Games for Android.

Operating system Android has received a wideSpread. It is used by all manufacturers of electronic equipment for smartphones and tablet computers. The quality of games for Android is very high. Annually a lot of new products come out.

The main advantage of games for this operating system is availability. you can with the Play Market - it's an e-store. After installing this program, you can immediately start downloading the game to a smartphone or tablet, immediately install and immediately begin to play. You can also download games through a personal computer from various sites. Nowadays, torrent sites are very popular. To do this, just connect a smartphone or tablet via a USB cable, transfer from computer to device, install and you can start playing.

These games are characterized by high image qualityand sound. You can choose from a variety of genres and directions. Anyone will pick up the game according to your taste and preferences. For novice users of the Android system, for those who have not yet decided on the choice of the game, you can advise the most popular, all-known game Angry Birds. Many fell in love with these angry birds. If you are a first-person shooter, then you can play Dead Trigger. This game will allow you to estimate the graphics level for this operating system. Fisherman is a game for fishing enthusiasts. A very large selection of logic, sports games and arcades. If the installed game did not like, did not impress you, you can remove it with the same ease, or replace it with another.

The clear advantage of all these games isno need for a keyboard, no joystick. All controls are simplified as much as possible, with one or two fingers. You just need to touch the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

The system itself is multifunctional. It allows not only to play a variety of games, but also to read books, news, install a variety of programs - entertainment, navigation, etc. Android is by far the best operating system. You can download information from any site, you can transfer files from any device, install and work. And downloading games and applications is completely free. The lack of synchronization is the main advantage of this operating system. There is complete freedom of choice and freedom of action.

Every year, electronic technology is updated and improved, it becomes more powerful and modern. Improved and Android, and with it games.

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