A good harvest is a dream of not only a specialist, but also an amateur. Therefore, before you do landing, you need to collect the maximum necessary information.

Cucumbers are good in fresh form and in stubsCucumbers are good in fresh form and in stubs
If you want to do without frustration and loss, then it is better to put into practice already proven advice. We are pleased to provide you with a selection of recommendations regarding the cultivation and care of cucumbers.

How to grow cucumber seedlings?

This is the most important stage, because the harvest depends on the correctness of the work. I must say that initially you need to prepare the ground. It is more correct to recruit land where in the future culture will grow.
Thus, you can help plants adapt faster to virgin soil. So, for the bookmark you will need a container and a certain amount of land. Many recommend not to use additional supplements, and feed the plants during growth.
The crop depends on the quality of seedlingsThe crop depends on the quality of seedlings
In the selected container you need to fill the ground, mark the rows. The pits must be made not deep, be sure to plant the seeds in water.Remember that the distance between the plants should be sufficient so that at the time of transplantation there is an opportunity to move the plant freely, without affecting the next crop.
Do not forget that:
1. Seeds are planted with the spout up - this is the main rule.
2. When the seeds are in the ground, it is highly undesirable to provide them with abundant watering. The earth should be wet, but not too much.

Place for growing cucumbers

For normal growth, cucumbers need abundant watering and the sun, so they require a sunny area. It is very good to plant them in a place where tomatoes, peppers or onions were previously grown. Many experts are convinced that the most productive option for a new crop is the territory that was empty in the past years. But, unfortunately, there are few or no such sites in many gardens.
Growing cucumbers in the greenhouse and in the open field - these are two different technologies, each method requires special knowledge. When you start transplanting seedlings into open ground, do not forget that for young cucumbers the soil temperature is more important than the air temperature - this means that you need to choose the right time for planting.
Growing cucumbers.Cucumbers in the greenhouse.
Greenhouses do not depend on the vicissitudes of the weather, collecting early harvests. In order for the result to please you, the greenhouse must be systematically aired, monitored the optimum level of soil moisture and air, and weeds removed.

Planting cucumbers

If you want to plant cucumbers correctly, do not lose sight of what will grow nearby. You can not place a number of watermelons or pumpkin crops. Remember that all climbers can intertwine with each other, making it harder to harvest. It is for this reason that cucumbers are seated at a sufficient distance from their neighbors. It is also very good if the edges of the melon blossom border on the footpath, which will allow you to follow the location of the stems and set them in the right direction.
How to plant cucumbers to get a big harvest

Ways to grow cucumbers

In the spread out.In this case, the plants grow on the ground without any support. The method is well suited for varieties with weak branching. A sunny open garden will allow cucumbers to spread as correctly as possible, which will contribute to the good development of each plant. This method is simple and well-known.
Pickled CucumbersPickled Cucumbers
On the trellis.The method is quite productive, because with the right application of it, each bush gives excellent yield. In order to apply it in practice, you need to install a trellis.
Cucumber on the trellisCucumber on the trellis
After your seedlings are ready for planting, they form an area for cucumbers. Curly shoots attached to the trellis pillars and stretch on the grid or wire. This technique is convenient not only for picking cucumbers, but also to ensure the most productive conditions for the development of crops.
In a barrel. The most beautiful and elegant landing method. With the help of several barrels, your bedding is transformed, and your cucumbers will acquire their own home. Just do not forget that you need to prepare the container in the fall, and fill in early spring. Anything can serve as drainage - paper, small stones or pieces of bricks, then the barrel is filled with organic waste (foliage, lawn grass, weeds (without seeds)). The final layer is laid ground or finished compost. Cucumbers in barrels require more frequent watering.
Cucumbers grow well in barrelsCucumbers grow well in barrels

Frequently Asked Gardeners

1. Watering and feeding cucumbers

These plants require moderate watering at the development stage and systematic abundant watering after flowering. The first top dressing is made after planting, the second - after the buds have appeared, the third - during the fruiting period.

2. Why cucumbers irregularly shaped?

Sometimes it happens that the appearance of cucumbers is not happy. Their irregular shape does not allow pickling cucumbers in jars, therefore, we hasten to remind, the shape depends on food and watering.
Cucumbers of irregular shape speak of a violation of agrotechnologyCucumbers of irregular shape speak of a violation of agrotechnology
- Cucumber is like a carrot - not enough nitrogen.
- Cucumber looks like a pear - not enough potassium.
- Cucumber with a “waist” - watering with cold water or strong daily temperature drops.

3. Why are cucumbers bitter?

Bitterness is the result of insufficient watering, but you can pick varieties that are more resistant to drought than others. The variety “Nezhinsky”, “Shchedryk” has proved itself well.
How to grow cucumbers that will not taste bitter

4. How to grow early cucumbers?

To do this, select the early varieties of cucumbers and engage in sowing seeds. Early cucumbers are good because they have a much shorter ripening time, but at the same time they are more demanding and capricious.

5. How to protect against diseases?

Most often, cucumbers are affected by powdery mildew, white rot and olive spot. To avoid these misfortunes, monitor the quality of planting material, do not plant cucumbers two years in a row in one place, monitor the number of irrigations and their intensity. Excessive soil moisture will result in undesirable consequences. At the first signs of damage, spray: powdery mildew — with a colloidal solution of sulfur, olive spot — with a 1% solution of Bordeaux liquid;
Diseases and pests of cucumbers

6. How to save the crop of cucumbers?

Cucumbers are beautifully preserved in winter salads, marinated and salted.
Crispy Pickled Cucumbers for Winter
This needs to be taken care of constantly, so do not neglect our advice. Editorial uznayvse.ru wishes you good harvests!

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