How to calculate fuel consumption?

It is important for each car enthusiast to know how to calculate the fuel consumption on your car, because such knowledge will help in different life situations, for example, when you need to calculate the route and fuel consumption, which is needed to travel this distance.

Fuel consumption scheme

Many motorists use a proven and convenient scheme for calculating fuel consumption. Here is what you need to do:

  1. It is necessary to fill a full tank and record the mileage of the car before its subsequent operation. It is much more convenient, but if it is not possible to fill a full tank, then keep the checks with all the information. The data on them will be useful for the correct calculation.
  2. Next, use the car until gasoline is completely over. After that, again record the mileage of the car.
  3. From the new figure (last run of the car) subtract the last figure (run that was recorded before using the car with a full tank). The difference will mean the number of kilometers that you were able to drive, using the entire contents of the tank.
  4. Now remember the number of liters that were poured into the tank.
  5. We have all the data, it remains to apply the formula. Here it is: km. / Number of l. x 100. Km. - this is the number of kilometers that you were able to drive by car, using the fuel of a full tank from beginning to end; number of liters - This is the number of liters of gasoline, which you poured into the tank of your car and spent during operation. 100 is the number by which you want to multiply the result from dividing kilometers by liters. The number 100 in this case will allow you to find out how many liters of gasoline you need to drive 100 km. Example: we drove 250 km., It took us 28 liters. 28/250 x 100 = 11.2. This means that we need 11.2 liters. gasoline to drive your car 100 km. of the way. Knowing this information, you can calculate in advance how much gas you need to stock up on before you go on a long journey. You can get this information using special calculators. Here is a couple to help you:

Of course, you should not fully rely on these data, because there is an error, the value of which varies depending on various factors.Here the role is played by the manner and style of driving, the season, the warm-up, the condition of the car, the use of air conditioning, etc. Consider these factors too.

How to calculate the rate of fuel consumption

To do this, you need to know what fuel consumption rates are for your particular brand. The Ministry of Transport is engaged in the calculation of fuel rates, and with the help of its sources you can find out what the consumption rate is for your car. In addition, take into account interest allowances, which can increase by a certain number the rate of fuel consumption. Here are some of them:

  1. In winter, the norm is added +7% in the Center, + 5% in the South, in the Urals + 10-12%, in Siberia and in the North + 15%, in the Far North + 20%.
  2. If a car is used in a city with a population of over 3 million people, then + 25% is added; if the population is 1-3 million, then + 20% is added; with a population of 250 thousand-1 million + 15% increase; with a population of 100-250 thousand people + 10%.
  3. If the mileage is more than 100 thousand km. or a car older than 5 years, it adds +5% to normal.
  4. If you run more than 150 thousand. Km. or a car older than 8 years, the increase is + 10%.
  5. With frequent use of the air conditioner increase is + 7%.
  6. When transporting heavy and dangerous goods + 15-35%.
  7. For routing machines, the increase is + 10%.
  8. For trucks, vans excluding cargo weight + 10%.

Read more about fuel consumption rates for different cars.

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