How to catch a wi-fi?

Today the question of how to catch a wi-fi,is becoming more urgent. After all, people tend to be constantly on the Internet. Well, for those who do not yet know what wi-fi is, it is worth reading the article of our site: What is wifi.

Catching wi-fi

  1. First of all, it should be noted that there istwo kinds of wi-fi points: private and public. Private are used, as a rule, at home. They enable you to connect several computers to the Internet at once. Public wi-fi points are designed to provide all those who want access to the Internet on a paid or free basis. Most likely, we will catch the public wi-fi.
  2. Public wi-fi, most often, occurs inin public places. For example, for cafes, restaurants and hotels - this is an opportunity to attract additional customers. Therefore, once in a public place, you can simply turn on your laptop or other portable device and check the list of wireless network connections. You can call it by clicking on the special icon located in the lower right corner of the screen (next to the clock).
  3. If after checking the connection list appearedchannel, which refers to the institution in which you are, you can try to connect to it to go online. To do this, click on the name of the channel, and then click "Connect".
  4. The provided channel can be password-protected. In this case, you should find out the password from the administrator (in cafes, for example, you probably will be able to help the waiter or barman).
  5. It is possible that access to public Wi-Fi can be paid. As a rule, this price is low. And after payment you get the access code to the cherished network.

You can create a wi-fi point yourself. For this you should read the article of our site - How to make distribution of Wi-Fi. And if you are unhappy with the quality and speed of the Internet through wi-fi, then you will be interested to read the following material - How to increase the speed of WiFi.

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