How to choose the pen?

Recently, it has become fashionable to have a fountain penhandle. First, it adds solidity, status. And secondly, it's very convenient to write to her. Gone are the days when such hands scraped paper, flowed, made blots. Now stationery stores offer a wide range of similar accessories. They stand differently. The price starts from several hundred rubles and ends with thousands of dollars. How to choose the right pen pens, let's talk in the article. how to fix the fountain pen

What do we know about fountain pens?

The first pen pens appeared in Spain. The usual goose feathers were used as a basis. But since they were not reusable, it was decided to make a special metal case. Such a pen was not very convenient for writing: heavy and cumbersome. Later, the accessory was made of gold, osmium, rhodium and other alloys.

In our time to have a fountain pen is consideredprestigious. Many people occupying high positions, use only such an accessory. Famous brands have joined in order to improve their design, offer new variations.

What is the difference between fountain pens? How to choose the one that is right for you? Perhaps, these are the most popular questions of buyers. First of all, you need to pay attention to the type of pen. It depends on what width will be written by you letters and numbers. They are:

  • ultrathin;
  • average;
  • wide;
  • truncated;
  • italic.

Medium feathers are very popular.

Which company should I choose?

At present, there is a huge demand for penspens. How to choose the right model? This is perhaps the most popular question. There are certain models that have proven themselves only from the positive side.

In the first place, of course, fountain pen, photowhich is presented below. This is Parker Premier. Its cost is about 20 thousand rubles. For its production, gold inserts are used. Of the advantages is the durability and strength of the structure. Of the minuses - absolutely not suitable for lefties.

The TWSBI Diamond 580 fountain pen model fitsfor those who like to write in different ink colors. The cartridge is replaceable, it is easy to replace. The downside is that there are a lot of details in the handle that can be disassembled, this indicates an inadequate quality of the product. The cost of this product is about 4000 rubles.

For left-handers, the Kaweco Classic Sport Guilloch 1930 is the ideal choice. Its original uncomplicated design looks stern and worthwhile. The pen is inexpensive, about 3000 rubles.

Model Pilot Vanishing Point is suitable for those,who value the quality of products. Handle made in Japan. Its distinctive feature is a retractable feather. Do this with the help of a special button-clamp. The pen itself is made of gold, so the cost of the pen is not cheap about 9 thousand rubles.fountain pen

Fixing the handle correctly

Many people ask: "How to fix the fountain pen?". To answer this question, it is necessary to find out what is inside the mechanism. They can be several: converter, piston, replaceable.

The piston mechanism operates on the principle of a syringe. To fill it with ink you need to carefully get the tank, for this, untwisting the handle body. Then lower the feather in the container and start turning counter-clockwise. Do this until the tank is full. Wipe the tip of the pen from excess ink. Put the mechanism in place.

If the pen is equipped with a replaceable cartridge, it will be enough to unscrew the case, remove the reservoir, in which the ink is out, and just insert a new one.

With the converter mechanism, everything is also quite simple. It is enough to remove the tank, put it in ink together with the pen, press on its sides and wait for the liquid to accumulate. how to write pen fountain pen

Feather Pen Benefits

Before you buy a fountain pen, you need to find out all the nuances of this product. The positive aspects include:

  1. Makes the handwriting beautiful (especially if you choose a stylus with a slope).

  2. Ease of writing. Does not scratch paper, ink does not flow.

  3. Large range of ink. You can find almost any color gamut.

  4. Beautiful design.

  5. Gives status.

  6. You can change the width of the lines.

  7. Reusable use. The handle is easy to refill. fountain pens how to choose

Learning the disadvantages

The negative aspects include:

  1. Poor quality ink and paper. As a result, blots can form.

  2. Counterfeits of famous brands. Substandard pen pens can leak.

  3. Overstated cost.

  4. It is inconvenient to use left-handed people.

If you want to enjoy writingfountain pen, and do not shake the dried ink, look for a blotter from the huge spreading spots, it is necessary to choose a office of high quality and tested brands.

Helpful Tips

Many are interested in how to write pen fountain. To do this is quite simple and convenient. The time has already passed when the pen needed to be dipped in an ink tank. Now in the handles are mechanisms that automatically supply the liquid. It is enough to press lightly on the base of the pen. Using this pen, you need to follow the tips:

  1. If the paper is torn when writing, try to reduce the force of pressing the pen.

  2. To ensure that the ink does not dry out at the tip of the pen, always wipe the handle after use.

  3. If you need to use multicolored ink for work, it's better to purchase a fountain pen with a removable cartridge.

  4. Use high-quality paper. On thin sheets of ink will blur.

  5. Used cartridges must be disposed of immediately.

  6. Do not buy liquid ink, this will lead to the fact that on the paper will be formed blots. fountain pen photo

You can buy a fountain pen in any officestore. Its cost depends on the quality of the products purchased. If you want to have fun, signing papers, making notes in a notebook, it's worth buying a quality accessory, not a fake.

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