How to choose a baby car seat?

First of all, determine which group chair is suitable for your child. Also when choosing an age is important and, often, the growth of the child, because all children are bright individuals, including their external data. Therefore, in some cases it is very difficult to determine the right car seat group without a specialist.

Then it is important to determine the seat with which mount you want to purchase (mainly for groups 0+ and 1). There is a variant when the armchair is fastened only by a regular seat belt, or by means of a platformISOFIX, or with a security table. Remember that most car seats with a mountIsofixcan also be attached using a standard seat belt.

ISOFIXis a rigid attachment of the seat to the body of the car, which provides better protection for the child. This is confirmed by numerous independent crash tests. Another important point is the system.ISOFIX. actually nullifies the chance of improperly installing a child seat. Armchair withISOFIXis attached to the car body as follows: the brackets located in the rear lower part of the child seat are attached to the brackets located in the car seat (the car is equipped with these fasteners at the assembly stage).

Greater safety of the child when using the table instead of belts is achieved by two important things. The first is the increased contact area of ​​the child with the "braking" surface. That is, the contact area of ​​the table with the child is 5 times larger than the belt (the analogy with the airbag). The second is that during a frontal impact, the child rests against the table with his chest and stomach, and the main load falls on his abdominal pressure, that is, in principle, at the place where nature has provided for this kind of load. In the variant of five-point belts, the main load falls on the chest and neck of the child, in which there are loads that can severely injure the baby. With numerous tests, the load on the neck of the child when using the protective table is reduced by 5 times compared with five-point belts!

In the 2006 report, the German automobile club ADAC unequivocally spoke in favor of using these tables in the seats of group 1 and recommended this as the future direction in improving the safety of children's car seats.It is the model with the use of a protective table that received the special status ADAC “the most reliable protection”.

Comparing the models within the selected group, pay attention to the ratings they earned for crash tests. We advise you not to limit yourself to German tests popular in our country, but to study the results of tests conducted in other countries to learn the fullest and most objective information. Remember that all car seats that have a certificate of conformity with the standards of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) or the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) meet the high standards of children's passive safety in Europe.

On these sites you can find the results of authoritative European crash tests:

  • - Germany
  • - Austria
  • - Sweden
  • - Netherlands

The car seat must have a marking with the ECE R44 / 03 or ECE R44 / 04 icon. This is evidence that this model has passed the entire cycle of tests in Europe and satisfies the corresponding version of the European Safety Standard.

When choosing a car seat for a baby, start from how much time he will have to spend in the car. If short trips are expected, pay attention to the group 0+ chairs.Although all of them are designed for children weighing up to 13 kg, while they are not the same in size, different models are more or less spacious. In some models, the child can ride up to a year, from others grows faster. This is especially noticeable in the winter, when the kid is dressed in several blouses and overalls. The possibility of mounting a chair of group 0+ on the stroller is convenient for transporting a child in a chair outside the car. Just remember that children need to be transported face-up against the course of movement for as long as possible, and this rule should be observed for at least one year, until the baby's neck gets stronger and he learns to sit well.

In the car seats for children weighing up to 18 kg (groups 0+ and 1) there are internal seat belts. Carefully study the lock-buckle, it is important that it does not look flimsy and was designed in such a way that the child himself could not unbutton him. The fabric strip in the area of ​​the lock-buckle should be wide and dense, so that with a possible impact the lock does not traumatize the underside of the baby’s belly. Also note how comfortable the lining on the belts in the shoulder and neck.

Children under three years (and some older) often sleep during the trip.Therefore, it is important to have separate positions for sleeping and wakefulness in the chair, in other words, it is convenient if the backrest angle is adjusted by the chair. This option is quite common, but the range of adjustments depends on the manufacturer. I would like to note that a very large backrest, for security measures, is undesirable. As during heavy braking, the child can either “drive into the seat belt” or dive under the standard seat belt.

In the car seats of groups I-II-III and II-III, the body is usually made of impact-resistant plastic. But there are other designs, in particular - tubular frameworks, for example, an armchair made of an aluminum frame, parts made of impact-resistant plastic and an elastic shock absorber, or - made of aluminum and special energy-absorbing material IPP. However, the type of construction does not greatly affect the safety level of the car seat, provided that it meets the rule of ECE R 44/03 or ECE R 44/04 and has a corresponding tag.

Also during long journeys, children often get tired and numb legs. Therefore, it is recommended to use a footrest, adjustable in height and having a support in the floor of the car.

There is no doubt that, in addition to safety, one must also take into account such important details as correct orthopedic fit and child comfort. This can be achieved by having a number of adjustments to the height of the car seat, the width of the shoulders (especially important in the autumn and winter) and the adjustment of the depth of the seat. Automobile child seats differ not only in design, but also in materials for finishing. The quality of these materials, in particular, affects the degree of comfort of the seat. The more comfortable the car seat, the more comfortable it is for the child, and he more calmly, for example, transfers long trips. Also, the life of the car seat depends on the quality of the finishing materials, which is especially important for chairs of groups I-II-III and II-III, designed for a long-term service life.

For example, a chair may have cotton upholstery. This natural fiber has good antistatic properties. But the wear resistance of cotton fabrics is lower than that of synthetic ones, they easily crumple, burn out and fade more quickly, and the fabric with a high cotton content after washing can ¬ sit down. Therefore, it is better when new generations of synthetic fabrics are used for the car seat.For example, microfiber, which is most often made from 100% polyester. It has a high strength, resistance to light, does not deform during washing, evenly distributes static electricity, and over the years it does not form bald patches.

High-tech fabrics used in car seats can provide additional protection for the child in case of an accident. So far, only one such material has been used in this area, Honey Comb. It has high hypoallergenic and thermal properties. But its other property is more valuable - additional protection upon impact. This material consists of a kind of "honeycomb", which in the case of a hard contact with the skin of the child act on the principle of an air cushion, reducing the likelihood of bruises and abrasions.

However, more and more often manufacturers prefer, without naming the fabric itself, to concisely describe its properties, for example, "Detachable and washable cover with soft lining wear, is light and hygroscopic". Hygroscopicity is the property of a material to absorb moisture from the air.

Obviously, each of you wants to buy "the best car seat."However, there is not yet one single best seat for all children. And, nevertheless, you can easily choose the perfect car seat for your child. And make this choice is very simple.

Of course, each additional characteristic adds value to any model of car seat. But during the operation, it turns out that all these functions are not superfluous and are worth their money. In addition, at this stage of the market, the “promoted” brand itself does not often affect the price of the car seat, but the quality that it guarantees is clearly not superfluous. Therefore, a proven brand in the field of children's automotive safety is itself a guarantee of the right choice.

Choosing a car seat for children aged 1 year, first of all, prepare them for this purchase. Especially if the children had not traveled in such a seat before, since those babies who are transported in the car seat from infancy do not experience a negative reaction when using such devices. There can be many motivations for buying, they all depend on the nature of each individual child.Most of the boys love everything related to cars, and car racing - including. Tell them about the sports racing seats, comparing them with a future purchase. For a girl, you can draw an analogy with the princess’s throne or a seat in a fairytale carriage. Children may be interested in buying if you allow them to participate in choosing the color of the upholstery, which will make this purchase especially desirable for them.

Allow the child to sit in the chosen car seats. He should be comfortable and comfortable, otherwise on the road he will begin to act up, distracting the driver from the road, and simply creating an unfavorable psychological situation in the car. Before you make a purchase, “try on” the car seat in your car. Despite the fact that many of the seats are called universal, they may still not fit the profile of the seats of your car, the belt may not be enough to fasten them. In the passport chairs with Isofix mount listed models of cars to which this chair is suitable. Make sure that the model of your car is in the list. Please note that the presence of the Isofix mount in a car may also depend on the level of equipment of a particular model.

The simpler the way to fix the car seat, the greater the chance that every member of your family will be able to correctly install the car seat if necessary. Before purchasing, the sales assistant should show you the correct way to fix the car seat in the car, and the child in the car seat.

Pay attention to whether the car seat has side protection for the head and shoulders, which increases the safety of the child during a side impact. When installing the car seat according to the scheme against the motion in the front seat, be sure to turn off the passenger airbag (if any). Otherwise, transportation of a child in the front seat is prohibited. We recommend, if possible, to install a child seat in the back seat behind the driver, which is the safest in the car.

However, if only a mother and a child travel in a car, for example, it is recommended to install a child car seat behind the passenger seat. This is due to the fact that it is easier for the driver to control the child and he will be less distracted.

To determine if your child has grown from the car seat in which he is now traveling, pay attention to the following indicators.For car seats of group I and above: whether the head protrudes beyond the upper edge of the backrest by more than a third and / or is, whether the exit point of the inner seat belt is below the child’s shoulder. For car seats installed against the stroke: the exit points of the inner belt may be located just below the shoulder of the child, but his head should not protrude beyond the upper edge of the backrest.

We strongly recommend that whenever possible not to buy the chairs which were in the use, especially from strangers. Since it is unknown whether it has been in an accident. Even the lightest accident can deform the car seat frame, which means that it can no longer be considered a working means of safety. If you seriously care about the safety of your child - do not allow yourself to save on it!

Those who are not yet ready to allocate space in the car for a child seat can be useful tips that will allow at least a little to reduce the dangers that await your child on the road:

  • Never carry a child on your lap, no matter where you sit. This is very dangerous, since in a collision you will not hold the child or crush it with you.
  • Never fasten an adult and child with one seat belt.
  • Never leave loose items inside the car - in the event of an accident, they can be a great danger.
  • Do not allow the child to be in the back seat with his back in the direction of travel (without holding devices), since in case of severe braking he will fall forward with his back and the back of his head, this is very dangerous.
  • Do not allow your child to stand in the back between the backrests of the front seats.

And remember - when transporting a child in a car, do not forget to fasten yourself. After all, our children first of all seek to follow our example in everything.

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