Franklin Clinton: the story of the character GTA5

Released in 2013, the GTA5 game quickly gained its own audience of fans. Incredibly huge open world with superbly detailed graphics and atmospheric plot attracts millions of gamers around the world. The plot of the game tells about 3 criminal personalities who are fed up with ordinary human life. They all want something more. Trying to grab luck by the tail, everyone fights for his place in the sun and falls into the most incredible scrape.

Franklin ClintonFranklin is one of the main characters in GTA 5. Many are interested in his biography. Clinton Franklin - a man of very large ambitions, combined with the desire to change his life, falls into a whirlpool of swirling history.


The life story of Franklin Clinton begins back in 1988. Baby was born in southern Los Santos. The family was dysfunctional. Never seen a father or even his photo of Franklin Clinton. He knew only his mother. She was a drug addict. It is known that her father often beat her.As a result, the head of the family left the girl, having learned about her pregnancy. Mother died of a drug overdose, when Franklin was still a baby.

As a result, little Franklin moved to live with his grandparents. It was there that he would meet his old acquaintances, Tony and Bradshaw. Grandmother was kind and spoiled the guy in every way. But despite this, Franklin went on a curved path. Initially, he and Bradshaw became interested in selling cigarettes. But it quickly ended when the grandfather caught them red-handed. After the death of his grandparents, the boy had to move in with his aunt Deniz to the house on Forum Drive street.

The start of a criminal career

Franklin Clinton went to school, but was soon expelled because of a fight with a teacher. He joined a local gang and began selling drugs, stealing cars, and robbing banks with Lamar.

It brought them a very good profit. But the carefree life of robbery and selling drugs did not last long, and in 2008 he was arrested. After his release, Franklin decided to start a new life. He gets a job at a car dealership with Armenian gangster Simon Etarian.Simon sells cars for people on credit, who are unable to pay them due to high interest rates. Then Franklin takes money or a car from them.

After passing the game mission Comolications, Lamar and Franklin were fired from this job.

Character personality

Compared to Trevor and Michael Franklin, Clinton is a completely calm and restrained hero, even though his friend Lamar often offsets him. Clinton still helps and pulls him out of various life troubles, such as rescuing Ballas during the Lamar Down mission.Franklin Clinton PhotosOur hero is ready to come to the aid of Michael and Trevor (assisted in the assassination of the O’Neil brothers during the passage of the Predator mission). Although Aunt Denise considers her ward a terrible arrogant man. Often threatened by a call to the police. Despite all the difficulties, Franklin tries to treat the people around him well.

Knowing Michael’s family is very bad, he is still trying to maintain a good relationship. When visiting the house Amanda always behaves friendly. Attitude in the area with old friends add up not very. For example, the character Stretch, trying to return Franklin to his home streets, causes negative emotions and charity.

Accuracy and prudence are considered to be the main features of Franklin Clinton. Always maintains order in the house and monitors its transport. You can often see how he cleans up in his country house, washes a car or strokes his clothes. And in numerous conflicts acts as a real diplomat, trying to avoid conflict between the parties. Also monitors health and sports.


Franklin is a confident, fashionable sports guy. Usually we see him in a shirt, typical jeans and brown boots. During one of Michael’s conversations, we learn that Franklin used to be fat, but then he took care of himself. And Michael jokes, saying that it would be interesting to see it complete. During the passage of the mission, Chop Lamar reproaches him with laziness and tells him to lift his “fat ass” from his place.

Many people often ask a question about a character like Franklin Clinton. How old is this guy? Similarly, this information is not indicated anywhere. It is only known that the approximate age is about 20 years old.


Franklin has the ability to solve many complex problems. He is very strong physically.You can clearly see his composure in conjunction with the ability to make quick decisions in difficult situations. Throughout the time of the game, we see him as a cold-blooded killer, because he is given this description in various missions.


After completing one of the missions, Lester asks our hero to move to an elite house on Vinewood.

biography of clinton franklinSomeone must live in the house, otherwise you will have to pay high interest. But he will not be able to visit the house after the move.


From the very beginning of the game plot, the hero has his car. Subsequently, there will be also a motorcycle seized from the local Mexican mafia.

franklin clinton in real life

A family

Denise Clinton

Is his aunt. Their relationship, to put it mildly, is not very good. From the very beginning, she drives him out of the house, forcing him to seek shelter.
 franklin clinton actorAfter moving to another house to the aunt is no longer possible She later says that Franklin began to become conceited, his place on the streets of his native district.



After a very interesting meeting, and during the course of joint work, a father-son relationship arises between them. Franklin never knew his father, and Michael saw in the guy a great pupil.It often seems that Michael has a better relationship with a boyfriend than with his own son. Michael often protects him. In one of the missions, he is worried about Franklin and even calls him his son.

But still, Michael is to blame for many troubles. After all, it was because of him that Franklin had to quit his job, go into crime, and later cooperate with the FIB. If at the end to kill Michael, then Franklin is left all alone, without the support of loved ones.


Friend from the native street. Their relationship is quite tight. Lamar appears as a street criminal. He is one of those who are trying to keep Franklin in crime. But still they remain friends who always come to the aid of each other.


Their first meeting was anything but perfect. For a long time, Trevor did not trust the new gang member. But in the end, Michael convinced Trevor of the trustworthiness of his friend. However, they soon managed to build relationships, and they became great friends.

Other characters


It is the owner of a car dealership for the sale of luxury cars where Franklin worked. Basically uses his business as a cover.

The relationship between them is strained. Often, Simon simply did not fulfill his promises.After another job, Franklin quits.

Devin weston

Their relationship is completely none. Devin uses Franklin as a pawn in his criminal games. After completing the next task of hijacking luxury cars, he and Lamar received nothing.

Franklin's description from the developers

When creating this character, the aim was to make a street thief in modern realities, when the times of arrogant primitive crime are long gone. Franklin turned out quite interesting.franklin clinton how oldHe is only a little more than twenty, he dreams of changing his life, but so far he does not understand how, having friends who keep him in crime.

The idea is to create such a character, which is completely different from the main characters stuck in long gone times. They lived in the illusions of the old world, but Franklin Clinton understands real life better and makes them adapt, to look for new opportunities.

Sean Fontenot is a type of Franklin

From whom the most interesting character of GTA 5 Franklin Clinton is written off?franklin clinton's life storyActor, rapper, he voiced the previous series of GTA games. Sean Fontenot was born on April 8, 1976 in Los Angeles, where he graduated from high school.

As well as his character, Fonteno in his youth was in a gang and often participated in shootouts. Got on the right path, abandoning a criminal life.

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