How to catch on boyle?

Modern bait boilies came to us from abroad. “Boil” means “boil” and “boil” in English. The boilos are really cooked, these are peculiar dumplings for fish. Such bait is now the most common in the West. They catch carp, trout, barbel and some other fish. How to fish for boilies? About this our article.

Carp fishing for boilies

Catching carp for fishermen is a usual thing, but not many people know how to catch carp for boilies.

Boyle compared with classic baits offer some advantages. Unlike other nozzles, boilies on carp are much larger and harder, so they successfully resist flocks of small fish (crucian carp, plotted or molted), which prevents the carp from fishing. Boyle is popular not only because They are attractive not only for carp, but also for carp fishermen. For fishermen, this is a kind of entertainment.

The first balls appeared simultaneously with the hair snap, and this led to the fact that Boyle was perceived as a “non-alternative” bait on carp.

It took a lot of time for fishermen to understand how to catch carp for boilies. In addition, it was necessary to learn how to make them really attractive for such fish.

Consider catching carp for boilies in small ponds. Karpyatnik fishermen, for whom precisely such places of fishing are favorite, it will not be difficult to acquaint the fish with a new type of bait. Places of carp fishing should be surely lured, regardless of which Boyle will be used, homemade or purchased. For complementary foods use boiled corn, porridge or potatoes.

Now consider how to catch carp for boilies in large new reservoirs. If the reservoir has a hard and clean bottom, and there is no large amount of easily accessible natural food in it, then it is quite possible to accustom the carp to boilies in a short period of time. It will be necessary to use a large amount of bait in the right place.

Depending on the place of carp fishing, boilies are used differently. For fishing on lakes or rivers with an oozy bottom, it is better to use a floating ball. If the reservoirs are clean and stony, sinking Boyle is more suitable.

Here is one of the recipes for cooking boilies.

For cooking you will need:

  • semolina 400g;
  • powdered milk 200g;
  • soybean and corn flour 200g;
  • icing sugar 50g;
  • 10 eggs;
  • dye;
  • flavoring 10ml;
  • vegetable oil 3st.l.

Separately mix dry ingredients and liquid. Then in the liquid mixture enter dry and mix well, roll the balls with a diameter of 1-2 cm, cook for 3 minutes and then dry.

Technique for catching carp on boilies

Catching carp on boilies is not much different from carp fishing. Carp, like carp, appreciates the taste of a boiled ball. You can use both purchased and home-made boilies.

Before you catch them, you need to feed the fish. As bait, it is necessary to use the boilies themselves, or at least add them to the main bait. So there are a lot of boilies. On the seven-day fishing you need to stock about 15 kg.

Due to the fact that these solid balls are perfectly kept on the snap, you can make ultra-long casts. Waiting for carp bite, boilies in the water remain intact. Little things they are completely too tough.

With properly mounted equipment, on a well-fed place, fishing for boilies is a pleasure. The carp pecks at them like nothing else, he does it greedily and confidently.

And at the end of the article, another recipe for homemade boilies.

Dry mix consists of:

  • corn flour, 30%;
  • soy flour, 30%;
  • semolina, 20%;
  • dry milk, 10%;
  • milled hemp grain, 5%;
  • milled sunflower seeds, 5%.

For 1 kg of dry mix you need to take 6-9 eggs. Add table salt 5%, 5-7 tablespoons of sugar, vanilla or fruit essence in a liquid, not more than 10 ml. Mix everything thoroughly. The dough for boilies will be ready when it starts to peel off.

Next you need to form balls or cut into cubes from 10mm. Boil for 1.5-3 minutes, depending on the size. Dry for 6-15 hours.

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