Forest Pond, Tyumen: photos of the recreation center, how to get there?

Sometimes, to rest on weekends or to spend time with your family in nature, you do not need to go somewhere far away. Especially, if there are tourist camps or campgrounds near the city. For example, the rest of the townspeople on the nearby forest ponds of Tyumen can organize about forty bases. At all the bases you can actively relax by participating in sports activities, you can sunbathe on the beaches or spend unforgettable evenings with friends by the fire. Convenience is that rest in the city, if you do not have time to go far - you can organize it in a pleasant green area.

Rest in the city

The new format of country rest, as one of the options for the entertainment of citizens, offers the base "Forest Pond" in Tyumen. The proposal is that it will be just a "day rest", when guests who have arrived at the base will have fun all day. Offering this kind of recreation for citizens, the administration takes care of everything and gives you the opportunity to simply enjoy time with your family or friends.The entrance to the base is paid, for adults it is 150 rubles, the children come in for free. Many are interested in the question, to the base "Forest Pond" how to get from Tyumen? It is a 15-minute drive from the city center, not far from CHPP-2, you can get on city buses No. 22 and No. 25 and walk to the base 1.5 km.forest ponds Tyumen

You can rent a house or a gazebo with barbecue for the rest. All that is needed is available at the box office for a passport or driver's license.

Base location

As mentioned above, a lot of places of rest in the suburbs of Tyumen. "Forest Pond" is a recreation center located on the shore of a lake in a pine forest. Landscape designers have taken care not to disturb the splendor of the area, its beauty. During the construction of housing and the entire infrastructure were used natural materials, which does not violate the integrity of the perception of the landscape and emphasizes the beauty of the surrounding nature recreation center.

Base infrastructure

Comfortable rest on the basis of "Forest Pond" in Tyumen allows you to provide infrastructure, which includes:

  • hotel;
  • cottages;
  • cafe working around the clock;
  • small shops;
  • rental point;
  • two saunas (Finnish and Russian), with a capacity of up to 12 people;
  • playground;
  • Volleyball Court;
  • parking, parking.

forest pond recreation center Tyumen

Accommodation and meals

The hotel has 27 comfortable rooms, each of which has its own access to the street. The rooms have the following categories: deluxe, standard double, double (VIP), two-room (VIP), four-bed, six-bed and a bridal suite. Standard double rooms include everything you need to relax. All rooms have their own bathrooms with shower, sink and toilet. If necessary, the rooms can add up to two beds.

On the basis of built two-storey cottages. They have banquet rooms for 25 people and rooms for 10 beds, a sauna and a place near the cottage for barbecue. Guests who come to a corporate event can rent a cottage.

Since the “Forest Pond” is located in the city to eat, you can go to nearby cafes: “Pechkin Lavochkin” is a cozy village house, like in Prostokvashino or in Lancelot with a medieval design.pond forest restaurant TyumenThere is a restaurant "Forest" in Tyumen near the pond, which provides meals for guests, for 200 seats and a cozy banquet room with a fireplace.The restaurant has a wide choice of not only gourmet dishes with its grill menu, by the way, the most healthy cooking, but also beautiful views of forest landscapes. The wooden interior of the restaurant, made of cedar and pine planed boards, feeds guests with positive energy.


The administration of the recreation center "Forest Pond" in Tyumen is trying to ensure the maximum comfort for the guests.

Winter holidays are no less interesting than summer. The current illuminated rink is open from 10:00 to 22:00. It is possible to ride the snowstorms in Sosnovy Bor or along the ski slopes laid by instructors of the “Forest Pond” base, to walk on cross-country skiing. You can come to the base with your skis or take them at the rental base.

By the way, a real husky nursery appeared on the basis of “Forest Pond” in Tyumen. In the photo, which can be seen below, riding a real dog sled.

pond forest photo Tyumen

Riding is paid, in a large circle - 400 rubles, for small - 300 rubles. The team is managed by a staff member of Pond Lesnoy. For a small fee, you can "chat" and stroke these wonderful dogs in the kennel. For kids it's fun.

During the summer holidays you can play beach volleyball, there is a field for football and badminton.The smallest on the playground are waiting for slides, sandpit, swings and riding small ponies. Lovers of silence will be seduced by fishing, especially since at the box office there is everything to sit with a fishing rod on the pond.

Companies that came to rest can have a small picnic in special tents with a brazier. One-time utensils, firewood and coals are at the base, all this can be purchased.

According to reviews of guests of "Pond Forest", a place to stay is good. In the summer, you can organize kebabs, play volleyball and football on the sports fields. Like the rest of the kids. And who wants, can stay overnight, as there is housing.pond forest Tyumen how to get

Rental and Services

The rental has all sports equipment, rackets for tennis and badminton, all kinds of balls, recreational bicycles, deck chairs and umbrellas. You can take any board games: chess, checkers, lotto, dominoes. In winter, there are skis, hockey equipment, skates, and cheesecakes. For fans of fishing there are fishing rods and tackles.

The recreation center hosts daily training of sports clubs, city competitions and rallies. For corporate events in the summer there is a scene on the beach,on which you can install modern sound equipment. Quite often there are carried out exit registration of marriage and the organization of the celebration itself.


In the "Forest Pond" (Tyumen) you can participate in the modern team game - paintball. This exciting game with marker guns and gelatinous paint balls. The youth is mainly involved in it, but also for the company that went to a corporate event, as entertainment, it is also interesting.paintball in Tyumen forest pond

Among the forest deployed ground for this game with all sorts of obstacles and shelters. Is engaged in the organization of the club "Sparta". Tasks during the game are issued depending on the professionalism of the players and the experience of the team. With beginners will be instructed in the ability to own markers. For participation in the game non-sweat masks, camouflage, gloves are used. In the winter time of the event there is a warm dressing room, coffee and tea.

It is not too expensive to not afford to play on vacation. Uniforms cost 200 rubles, the cost of a ball with a paint is 2.5 rubles, and for a game they need about 100, that is, the balls will cost 250 rubles.The cost goes per person - 450 rubles.

Every year something new in service appears in the “Forest Ponds”, basically it is the expressed wishes of the guests that have been realized.

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Forest pond, Tyumen: photos of the recreation center, how to get there 24

Forest pond, Tyumen: photos of the recreation center, how to get there 40

Forest pond, Tyumen: photos of the recreation center, how to get there 95

Forest pond, Tyumen: photos of the recreation center, how to get there 50

Forest pond, Tyumen: photos of the recreation center, how to get there 8

Forest pond, Tyumen: photos of the recreation center, how to get there 6

Forest pond, Tyumen: photos of the recreation center, how to get there 8

Forest pond, Tyumen: photos of the recreation center, how to get there 51