How to choose a garden trimmer

The trimmer is a hand-held motorized tool,designed for mowing weeds, a kind of lawn mower. It consists of a rod at the end of which the engine is located, and a cutting head located at the working end. In the working head there may be a fishing line or a metal knife. Using a trimmer makes it easy to mow weeds in hard-to-reach places, for example, along fences, around bushes and trees.

garden trimmerTrimmers are divided into electrical (powered by electricity), battery (powered by batteries) and gasoline (running on gasoline).

For work on the plot it is advisablepurchase electric trimmer. Such a device will easily cope with weeds on the site. When choosing a trimmer for power, you need to focus on the density of the grass, which is supposed to mow. The higher and denser the growing weed grass, the more powerful the garden trimmer is needed. For household plots, electric models from Bosch, Jonsered, Viking etc. can be recommended. The Viking garden trimmer can not only mow the grass. They can still trim the shrubs vertically.

The garden electric trimmer is available in two versions: with the engine at the bottom and with the engine at the top.

garden trimmerThe garden trimmer with the engine below is designedfor lawn grass, which is regularly cut. The scope of work of such a tool is small, the phases of rest are needed. You can not work them on wet grass.

Trimmer garden with a motor above is more powerful,more expensive than the one with the engine at the bottom. But he has a number of advantages: you can work on wet grass, you can mow the thickets of tall grass.

For large volumes of work, an electric trimmerit is inappropriate to give preference to gasoline trim tabs. Large volumes are understood as hay making for cattle, mowing grass in large areas, in meadows. When choosing a gasoline trimmer, you need to determine the cutting head. They are produced with a fishing line and a metal knife. If most of the work of the petrol option is to be next to the bushes, trees and stones, then it is better to choose a garden trimmer with a cutting line. If there are no stones, and shrubs and trees are few, then the preference is better to give models with a metal knife in the cutting head.

Electric trimmers do not emit a lot of noise, butcompared with gasoline. They are harmless to the environment. Such trim tabs are easy to operate, they start up at the touch of a button. There are also inconveniences: the engine needs power supply, an extension cable is needed, it is always necessary to monitor the electric cord in order not to damage it. In addition, they are less able to cope with weeds that have thick stems.

trimmer thisCordless trimmers have built-inrechargeable batteries. They can work anywhere, there is no binding to the power supply. But they can not work for long, 20-30 minutes per day. The remaining time is spent on recharging the batteries. Such devices are heavy, low-power, capricious in operation and storage.

Gasoline trim tabs are very noisy, create a strongvibration, which is unpleasant for the worker. But they have the highest performance, compared to others. One refueling gas trimmer is enough for 40-45 minutes of work.

Choosing a garden trimmer, give preference to a more powerful and with a quick acceleration. With the same power, take one that weighs less. It is desirable that there is a system for absorbing vibration.

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