Freudian slip

At the weekend, the XVI United Russia Congress took place. Not without a speech by Dmitry Medvedev, where he hinted about the duration of the sanctions. Listen to what the Russian Prime Minister says from the high rostrum to the deafening applause of his party members:
"It's time to part with the illusions thatany sanctions will be lifted against our country. Obviously, all this for a long time. There is no hope for other people's elections. ”
What kind of sanctions are you talking about? We listen further:
“In this regard, Russian farmers, for whom successful conditions have been established, should actively use this situation. We will support them in this,as in any conditions we will feed ourselves».
It turns out we are talking about the sanctions that Putin imposed on the EU and the US, imposing an embargo on their products. But Medvedev gives this one as if the EU and the US imposed food sanctions against us. He himself already believes in it or is it a typical Freudian reservation, when the real villain who applied sanctions against us is far from the West?
By the way, at the expense of "we will feed ourselves" it is useful to look at the official Russian statistics from which the share of imported products is visible before and after our sanctions:

The share of imports is very large, indicating that Russia cannot feed itself. After the sanctions, it decreased slightly, but the consumption of Russian products decreased accordingly:

In addition to reducing the quantity, the quality of food has also decreased, and a huge number of meat and dairy substitutes have appeared. This is clearly seen when comparing the dynamics of the production of whole milk and the oils and cheese produced from it:

Milk production increased by only 1.4%, while butter production increased by 14%. Cheese is also increased by 35.5%. It is clear that cheese and butter began to be made from imported palm oil, and to give it out as a natural "import-substituted" product of its own production.

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