Hob 2 electric burners: description, power, photo

Zatevaya repair in the kitchen, the owners of the house mustshould think about buying new home appliances. It should not only harmoniously fit into the overall interior, but also become a real assistant to the hostess. Today, compact cooking surfaces have replaced the gas and electric gas cookers. They make it easy to maintain cleanliness in the cooking area.

One of the most popular types of embedded technology iselectric cooking surface for 2 burners.On what characteristics to pay attention to when choosing, experts will help you to understand.

Features of technology

Electric cooking surface for 2 hot plates (photopresented below) is a new word inorganization of kitchen space. It is distinguished by its elegance and style. Thanks to a huge number of options, you can fit this home appliances into virtually any interior.Hob 2 electric cooking surface

Today the buyer is given a wide choicepresented products. Very popular is the electric variety. They are easy to install and operate. From the surface modules, any combination of burners can be created. Also, the difference lies in the materials, shape and size of the cooking surfaces.

It is not necessary to place the burners over the oven. You can mount the hob in any convenient place in the kitchen. The height of the installation may also be different. The presented household appliances provides high hygiene of the kitchen space. Performing cleaning is much easier.

Key questions when choosing

Cooktop electric surface for 2 burnersrequires a serious approach when choosing. It is necessary to know which parameters to pay attention to first.

First you need to calculate the dimensions correctlyburners. They should look harmonious in the kitchen space. The form can also be different. It can be very different. The choice depends on the taste preferences of the owners and interior features.Electric hob 2 cooking zones

Also pay attention to the material from whichdone surface, output. The surface type can differ according to the heating principle. Having decided on the above issues, it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer of equipment. It is necessary to purchase products of proven brands.


Electric hob for 2 burnerssuitable for both single and smallfamilies up to 3 people. The size of these can vary significantly. You should also consider how often you have to cook at home. Some bachelors do not need large, powerful burners. They have a small enough hob.Cooking surface 2 burners electric photo

Presented appliances caninstalled in almost any convenient place in the kitchen. If it is mounted above the oven, you can combine their control panels. This will save space. Standing separately hob and oven will require a separate adjustment. This is a more expensive installation option.

If the owners choose between the stove and the cookingsurface, it should be said that the second option is more expensive. However, this technique will decorate the room with its stylish appearance. It will complement the design of the kitchen, will become functional equipment.


From various materials can be manufacturedelectric cooking surfaces on 2 burners. Glass ceramics,enamel and stainless steel are the most common options.Hob 2 cooking zone electric white

The cheapest option is enameledsurface. The burners in this case protrude above the surface. It is a long-lasting version of technology. The color of the enamel can be any. However, enamel is difficult to clean from plaque, pollution. Burners heat for a long time.

Today, the surfaces fromstainless steel. This is a more modern type of home appliances. The surface requires special care. Glass ceramics belongs to the category of the most popular varieties. The burners are hidden beneath the surface. This gives the panel a stylish, sleek look. Caring for the coating will be very simple.

Varieties of glass ceramics

The popularity of glass ceramics today remains consistently high. This material is used in combination with several varietieselectric cooking surfaces on 2 burners. Induction,Rapid, halogen and Hi-Life varieties are the most popular today.Hob 2 cooking zones electric dimensions

Rapid burners are made in the form of a spiral. Heating occurs within 10 s. More effective are the halogen instruments. In addition to the spiral, there is a lamp in their construction. It emits not only light, but also heat. The entire surface is heated. The Hi-Life type burners feature a ribbon heating element.

Inductive hotplates are economical andeffectiveness. Heat is generated exclusively at the bottom of the cookware. However, you can use for these purposes only those pots and pans that have a magnetized base.

Advantages of induction cookers

Built-in electric hob for 2 burnersis a stylish element of modern cuisine. However, the most popular in this category are induction burners. They have a lot of advantages.Hob 2 electric burner electric induction

The included surface remains cold untiluntil the special dishes are installed on it. It has a magnetized bottom. The burner is designed exclusively for such kitchen utensils. At the same time, the walls of the pan remain cold.

These are the safest and most economical burners. The food heats up very quickly. At the same time, energy costs will be much lower. If you accidentally come into contact with the included surface, you can not be afraid of getting burned. It's easy to care for such surfaces. Therefore, most buyers today prefer this type of burners.

Disadvantages of induction cookers

Electric hob for 2 burnersInduction type has some drawbacks. You need to know about them before buying. First of all, it will be necessary to revise all kitchen utensils, which could previously be placed on a stove. Enameled and cast iron pots, pans are suitable for induction surfaces. Dishes made of copper, glass or aluminum are not suitable.

Radiation that emits such burners, stillto the end has not been studied. The impact of such plates on the human body is also unknown. There are reviews that employees of enterprises producing produced household appliances are paid extra for harmfulness, set short shifts.Hob 2 cooking zones electric power

The cost of induction cookers is high. This is one of the newest developments in the field presented. Therefore, the purchase of an induction cooker will require more money from the family budget than buying a surface made of stainless steel or enamel.

Shape and size

The cooking surfaces consist of modules. This allows them to arrange them in the kitchen in different ways. The surface configuration may vary depending on the design chosen. On sale are rectangular hobs. Modules can be put in the form of diamonds, which touch the edges.

The size of the modules has standard dimensions. This will allow them to be built directly into the kitchen furniture. This greatly facilitates the work on the design of space in the room. Modules can be hexagonal or rectangular in shape.

Dimensions of cooking surface on 2 burnerscan vary depending on the power. The width of the smallest panels is 25 cm. Powerful varieties of technology reach a size of 90 cm. The depth is 60 cm.


Electric cooking surface with 2 cooking zonescan vary from 2 to 6 kW. The indicator of consumption is affected not only by the number of burners, but also by their size. Most often on sale are models with heating elements of different diameters. They are different in performance.

Standard models include one powerfulburner up to 3 kW. It can be supplemented by a small heating element. Such a burner can consume 1-1.5 kW. This indicator depends on the diameter. The smaller the burner, the lower the level of its energy consumption.

There are other varieties of burners. The smallest circuits can consume 0.4-1 kW. They are used in the process of making porridge, coffee. Quickly heated burners have the greatest power. They are designed for large dishes. When choosing the productivity of the hob, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of its operation.

Posting Requirements

Deciding to buyelectric cooking surface for 2 burners,it is necessary to take into account the requirements of the presented equipment for wiring in the house. It must necessarily be new. To connect the hob, you need to bring a separate line from the flap.

To properly select the wire cross section,it is necessary to calculate the total power of household appliances. If the central power line in the house is old, it is not recommended to install a device with a rated output of more than 3.5 kW.

The wire for connection must have a copper core. It is recommended to give preference to wires with a special system of protection against overheating and fire. The cross-section of the wire must be at least 4 mm². The network must be earthed. Connecting the hob through the outlet is not recommended. You can not connect other electrical devices to the line.


Today, the cooking surface produces manyknown manufacturers. Conditionally they can be divided into three categories according to the cost of equipment. In the low-price category, you can identify such brands as Ariston, Ardo. If you want to purchase a simplewhite electric cooking surface for 2 burners,should pay attention to these manufacturers. Their products will be of high quality, without additional functions.

In the mid-price segment are the producers Electrolux, Bosch, Zanussi, Whirlpool, etc. Here you can choose both a simple and reliable hob and multifunctional household appliances.

Among the elite brands that producehigh-end kitchen equipment, stand out AEG, Miele, Gaggenau. These are the most expensive and high-quality devices. They include many additional functions. Such devices will be durable and comfortable to use.

Additional functions

Cooktop electric surface for 2 burnerscan have a list of additional functions. They significantly increase comfort during the use of the stove.

Some functions provide a self-shutdownburner when it hits the liquid. When boiling water out of the pan, the equipment stops heating. This function significantly increases the safety of the equipment. In some models there is a timer. You can leave the dishes on the stove without worrying that you can forget about it.

If the house has small children, you can set the lock function. The kid will not be able to independently set the operating mode of the plate.

Most models provide forprotective cover. During the work of the hob, it protects the wall from accidental contamination. When equipment is turned off, the cover protects the technician from accidental mechanical shock. The closed surface can be used as a table. There are models with metal and glass covers. The choice depends on the type of interior design.

Having considered the featurescooking electric surfaces on 2 burners,everyone can choose the right option for themselves. A variety of shapes, sizes, heating principles will allow you to purchase the best equipment for your kitchen.

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