Hair color "Rowan": a palette of flowers, reviews

Hair color "Rowan", the palette of which represents girls of about thirty different shades, is popular. There are several reasons for this. Women who use "Rowan", note that it is inexpensive, odorless, does not dry hair, and the color lasts a long time. And this, I must say, is enough to call the paint good.

hair color for a rowanberry palette

Saturated color

Girls, getting a paint or a shade balm, first of all pay attention to how long the color will hold. In this regard, "Rowan" definitely wins, as the color remains stable for at least two months. Manufacturers have developed a universal paint that has become an excellent option for those girls who want to refresh their hair color, deepen, or radically change it, without spending too much money. It is worth noting that after using the "Rowan" hair becomes shiny, smooth, easy to comb, get a rich shade. At the same time, there is no artificiality, which many are wary of. Hair looks absolutely natural and natural and, most importantly, without a reddish effect, which also sometimes occurs when using cheap paints.

hair color rowan flower palette

Soft blond

A huge number of girls dream of becoming blondes and in every way trying to translate this idea into reality. For such experiments, the hair color "Rowan" is quite suitable. The palette of light shades is not so great, however, and those that are, enjoy frenzied popularity among girls. The color that is obtained after using any of the colors from this series (be it pearl silver or wheat blond) is simply amazing - just as it should be. All the girls who at least once tried to paint themselves in blonde (especially dark-haired), the problem is familiar, when after washing and drying, the result that was expected was completely different. Too red, too yellow, fair-haired ... Then the hair dye Ryabina comes to the rescue. The palette is represented by standard shades, and also special (for example, "Vanilla Sky", 310 number). Do not be afraid to try to use products such as "Rowan" hair dye. The palette of reviews deserved mostly positive. That is why many have dared to experience the action of the means.

hair color rowanberry palette reviews

Dark shades

A lot of options are offered by the "Rowan" hair dye. The palette (cappuccino, rosewood, dark tobacco, black, dark chestnut) gives each girl the opportunity to find the shade that suits her - both according to her preferences and type. Consumers claim that the color is natural, natural, although sometimes slightly darker than indicated on the package. Due to the lack of ammonia, the "Rowan" hair color is very soft. The color palette of reviews deserved only the best. Girls who were painted on clarified strands, say that the color is not washed off, keeps steadfastly and for a long time. Repeated painting will be required in a couple of months - to refresh the roots a little.

Extravagance and experimentation

hair color rowan palette shades

Dark, light, light brown - this is not all the color categories that the "Rowan" hair color can offer. The color palette also contains some very original, bold and extravagant options. For example, "Wild Cherry" (034 number). After dyeing, the hair gets a deep dark red color with burgundy overflows. Or "Makhagon" (033 number). A bright red, really fiery and passionate hue that will not leave anyone indifferent. A number of such unusual shades include the options "Eggplant", "Beaujolais" and "Granat". Some girls buy two colors (for example, the notorious "Wild Cherry" and "Mahogany") and apply to the hair with chaotic strokes. It turns out an incredible effect - the shades belong to the same color scheme, but differ from each other, and due to such a harmonious combination, the color becomes absolutely extraordinary.

Characteristic from the manufacturer

"Rowan" evenly dyes the hair, no matter what they are (gray, too dark, thick and so on). Due to the phytocomplex, which contains a natural extract of mountain ash, the paint provides reliable protection, as well as gentle care to hair and scalp. This is extremely important, since everyone has heard about how such a tool has a detrimental effect on the health of the curls. After washing off the hair and drying the hair, you can see a stunning effect - a dazzling shine, smoothness, silky and natural color. By the way, it should be noted that one package is enough to dye pretty long hair. It should be noted that in recent years manufacturers have developed eight individual shades, so now you are waiting for the new hair color "Rowan"! The palette has already included these novelties. So if you want to try a completely different color, now there certainly will not be any problems with its choice.

hair color rowanberry palette cappuccino

The advantages of paint

Finally I would like to say something else about such a cosmetic means, as the hair color "Rowan". Palette, as it was possible to find out, is really diverse - and this is a weighty plus. However, there are other advantages. For example, the creamy consistency of the paint ideally lies on the hair and does not drain. In addition, a special tool is applied in the kit, which must be applied to cotton wool and to wipe the skin in places where the shading substance accidentally hit it. This paint lacks the sharpest odor that many people have allergies to. And recently the novelty of "Rowan" - a paint without ammonia became very popular. However, the absence of this component does not influence the intensity of the staining. Hair becomes shiny, healthy and luxurious. In general, if you want to change, change your hair color or just try a new paint, then definitely you should opt for "Rowan", because this is a proven and reliable cosmetic.

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