How to connect SATA?

Technologies are being improved, includingcomputer technology. Sometimes the purchase of a new component parts ends with the problems of its installation in the system unit. Now many people are interested in how to connect a SATA drive. Many do not know how to act properly, make it internal or external. This applies not only to newcomers in computer science, but also to those who know and work with them for a long time. Of course, the program is easier to install than to deal with the technology of the computer. Do not be intimidated by this, because a detailed algorithm of actions and pointers to the system block will help you to cope with this problem.

Installing the disc from the outside

For beginners it is important to know the sequence,How to connect SATA to avoid the difficulties that you can face. First of all, you should be aware of the fact that you must start working when the computer is off. If the disk is installed inside the computer, it will heat up and not feel comfortable, especially if the connector is small, and there will be no ventilation at all. This method of connection is suitable in the case that its use will be extremely rare. In order to connect it from the outside, you will need a cable. A cable is not a cheap pleasure, but it's worth it. And if it's good to dig in the stash, you can pick up something at home. Each device is connected to its own connector, so you do not have to worry about which side to connect the cable to the motherboard, and which one to the device. What is the plus of SATA, so this is that you do not need to select special connectors, especially in new computers. If you have a new hard disk, it must be formatted. To do this, turn off the old hard drive and proceed to formatting. Then, we reconnect the old hard drive, and create all the logical disks again, formatting them again.

Installing the hard drive inside

Usually discs are already sold with suitable cables. But if you need to install it inside, we will tell you how to connect SATA. If your computer is not more than two years old, then there will not be a problem with its connection. Because new technologies do not stand still and when creating a new computer model, all new devices are taken into account.

Install the hard drive so thatfrom above and from below there was a small space for better ventilation. This is done so that it does not heat up. Next is the sequence, as with the cable. You do not need to remove the graphics card, because it is higher than, then the place where you need to connect the hard drive. You can attach it with screws. Choosing the necessary connector of the four existing ones. We will not hurry to connect information SATA, because it will interfere with us, We will do everything with cautious consistency. Here you will notice that there is a free cable from the power supply unit. You need to connect it to the connector on the hard drive. Finally we reached the information cable. We connect it with one side - to the motherboard, and the other, respectively, to the hard disk. If you have a new computer, then there must be a connector already a new SATA. In the opposite case - it's old, Molex. But if the SATA connector is not provided, do not despair, and use the adapter. They are now enough. All! Close the lid and start the computer.

In order to check whether there is a device andWhether we correctly connected it, you need to go to the BIOS. To install the operating system, you will need to change the boot priorities from the hard disk to the drive on the tab. We reboot the computer and you can install the operating system. But if the hard drive is not visible, just put all SATA connectors into automatic mode. Then be sure to save the changes and exit accordingly. And after the operations with the device you can safely start working.

Difficulty connecting

Sometimes it happens when the connection is not sojust given. This is not because the person who does this does not understand the algorithm of all actions, but because of technical reasons. For example, if the connectors on the motherboard are uncomfortable (next to the PCI Express graphics card), the connection will be difficult. Since there was an attachment already to the SATA connectors, the video card, resting on the cables, is not inserted, as it is necessary. But it's easy to get out of the situation. Just need to buy two interface cables that will not be connected to each other and do not interfere with the connection.

Thus, with the help of our story andconsecutive instructions, you will not rack your brains how to connect a SATA drive and easily cope with this task. It is not necessary to rush to address to experts who understand computers. You just need to adequately weigh the situation. Analyze the instructions and free of charge, without much effort, independently perform the work. You will succeed!

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