How in Krasnoyarsk make bread without flour (from germinated grain)

On the shelves of stores today there is such a variety of bread that the buyer has to choose it not only in color - white or black, but also in composition: with or without additives, yeastless or regular tableware. But the most unusual among them is the one that is made without a single gram of flour.

The Yarhleb Krasnoyarsk company (in the past, Laguna-M) has been making such bread for years, but even those who have already appreciated its taste do not always know the benefits.
Today we will learn how to produce this special product.
First you need to prepare the grain. The quality of the future bread depends on the raw materials, therefore wheat is purchased only from a trusted supplier.
Grain is supplied to the enterprise by a farm from the Abansky District of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

It is poured into a peeler to remove dust and streaks.

Healthy seedlings
Then the grain is purged with air to remove light impurities, washed thoroughly and filled with clean water at room temperature. The grain swells and germinates within 24-30 hours.
Wheat grain in the "bathroom" with clean water.

The height of such a seedling is no more than two millimeters. It is in this grain maximum of nutrients.

Next, the germinated grain is washed twice with clean water and sent to a dispersant - a grinder, similar to a large meat grinder. It carefully crushes the grain into a homogeneous mass. At the same time, the shell of the grain and the germ are preserved - it is in them that they contain useful dietary fibers, trace elements and vitamins. In the usual bread - from flour - almost pure carbohydrates remain; all useful remains "overboard" and goes to bran.
Germinated ground grain at the outlet of the dispersant.

In the resulting mass can be seen and the embryo and the shell of the grain.

Sprouted grains, salt, sugar, water and yeast - all that is needed for the test.

Ferment and come in time
On the basis of the obtained mass, the dough is kneaded, in it for 1-1.5 hours the process of fermentation takes place - natural fermentation. This is necessary to make the bread more porous and “airy”.From one bowl (bowl for kneading dough) it turns out 135 loaves of bread.
Deja with fermented dough is turned over and laid out in forms. Then they are sent to a chamber where a constant temperature of 40 ºC is maintained at a humidity of 85%. There, the forms with dough are kept for another 20-40 minutes depending on the speed of its rise.
Sprouted grain dough.

Display with humidity and temperature.

After the dough rises in the chamber, it can be baked.

Freshly baked bread cools down for at least 6 hours. Only then can it be sent for cutting and packaging. If you hurry, the bread will be soft and you will not be able to cut it into even neat slices. The largest loaf weighing 600 g is divided into about 12 parts.
Freshly Baked Grain Bread

Grain "family": 280, 420 and 600 grams

The benefits of cereals
Only 100 grams of grain bread provides 25% of the body's daily need for dietary fiber (fiber). With regular consumption, Living Grain bread helps to normalize weight and improve bowel function. It is also useful for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
However, there are contraindications.Because of the increased acidity, grain bread is not recommended for those who suffer from acute gastritis, pancreatitis and a number of gastric diseases.
On the cut, the difference between grain bread (to the left) from the usual one - made from flour is clearly visible.

Grain bread - with a “speckled pattern” due to the preserved wheat shell.

Soon all the products from Yarhleb will be delivered in a new bright package. Bread "Living Grain" - one of the first to try it. Now buyers will always know what kind of bread is not only tasty, but also useful.
Bread "Living Grain" in the new package

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