How to connect LTE?

4G LTE - innovative networks developedespecially for data transmission at high speeds. Using these networks can improve the quality of viewing video and movies through popular media services; download and download music, photos and other files in a matter of seconds; without hindrance to use navigation and arrange videoconferences, as well as play online games without glitches and hangs.

This standard allows for exchangedata at a speed of 137 Mb / s at reception, as well as upload data at a speed of 58 Mb / s. To use LTE, you need to purchase a special sim card supporting this type of network and connect this option to the operator.

How to connect lte network

For each company that manufactures smartphones with support for connecting to 4G networks, setting up and connecting to the Internet via LTE may be different, but insignificantly.

Phones based on iOS are connected as follows:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Choose Cellular (or 4G in older models);
  3. Turn the Enable LTE switch to the on position.

In smartphones based on Android OS, the algorithm looks something like this:

  1. Go to the Menu;
  2. Settings;
  3. Find the option of connecting networks;
  4. To connect a 4G LTE network, select LTE / CDMA;
  5. Reboot your smartphone to make the changes take effect.

Before connecting the lte network, check that the following conditions are true:

Coverage Area

Make sure you are in the LTE coverage areanetwork of your operator. To do this, there are special coverage maps that can be used to track whether you are currently in the coverage area of ​​the 4G LTE network. In order to enhance the reception of the signal and increase the coverage area for yourself, you can use special signal amplifiers.


Make sure your phone has support4G LTE networks. Information on the technical characteristics of your device can be found in the user's guide or on the Internet. Not all modern smartphone models support these networks. For example, in case you own an Apple hardware, you need to make sure that your smartphone uses the operating system iOS 6.1 and higher.

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