How to calm nerves and restore balance

The life of a squirrel in a wheel

There is nothing surprising in the fact that modern man can not cope with stress load. Judge for yourself: every day such amount of information falls on us, which exceeds hundreds and thousands of timeshow to calm the nerveswhich accounted for our ancestors at least a hundred years ago. We rush to work, to school, on business, trying to make all fifty of 24 hours. We hardly wake up and can not sleep, because we do not know how to calm the nerves after a busy day. Every day we are faced with a huge number of people. For example, at the beginning of the last century there were not so many cars, and so many passengers did not drive in public transport. People did not hang on the handrails in the subway, like herring in a barrel, they did not have to face hundreds — often very unpleasant — of strangers and passers-by. And then there is the working team, which not only does not tell you how to calm the nerves, but also deduces from itself the next meanness, pacing, gossip, or unreasonable demands.

How to stop and not run ahead of time?

This is truly difficult. The greater the potential, the more desires are born in us. Have more, better, richer ... Catch up everywhere to visit, to see everything. And in the end - over-excited, we are looking for the answer to the question: "How to calm the nerves?" Or even worse - we fall into complete apathy and depression. If you understand that this applies to you, it's time to stop. Sit quietly (best in nature, but just a quiet room will do) and try to write (on a piece of paper) the answers to the question: "What do you want - first of all, what you want not so much, which you can easily give up ? "how to calm nerves at workAnd then think: doing what you are doing now, are you getting closer to your desires or, on the contrary, are you moving away? For example, you dream of a quiet rural idyll, walking in the woods, writing work. Instead, you work in a corporation where you are just a cog and are looking for ways to calm your nerves at work. You get up at five in the morning, drive two hours one way, eight hours plus overtime ... Then the children, lessons, cooking, washing. And projects, plans, reports ... Are you approaching your dream? And how much money do you need to start a quiet life? This is the first stage in the work on yourself.Then try to remove from life all that annoys you too much. For example, instead of looking for ways to calm the nerves exhausted by the quarrels with the mother-in-law, think about what needs to be done to prevent these quarrels anymore? Move? Talk to her heart to heart? Exchange the apartment? It is possible that everyone will benefit from the cardinal solution. And you do not have to think about how to calm the nerves of a child, whom the grandmother brings to tears with her to calm the nerves of a child

Some practical tipssoothing landscape

So, when you can decide on priorities, it will be much easier for you to master the situation. Our ancestors knew how to calm the nerves. Moreover, this method was not alcohol (by the way, this is only an illusory sedation, which can lead to even more serious problems). For a long time, herbal preparations were used to restore balance: motherwort, valerian, lemon balm, chamomile or mint tea. Pharmacies now have a huge amount of stress-relieving tea. And they work! If there is an opportunity, it is necessary to walk at least half an hour a day: slowly walk through the park, get some fresh air, watch nature. It is very soothing.For some, a good way to relieve stress is exercise: swimming, jogging. It is very helpful to the murmur of the water or just a walk near the pond: lake, pond. For other people, classical music may be more appropriate. Listen to Mozart or Tchaikovsky, watch some old film or a good comedy. In a relaxed state, you can make the right decisions that will help you in the future to avoid stress or learn to respond to them differently. And remember Yesenin: "You need to live easier, you need to live easier, all accepting what is in the world" ... It helps me.

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