How to choose a domain

Selection rules

There are several unwritten rules that are recommended to follow when choosing a domain for a site.

  • Best of all, if the domain name is short. Why? Everything is very simple - it is easier to place a short name in the logo. You can create a beautiful banner. A short name is better suited for brand development, it is much easier to remember. And the probability of spelling errors when writing it is much lower. A long name is justified only if you want the domain to fully correspond to the name of your company.

Selection rules

  • The domain should be easy to remember. To achieve this is not so difficult, and for this there are certain techniques. Take, for example, the site Unexpected combinations of words are very effective. The effect can be enhanced by repeating consonants. In addition, parts of the name (if it consists of several) should be melodicly combined with each other. Agree, such a name as “WilsonWeb” sounds easy and simple.
  • Also, the domain name should cause a certain, correct, associative series.Why not name the site dedicated to the activities of a certain businessman not by his last name, but, say, – this is associated not only with strong animals, but the name can be interpreted as “biz-zone” (business zone). Very good solution.

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