Foltswagen Polo - model history

For the first time the Volkswagen Polo was demonstrated inone thousand nine hundred and seventy-fifth year. His debut took place in Hanover, at an exhibition of cars. Polo-drive Polo model was the third in the line of Volkswagen after the Golf and Passat. Design solutions for the body and interior belong to the famous Marcello Grandini.

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The base for creating the Volkswagen Polo servedcar Audi 50. The first model was the most economical option. Its cube engine had a capacity of forty horsepower and developed a speed of up to one hundred and thirty kilometers per hour.

A year later, the popular Volkswagen Polo luxury class came off the assembly line. His engine had a capacity of fifty horsepower and a capacity of 1.1 liters.

At the beginning of 1917The production of the two-door Volkswagen Polo Sedan started, the reviews of which talked about the high popularity of the car in the European market. His voluminous trunk (five hundred and fifteen liters), a practical body and a comfortable spacious interior immediately won the love of motorists. In addition, at the height in this model there were also technical parameters. Carburetor engines (0,9-1,3 liters) had power from forty to sixty horsepower. But the most important advantage of the car of this model was its affordable price. For four years from the moment of release, almost half a million cars were produced. The popularity of the Volkswagen Polo line among buyers can be explained by the very high quality of its assembly and the variety of engines installed on it.

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After a six-year period afterdemonstration in Hanover, the production of the second generation of the Volkswagen Polo car was launched, the testimonies of which showed its high popularity among car owners. The main difference of this variant was a wide variety of modifications of body solutions. The base model was a hatchback with a vertically located rear wall.

In October, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-firstthe production of the sedan model was established. Almost a year later the third version of the second generation Polo - coupe was released. The body of this model was equipped with three doors and had a large sloping rear wall. The sports version of the coupe debuted in 1939. It was equipped with an engine with a capacity of one hundred and fifteen horsepower, which accelerated the car to a speed of one hundred kilometers per hour for nine seconds.

During the thirteen years of the second generation,sold in the automotive markets in an amount of more than three million copies. Despite this, in the nineteen ninety-fourth year a new version of Foltswagen Polo debuted. Models of this line had a more solid interior and an increased level of visibility. Significantly increased the mass of the car and its dimensions. Diesel and gasoline engines, which were installed on new models, had a capacity of forty-five to one hundred and ten horsepower.

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Two thousand and one the first year was marked by the release of the fourth generation of the Foltswagen Polo, and in 2005 the manufacturer produced the fifth version of the car line.

At present, the updated Polo is inherentUncharacteristic of his predecessors dynamism, style and masculinity. Convenient salon seats, nice plastic instrument panel - everything is thoughtful, stylish and most comfortable. The engines with which cars are equipped are economical. Their power is from seventy-five to one hundred and five horsepower.

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