How to choose a hair color? Selection of hair color in appearance, color type

Perhaps there is no such woman who would be completely satisfied with the natural color of her hair. But experiments with a change in tone sometimes lead to completely unexpected, and sometimes even unpleasant results. right to become more attractive?

Paint selection

how to choose hair color

When choosing a dye, you should be guided not only by the desired result, but also by causing the least damage to your hair. Despite the fact that they are devoid of nerve endings, hair is as alive as our entire body. If the hair section is examined under a microscope, you can see 3 layers, the top of which is a scaly coating. Scales that fit tightly say that the hair is healthy. Otherwise, the strands look dim, the ends are split. This often happens after bleaching. Paints of the new generation will help to cope with these and other problems.They do not contain ammonia and do not cause allergies, that is, they are practically harmless to hair.

Hair color by color type

Today, almost every girl has passed the test for determining the color type. If not - do not hesitate! Today there are a great many! And many women still care about the question: “What hair color will suit me?” If your color type is “Spring” or “Autumn” (warm skin color), then choose the shade “Bronze” or “Caramel” - they are a little darker than your skin. But if you want to have a golden hue, do not take too light, because your hair may turn orange.

Cold color type, “Summer” or “Winter”, should be avoided shades that give red your skin: golden chestnut, gold and copper. The selection of hair color in this case is best for you to limit the light brown shades and tone "Ash Blonde."

Gentlemen choose blondes?

what hair color will suit me

Oddly enough, but all the most famous blondes in the world are ladies with dark blond hair! Among them, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Lange, Sharon Stone, Kim Basinger and so on. These actresses have a light shade of hair - artificial, but it is he who makes their appearance very bright.Now many will be puzzled to ask: "What hair color will suit me?" Surprisingly, the darker a person's hair, the brighter his facial features. It turns out that changing a blond shade of hair to a lighter one, does a woman make her look less catchy? But at the same time natural blondes (the Scandinavian type - girls with pale skin and very bright eyes and hair) have a soft beauty that does not dash into the eyes. In this case, the meaning can be light toning to give the hair a more saturated color. In addition, it makes sense to adjust the shade of eyebrows, which should be a tone darker than the hair, otherwise the integrity of the image will be broken.

Red beast

Bright, fiery mane is a way of life, and not just the selection of hair color. Women with natural red hair color are extremely rare. Celebrities include Amalia Mordvinova, Nicole Kidman and Julian Moore. Juicy shades attract the attention of confident, boldly going to the experiments and ready for the actions of women. They do not go unnoticed! Changing your color to red, you go on an adventure, and this again characterizes your nature as strong and confident.The only exceptions are cases when a stylist or hairdresser took the decision for you. In this case, thank him and go ahead to conquer the opening horizons! If red is your natural color, but you are trying to get rid of it, this may mean that you do not accept your natural brightness and try to change your character through an artificial hue.

Femme fatale

selection of hair color

So called brunettes. Although real brunettes (women with black hair) are only representatives of the eastern and southern peoples. Among Asians, Caucasians, Gypsies and Arabs there are a lot of people with black hair. But the representatives of our region is characterized by a dark chestnut or dark blonde color. Its owners are also called brunettes. Many women want to create an image of a “fatal” beauty, known to us from stereotypes. How much it is safe and beautiful depends on what shade was originally, as well as what kind of paint the girl uses. Almost everyone thinks: “What hair color will suit me? Will it be good for me with dark hair? ”Women with light eyes and European type of face have natural cold shades of strands and can afford to experiment with a coal-black color.But it must be remembered that although the way back is possible, it is very difficult. To return a lighter tone in the future will be possible only through the "wash" by lightening in several stages and subsequent coloring. It should be remembered that this procedure for hair can be detrimental.

Brown-haired - who are they?

Several years ago, stylists, choosing models for photography and fashion shows, preferred girls with dark and medium-colored hair, although shortly before this page of glossy magazines and catwalks were filled with blondes. Such a trend could be noticed by tracking the change in the image of famous representatives of show business, cinema and regulars of secular parties. Dark fashionable hair color appeared in Elena Ischeeva, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Cameron Diaz. But it is worth noting that not all such changes to face. Cameron Diaz is just an unfortunate example: women with very light eyes and fair skin should be categorically contraindicated to be brown-haired. The face of the actress began to look tired, the features sharpened, with the new color added to her visually eight years. Agree that by changing the imagegirls are unlikely to seek a similar result. Despite the fashion trends do not forget about the features of their to choose hair color

Age and hair color

It is believed that the dark color is very old. In older women, facial features are no longer the same as those of young divas: wrinkles, uneven skin tone, etc. Against the background of rich black hair, your face becomes dull, and with bright makeup it looks altogether vulgar. The exception in this case can only be women born brunettes. How to choose hair color in this case?

Light shades are suitable for women of all ages, you just need to choose them correctly. Blond hair face “refresh”, while in the post-balzakovskom age, it is desirable to use tones that are close to natural. At the same time, bright colors should not be ruled out, although they should be carefully selected to put on makeup and constantly follow the rapidly growing roots. In this case, the gray becomes noticeable and creates a sense of disharmony in all its appearance.

Hair length and color

Hair dyes are a convenient way to change your own appearance beyond recognition. The extent to which the use of the dye will be appropriate depends only on us.When thinking about how to choose a hair color that will later become yours, you need to take into account your own type of appearance - the black color of your girlfriend can give charm, he will make you older by a few years, or, becoming a blonde, you will not look sexy and flirty, but vulgarly.

To avoid an undesirable "effect", you can do a "fitting" of various shades on the computer, or go to the salon where high-quality wigs are sold, and measure them. For yourself, you can make unexpected discoveries: for example, it turns out that copper is suitable for you, although you have never thought about changing the hair color in this direction. Maybe your long strands will suit honey shade, but if you suddenly want to make a straight short square, then your color can be a dark chestnut.

If you are able to process photos in Photoshop or other editors, you can “try on” an unlimited number of shades! You will understand how to choose a hair color. But do not despair if you do not own these programs. Today, in some beauty salons installed "Photoshop" - hair color and hair you will pick up the masters themselves.

trendy hair color

Hair color and face shape

Everyone knows that light-colored clothing visually gives centimeters, and dark slim. About the same happens with hair color. So which hair color to choose? If the shape of your face is round, then blond hair will visually make it even larger, blurring the contours. In this case, dark hair will play the opposite role and skillfully emphasize the boundaries of the face.

To correct the shape, the correct choice of styling or cutting is even more important. So, people with a broad face will not fit the square - it will make the face visually wider. If you have a narrow forehead, then avoid bangs, otherwise you will look gloomy and inhospitable.

In addition, there are several ways to choose a hair color - a test for color type, for example, one of them. You can easily cope with this task and find out what shade suits you.

Coloring and highlighting: cons and pros

Many girls like coloring (simultaneous coloring of hair in several tones) or highlighting (lightening of individual strands). As for the latter, this method of painting can help women with gray hair. Bleached strands blend harmoniously with gray hairs, so no one would think that you are no longer 25.

Lightened strands will look great on girls who were white in childhood, but with age, the color of the strands changed to blond. The image will be natural, fresh, because it creates the effect of sun-bleached hair.

Coloring does not need to be done too contrasting and bright, remember that you go to work and wear different clothes, so the combination of multi-colored hair and office suit can hardly be called to choose hair color test

Henna for any time

Choosing paint, you need to consider whether you want to change the color for a long period or just want to give a shade of two weeks. Starting from this, you should buy paint the necessary degree of resistance. Paints less resistant cause a small blow to the health of the hair, because they contain sparing dyes.

But still there is durable paint that is useful for hair. Women of the older and middle generations have probably already guessed that this is about henna. It makes hair roots stronger and more shiny. At the same time, it gives shade from red to chestnut, it all depends on the original shade. To avoid too much saturated color, henna can be mixed with basma in different proportions, the addition of which makes the color darker.Remember that these paints can be used only if there is a uniform shade of hair, otherwise the effect will be far from necessary. In addition, chemical dyes can be used only after a long time - it is practically impossible to “kill” henna.

To change or not?

This question is often asked the tender half of humanity. It is accepted to think that nature in colors and proportions is not mistaken, creating us, but we constantly want to bring ourselves to the ideal. And what do we take for the ideal? Model conditional standards, someone's opinion, descriptions in gloss? The motives are also different for everyone: some need to be like a star, others need a neighbor because her husband sometimes looks at her, and spring is influenced by others ... Or autumn ...photoshop hair color

Dear ladies! Reasonable reason to change the appearance can only be your personal idea of ​​real beauty. Who sees you most often? Of course, you yourself, when you admire the reflection in the mirror. Seeing your harmonious image, every time you will be charged with the energy of confidence, which will be passed on to everyone you meet on the way. You have many opportunities to change your own appearance, but you shouldn’t abuse them - nature almost never makes mistakes!

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