Good books on economics. List of literature on economics for beginners and students

Economics is the very sphere that interferes with thelife of any person. And it does not matter in what form: shopping, currency exchange, lending and many, many others. To imagine our life without it is impossible, as it is impossible to imagine a modern man without home appliances.

But we are all familiar with this science very much.superficially. Its laws are not known to everyone, and if they are known, they are not always correctly understood. That's why some people seek to find good books on economics that will help you understand all the complex issues. So what are they, the best textbooks and guides on this subject?

Basics of the basics

Let's start with the fact that books on economics forbeginners, containing the very basis of this science, are published even for young children. They usually explain what money is like, how to use it, briefly tells about the main banking operations, about credit and leasing, mortgage and installments. Usually, such aids are supplied with a large number of illustrations and schemes, so that the small reader becomes interested in the material, understands it and remembers as much as possible. Most often they are issued by banks that give parents the opportunity to open savings accounts for their children and hand these pamphlets-benefits together with other gifts to small investors for the holidays.

Why the nations fail

But let's move on to more serious books. Beginning follows from the very foundations, so the first book will be a modern version based on the legendary "Capital" and "Wealth of Nations," Nations Nations Fail Daren Asemogl and Jim Robinson.

good books on economics

It is quite simple and understandable languageexplains the economic growth of advanced European countries. And it is explained not only with modern research, but also with examples of countries whose economies are in a terrible state, which makes the comparison much brighter, and the reasons are more obvious.

"Capital in the 21st Century"

The next book, which must necessarily enter the list of literature of a person interested in the economy, should be "Capital in the XXI century" by Thomas Picetti.


The author tells about the economic structurethe world of the last two centuries, explaining in detail how the powerful of this world earned and earned. Yes, this work is unlikely to overturn the world, but at the same time it will put many things in their place.

"Economics Lessons"

Books-textbooks on economics are often tooare stereotyped and abstruse to provide all the necessary information in the form in which it can be remembered by the reader. In the book "Economics Lessons" by Konstantin Sonin, it is told in detail about who is a modern economist, what he should do, what he knows about the world around him and how he can use this knowledge. Yes, there will be no theory, but practice will be covered in all its aspects.

"Economy for Dummies"

Good books on economics should not always haveharmonious names, the main thing is that the material in them is presented in the most accessible and understandable. An excellent proof of this statement is the book by Shawn Masaki Flynn "Economics for Dummies".

books on economics for beginners

Yes, this is not the benefit that is worth reading to those,who already has economic knowledge, it is rather aimed at giving a minimal understanding of the basic laws and principles of the economy, the trends of this science, explaining the principles that are most often encountered in everyday life. Therefore, this book will be especially useful for those who are just on the way to studying the economy.

"How the economy works"

Quality literature on economics comes toto us not only from the West, but also from the East. Ha-Jun Chang created a book that examines the economy from the very beginning of its development to the present day, simultaneously explaining all the processes that took place on this long journey.

literature on economics

In the edition "How the economy is arranged" in plain languagethe most well-known economic theories are described, and, which is a huge plus, they are still compared among themselves so that the reader has about them as fully as possible a representation.


Among people who advise books on economicsfor students, the work of K.R. McConnell and S.L. Bru "The Economy." It can be a little difficult to understand, but at the same time it is a classical university manual in which the theory of macroeconomics is viewed from all possible sides.

"The Art of Success"

A compulsory list of literature on economics is notcan do without books on time management. He devoted a huge number of a variety of publications, from multi-volume works to short brochures with advice. But one of the best books on this topic is "The Art of Managing" by Alan Lakane. The author not only tells us what difficulties we have to face in modern life and how they can end for us, but also advises how to overcome difficulties with minimal losses. Briefly, its essence can be conveyed by a simple slogan: "61 ways to manage everything".

"Manager's Career"

Continuing to talk about what might be useful for an economist student, sin is not included in good books on economics"Career Manager" Lee Iacocca. This autobiography tells the story of a manager who was able to bring the company "Ford" to a fundamentally new level.

books textbooks on economics

And after his career in the legendaryConcern ended, he moved to the "Chrysler", which not only saved from bankruptcy, but also gave him the former name! This is one of the best tools for crisis management.

"Advertising: theory and practice"

What kind of economy can there be without advertising? One of the best books on this part of sales can rightfully be considered "Advertising: Theory and Practice" by C. Senjij, V. Freibener and K. Rotzoll. The authors summarized everything that was known about advertising. Based on experience, they also talk about the basic principles of creating successful advertising, consider the importance of the creative component in this difficult matter. Those who already have the experience of getting acquainted with marketing can replenish their arsenal of knowledge with new strategies for promoting the product, and newcomers in this matter will learn a lot of new and unexpected about one of the brightest parts of the economy.

"Myths of the economy. Misconceptions and stereotypes that are spread by the media and politicians "

Like any science, the economy is full of speculation andstereotypes. It is with them in his book fights Sergei Guriev. "Myths of the economy. Misconceptions and stereotypes that are spread by the media and politicians "in an understandable and accessible language, even for a reader who does not have any economic knowledge, explain the world trends in this science and the possibility of their existence in Russia.

books on economics for students

Sometimes the author contradicts the information disseminated by the media, but in the dispute truth is born, is not it?

"The future is the eyes of one of the most influential investors in the world"

Anyone who wants to read good books on economics,understands that this science looks back at the past only in order to apply its lessons in the present. And he understands that the economy works not only with the present, but also with the future. One of the best financiers of our time, Jim Rogers, in his book "The Future through the Eyes of One of the Most Influential Investors in the World", tells why over time the role of Asia in the world market will only increase, where will Russia take chances to improve its position in the economy and what will be the reasons and further decline in Europe and America. His conclusions he bases on the analysis of modern trends, comparing them with the situations in the past. The author declares that now the world will depend on raw materials, and not on financial fraud.

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Good books on economics. List of literature on economics for beginners and students Good books on economics. List of literature on economics for beginners and students Good books on economics. List of literature on economics for beginners and students Good books on economics. List of literature on economics for beginners and students Good books on economics. List of literature on economics for beginners and students