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A resident of the Sverdlovsk region killed a child. Stable. Daily. Rat poison.

Having bought the drug Varfororin in a pharmacy, a woman every day added his child to food. The child has a congenital pathology, and the mother explained that this is how she tried to treat him.
Doctors who offered hospitalization of an 8-year-old boy were surprised when his mother refused. The child was in poor condition, so much so that the health workers appealed to the prosecutor's office. It was only after checking that it became clear what the mother was doing with her son.
Now the woman is arrested and gives evidence. At first, she said that she had treated her son like this - supposedly rat poison thins blood, which is necessary for a child with his illness. But prosecutors questioned the good intentions, having learned that three minor children had already died in the family of the suspect.
I do not believe that there are so stupid people who do not understand that it is impossible to treat with rat poison. The actions of a woman are quite meaningful, she understands perfectly well what is poison to rats.
Why give birth, then to kill? I dont know.Perhaps they just give birth because they forgot to use contraception. Maybe they give birth to receive maternity capital, which is also not uncommon. But why kill?
I am often reproached for ovulyashki, whose main achievement in life is that they gave birth. I know that in our country there is a demographic crisis, and we must, of course, increase the birth rate. I understand everything, but when such mothers-poisoners give birth, I get scared.
Give birth and throw. Well, it would be - in the city or planted, and even in the forest will carry. Or give birth and poison, because tired of caring for a sick child. What kind of people are they with their souls? I do not know and can not even understand the motives of their behavior.
Maybe we should not really chase the quantity, but pay more attention to quality?
Girls need to prepare for motherhood. Teach. To educate. Instill responsibility.

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