rug with your own hands. For this, it is not necessary to have special skills. Creating a rug requires perseverance and a fair amount of time. However, this is not so important, because in the end you can get a unique and inimitable product.
The main thing - the desire to create and boundless imagination.
For the manufacture of the rug we need:
1. The basis of the rug. For this fit canvas or construction metal mesh. They can be purchased at the sewing and construction shops. It is better to choose a mesh or canvas larger to make it easier to work.
In our case, there is a metal mesh 50 * 30 cm. You can use a larger or smaller base, depending on your desire.
metal grid

2. Fabric. Unnecessary t-shirts, jackets, T-shirts and other things are suitable for creating a rug.Preference is given to knitted fabrics, since they are soft and easier to work with.
3. Scissors. You need to make sure that the scissors are comfortable to hold, because they have to work for a long time, and calluses on the fingers are very easy to rub. You also need to pay attention to the sharpness of the tool, which determines the speed of cutting fabric.
metal grid

The process of creating a fluffy rug.
First you need to cut the existing fabric into strips 1-2 cm wide. It's okay if the parts are uneven, because it will not be noticeable in the finished rug.
The process of creating a fluffy rug

Next, our strips should be cut into smaller pieces. To have a rug with a small pile, the strips must be 6-9 cm long. If you want to achieve a large volume of the product, parts of the fabric should be made 10-15 cm.
The process of creating a fluffy rug

If you use multiple fabrics, it is better to sort them by color so that it is easier to work. Clothes and fabrics should be taken enough to make the mat soft and fluffy. To create a rug of our length took 2 sweaters and 4 T-shirts.
The process of creating a fluffy rug

After preparation of the necessary material it is possible to start work. A strip of fabric must be threaded into the mesh hole.
The process of creating a fluffy rug

Then tie a normal knot.
The process of creating a fluffy rug

Fabric strips should be placed close enough to each other.
In this way you need to fill all the empty space on our basis.
The process of creating a fluffy rug

With different fabrics, you can alternate colors to make the rug brighter and more interesting. You can give free rein to your imagination and create various patterns and patterns of colored fabrics. In order not to get confused, you can draw the desired picture on a piece of paper and look at it when tying fabric knots on the grid.
In our case, there is a simple mixture of different colors.
The process of creating a fluffy rug

After filling the entire space on our grid, we get a soft and fluffy rug.
Fluffy rug

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