Hotel Adalin Resort 4 * (Turkey, Kemer): photos, description, service and reviews of tourists

In this article we will give a comprehensive analysis and arrange a review of the four-star hotel Adalin Resort 4 * (Kemer, Turkey). The comments about it are very ambiguous. Most of the tourists who visited it found their vacation very successful. But there were those who left very unpleasant reviews about the hotel. What did the tourists not like at the Adalin Resort Hotel? In this article we are not going to question everything that was said by them, but simply try to understand the pros and cons of the hotel. Is the hotel's fault in all inconveniences? For example, tourists did not like that the beach is pebbly. They would like a soft sand, as in Alanya. But in Kemer, all pebble beaches, this is the specifics of the resort. So, first, let's first figure out where the Adalin Resort Hotel is located.

Kemer. Specifics of rest

This resort town is administratively owned by the Anatolian Riviera, although it is 55 kilometers from the airport. But Kemer is very different from Alanya and Antalya.The Taurus Mountains here come very close to the sea, descending to the water with beautiful benches overgrown with pine groves. In the reviews of tourists about Kemer often mentioned pomegranate gardens. This town is small, but around it there is an entire agglomeration of resort villages - Goynuk, Beldibi, Tekirova, Camyuva, Kirish. Each of them has its own specifics, but we are only interested in the city of Kemer, since the Adalin Resort Hotel 4 * is located in its very center. Many tourists like this location very much. After all, the entire infrastructure of the resort (shops, discos, oriental bazaar) is located within walking distance from the hotel.

This hotel is positioning itself as a place of youth recreation. If you turn left from the hotel, you get to the city embankment with discos and nightclubs ("Buddha", "Inferno", "Aura"). Three minutes to the right, Kemer’s main attraction, the White Clock Tower, will be on the right. Next to it is a square with fountains, an oriental bazaar, a mosque and a stop for minibuses to go on excursions in the surrounding area. Immediately begins the street shops Liman, where you can buy everything from beach towels to gold jewelry.

Adalin Resort Hotel Turkey

Hotel territory

Since Adalin Resort is located in the very center of Kemer, it is not very logical to assume that it has a large territory. The hotel consists of one five-story building (there is an elevator), built in 2002. During its existence, the hotel has repeatedly changed owners and, accordingly, the signs. It was called "Helzovik", "Club Golden Lady", "Magic Garden Resort". The hotel has been bearing the name “Adaline” since 2016, when the last major overhaul was made. In the old photographs the building is still visible white. Now it is terracotta. The new owner is very wisely used a small territory. There is a restaurant terrace near the wall of the building. A little further away is the pool.

Near the outer fence on a green lawn arranged a small playground. The administration tried to plant a small territory with all its might. An artificial stream with fountains flows near the children's pool, rose bushes bloom, orange trees grow. The pool in the evening is beautifully highlighted. Of the minuses of the territory, tourists note that the rooms on the first floor are missing both balconies and terraces.If you are a “lark” and go to bed early, book a room that overlooks the outside of the hotel - outside, as there is music in the bar near the pool until late.

Adalin Resort Hotel 4 *

The rooms of the hotel Adalin Resort Hotel (Turkey)

First, the hotel had 55 rooms for guests. During the last renovation, another floor was added. Now the hotel has 69 rooms. Most of them belong to the standard category. One room is fully adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities. There are also two suites. In reviews about the Adalin Resort, tourists often complain about the small size of the rooms. Indeed, their area is from 15 to 22 square meters. On the top floor, due to the specific layout of the building, bedrooms are even smaller. But to the number relies a huge veranda, which offers a wonderful view of the sea or mountains. Rooms on the first floor are suitable for those for whom the presence of a balcony is not an attribute of rest. But in the rooms of the basement level it catches Wi-Fi well (the router is located at the reception).

Facilities and facilities in guest rooms

Earlier, when the hotel was called “Helzovik” and “Magic Garden”, the reviews about the rooms were the most negative.The new owner of Adalin Resort Hotel 4 * not only repainted the facade of the building, but also changed the furniture and plumbing. The standard room now has a double and a half-double bed, a mirror with a mirror, two bedside tables, a wardrobe. From the technology - well-working refrigerator, air conditioning, TV (it broadcasts including several Ukrainian and Russian channels). The bathroom with shower has a hairdryer. Shampoo and liquid soap are in dispensers. On the balconies there is a plastic table and two chairs. Tourists in their reviews recommend to take a cord with them to Turkey, since there are no dryers for bathing suits on the balconies. Cleaned in the rooms every other day. Bed linen is changed twice a week.

Adalin Resort Hotel

How to feed

Like many other resort hotels in Turkey, Adalin Resort 4 * works on the concept of "all inclusive". But since this is the usual “All inclusive” and not “Ultra”, the nutrition program has its own nuances that you need to know in order not to pay extra money. Fed here is not around the clock, and on schedule. For breakfast (from 7.30 to 9.30) give buns, sausage and cheese cuts, milk cereals, several types of cereal, jam and jams, coffee, tea, juice. Lunch is served from half past twelve to two o'clock.The choice of dishes there is richer. There are soups, meat and vegetable dishes, side dishes, sweet table. Hot drinks and desserts are brought out from five to half past five. Dinner is served from half past seven until nine. The only thing that tourists didn’t like in the hotel’s food was the lack of pork dishes, but this is a Muslim country. The hotel has two bars: near the restaurant and near the pool. Tourists warn that the “All Inclusive” program is valid only from 10.00 to 22.00 and exclusively for Turkish beverages. Russian vodka, Cuban rum or bartender service after ten in the evening - for a fee.

Adalin Resort reviews

Services and services in the hotel

The hotel is positioning itself as a place of youth recreation. But at the same time there are no evening entertainment programs in the hotel. Many tourists regard this as a big plus. Nobody bothers you to get up and go play volleyball, when you want to take a nap on a lounger by the pool, the disco does not buzz until midnight. All people thirsting for noisy entertainment, will easily find them in the numerous nightclubs of Kemer. Tourists recommend "Crystal", "Inferno" - both are located five minutes walk from the hotel.In the city park of Kemer there is a very good club “Paradise Club” where laser shows are held, often Turkish pop stars perform.

Well, on the territory of the Adalin Resort Hotel itself silence and tranquility reign. The bar plays muffled music. The on-site spa facilities include a sauna, jacuzzi and Turkish steam bath. Tourists in their reviews warn that not all services are free there. For a massage or a session of cosmetic wraps will have to fork out. Of the paid services, tourists mention the safe and wireless Internet. But do not immediately lay out the money for storage of things. Tourists say that the hotel does not steal, and values ​​can be kept just in a suitcase or water from thumbs. As for Wi-Fi, it is slow here and sometimes falls, as elsewhere in Turkey.

Adalin Resort Turkey

Services for children

And yet the Adalin Resort has animation. But it works exclusively for kids. Not far from the pool, in the shade of palm trees and orange trees, there is a children's playground. Next to her in a small room with a gazebo running a mini-club. As the hotel is small, there are not too many children. Animators can pay attention and care to each kid.For a fee, you can attract a certified nanny to care for your child. The hotel, in order to attract family tourists, practices large discounts on accommodation for small guests. But in order to get a cot for free in the room, you need to book this service in advance.

Sea and beach

Of course, not for the sake of rooms, hammam and food on the system "All inclusive" tourists are going to Kemer! Adalin Resort, unlike most Turkish hotels that are not on the first line, has its own beach. It is located a kilometer from the hotel and is called "Veranda Beach". You can walk there and on foot - to the embankment and to the east, in the direction of Antalya. But if a twenty-minute walk is tiresome for you, the hotel provides a free shuttle service to the beach and back three times a day. What is so attractive for tourists "Veranda Beach"? First, bulk sand. Sea licked off the coast, exposing the pebbles. But tourists say that the depth comes very quickly. This, of course, is bad for those who cannot swim and toddlers. Sun beds and umbrellas on the hotel’s private beach are free. The downside of this place is the drinks in the bar for the money. Tourists recommend to grab water from the hotel.But for the rest a bus comes in to deliver them to the restaurant for dinner.

Adalin Resort


Some tourists ignored the beach of the Adalin Resort Hotel and went to the municipal, which is located 200 meters away. The path is not long, and the road runs through the beautiful city park Kugulu. But the municipal beach is covered with pebbles, sometimes quite large, so that the coral slippers are indispensable. Sun beds and umbrellas there or for money, or reserved for hotel guests of the front page ("Grand Haber" and "Crystal"). Many lovers of morning bathing did so. We went to the city beach before breakfast, swam in the sea, dried out on the sunbeds of other hotels, and then drove to Veranda Beach or chilled around the pool. Lovers of long heats of this reservoir of fresh water seem a little small. But many tourists liked the pool because of its cleanliness. Beach towels at the hotel give bail of five dollars.

Adalin Resort Kemer

What to see in Kemer and the surrounding area

Tourists recommend not to rush to use the services of a hotel guide. After all, Adalin Resort Hotel 4 * is located directly next to Liman Street. So turn off from the hotel to the left and go to the office with the sign "Ginza".There the same excursions offered by the guide at the hotel are only three times cheaper. Children in Kemer will be curious to visit the dolphinarium and the open-air museum “Yoruk Park”, the exhibition of which shows how the Turks lived in the times when they were nomads. You should definitely visit the ancient city of Phaselis and the Beldibi cave with rock paintings of the Stone Age. To get to these attractions, it is not necessary to take excursions. You can get there by regular bus-dolmushi. But in order to admire the scenery from the top of Tahtali mountain, to see the fire-breathing "Chimera", to go on a boat trip under the sail of a snow-white yacht you need to contact the tour desk.


What did tourists remember most at the Adalin Resort Hotel? In reviews, the guests praise the friendly attitude and hospitality of the staff. Everyone - from the cleaning staff to the main manager - is trying to help you in troubleshooting and making your holiday even better. And this warm attitude helps to not pay attention to various minor inconveniences, such as slow Wi-Fi.

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