How many single mothers get? Benefits and benefits

Before considering the issue of socialguarantees of state aid to single mothers in the Russian Federation, it is necessary to determine who such a single mother is. Unfortunately, the definitions contained in the legislation are rather blurred, therefore, one should proceed from practically applicable norms in this issue.

Thus, speaking of single mothers,it should be borne in mind that this category includes women who have given birth to a child out of wedlock or 300 days after the dissolution of the marriage, paternity of children who are not established voluntarily or judicially. In addition, such women are mothers who gave birth to a child, being married or within 300 days after the termination of such a child, paternity for children who were challenged and judicially satisfied.

how many single mothers receive In addition to the above, single mothers should include women who adopted a child without registering a marriage. Though in such cases it is possible to register guardianship quite seldom.

Determining, so what is the statussingle mothers, we can turn to the issue of material and non-material forms of assistance provided by the state, with a view to the social protection of such families. So how many single mothers get?

Payments to single mothers

Unfortunately, there are no targeted payments for single mothers in Russia. But such women can claim other types of benefits that are paid to all families with children:

  • allowance for women who became medical records in the early stages of pregnancy;
  • maternity benefit;
  • One-time allowance after the birth of a child;
  • a monthly allowance for the achievement of a child of one and a half years.

The order of registration of social benefits for families with children

The bodies of social protection of the populationthe payment of benefits for families with children, which also applies to single mothers. The basis for the registration of the benefit is a written application to the social protection agencies at the place of residence with the provision of documents confirming the size of the family income requiring assistance from the state.

payments to single mothers After 10 calendar days, the socialprotection must inform the applicant about the results of the examination of the application and the decision taken: positive or negative. It is possible that the social protection authority will need additional verification of the data provided by the applicant, in which case the applicant must be informed before the expiry of the indicated 10 days from the date of the application for granting the benefit that such a check is necessary.

The final decision on the appointment or refusal to grant a single mother's allowance must be made within 30 calendar days from the date of applying for such a benefit.

The size of social benefits

How many single mothers get? So, the amount of benefits for early registration for medical records during pregnancy for 2016 is determined - five hundred and eighty-one rubles seventy-three kopecks. The limits of the allowance for pregnancy and childbirth range from 248164 rubles to 28555 rubles. One-time payment for the birth of a child in 2016 is 15 512.65 rubles, for residents of the Far North, the size of the allowance is increased by the local coefficient.

help single mothers Single mothers can be paid by social protection authorities, the employer or the Social Insurance Fund.

Territorial benefits for single mothers

The list of the above benefits is notfinite. It is necessary to take into account that the subjects of the Federation also establish other types of social support for families with children, which provides for payments to single mothers.

status of single mother Such types of benefits include the monthlyallowance for the child's achievement of three years, a third child's allowance in the family after reaching the age of three, child allowance up to 16 or 18 years (in some cases up to 23 years). The sizes of these benefits vary and range from 500 to 1500 rubles.

Non-monetized assistance to single mothers

In addition to financial assistance, the state provides other types of support for families with children, as well as single mothers:

  • free lingerie for newborns;
  • free provision of baby food for the dairy kitchen until the child reaches the age of two;
  • free massage for a child in a medical institution at the place of residence;
  • a fifty percent discount on medicines until the child reaches the age of three;
  • Extraordinary admission to pre-school institutions with payment of half the cost of maintaining the child;
  • free two meals a day for children at school;
  • one-time delivery of school supplies upon admission to school;
  • issuance of sanatorium-resort permits if necessary.

Protection of the labor rights of single mothers

Given the difficult situation of mothers, alonebringing up their children, which imposes additional material obligations on them, the state stipulated in the norms of the Labor Code the levers of protection for such women.

children's mothers loners The dismissal of single mothers on the initiativeemployer is permissible only in the following cases: complete liquidation, the state of health of the employee, his proven disciplinary offense in the established order. In case of dismissal during the liquidation of an enterprise, the law obliges the assignee to take care of the employment of a single mother.

For women, servicemen who have the status of a single mother, a preferential right to preserve the workplace is provided in case of staff reduction.

In the case of a child's illness and treatment instationary conditions of a working single mother, the allowance for the care of a sick child is calculated in the amount that depends on her uninterrupted work experience. In the treatment of such a child outpatiently up to 10 calendar days, the allowance is accrued under similar conditions, starting from the 11th day the allowance will be 50% of earnings, regardless of her length of service.

Single mothers raising disabled children are entitled to 4 additional paid days off.

The right to prioritize the provision of housing

Despite the changed realities of today, the legislative right to the priority of improving the housing conditions of single mothers in the Housing Code has not been abolished.

single mother benefits and benefits In addition, the same document is regulatedthe right of single mothers to provide other housing in the event of their eviction from service. It can be said that women who are not married have good support from the state.

Tax benefits for single mothers

The tax privilege for single mothers isThe monthly deduction rate in the amount of 600 rubles for each child, who is brought up by a single mother, is provided by the Tax Code. This provision is cumulative: until the amount of income is 20 thousand rubles.

It is necessary to specify that the tax deduction is applied before the child reaches eighteen years of age (in the case of a child's education on a daily basis, up to 24 years).

The question put into the title is how muchget a single mother, does not have an unambiguous answer. After all, the state is not only paid to single mothers, but also provides women who have the status of single mothers rights, which in other cases cost much more than the banknotes.

payments and benefits Assistance to single mothers is alsoensuring their labor, tax and housing rights. Thus, payments and benefits for single mothers are a guaranteed minimum level of social protection.


Of course, the amount of social assistance is small, inTherefore, a single mother whose benefits and benefits are the main source of income is in a rather difficult situation. However, we must admit that the reasons for the small size of the assigned social benefits for single mothers are objective. The global economic crisis in the modern world does not allow for wider gestures, it requires reasonable savings and rational use of funds.

In this matter, the cornerstone should bethe topic of creating new efficient jobs, which in turn will contribute to large tax deductions, which in the future will improve the standard of living of the population as a whole and of the social category as a single mother, in particular.

It does not matter how many single mothers get. It is worth remembering that no material values ​​can replace a child's development in a full-fledged family with both parents.

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