What to cook from beans? How to cook beans?

What to cook from beans? If you are interested in this question, then you can get an answer from the presented article. Today we will tell you about which dishes you can add the mentioned ingredient, as well as how to subject it to heat treatment.
what to cook from beans

general information

Before you tell what to cook from the beans at home, you should talk about what constitutes this product. Haricot is a plant that belongs to the legume family. It is unpretentious, it grows in central Russia, delighting summer residents with a rather rich harvest.

Freezing pod product

String beans (green, purple or yellow) is better to pluck in a young form. Only in this case it is possible to make a very tasty and delicate dish from it. Indeed, with age, the shell of the pods becomes rigid and wiry. After harvesting the beans should be thoroughly washed, and then cut off the ends of the pods and chop them with a length of 2-3 centimeters.Next, the product must be placed in a plastic bag for freezing and send it to the freezer. Store beans in this form for about a year.

Roasting with vegetables

In this section of the article we decided to tell you how to cook beans with vegetables. It should be noted that there is nothing difficult in this.

So, the necessary ingredients:

  • bulbs large white - two pieces;
  • iodized salt, allspice - add to dish to taste;
  • carrot large and very juicy - two pieces;
  • frozen green beans - 300 grams;
  • garlic - two small cloves;
  • sunflower oil without flavor - four large spoons;
  • butter - about 40 grams.
    how to make frozen string beans

Component preparation

If you do not know how to make frozen string beans, then we will tell you about it right now. First you need to process all the ingredients. Large bulbs must be peeled and chopped into small cubes. Carrots need to be cleaned and grated. As for green beans, it is necessary to simply remove it from the freezer. Pre-thaw it should not be.

Roasting process

Before you cook frozen beans, you must take a deep saucepan and pour in it sunflower oil. After the fat has warmed up a little, onions and carrots should be poured into it. It is desirable to fry both ingredients on the fire (medium) until golden. It can take you about nine minutes.

After the vegetables are fried, they should be laid out frozen green beans. After spicing all the ingredients with spices, and adding butter to them, they need to be thoroughly mixed and cooked on medium heat for about 10-16 minutes. During this time, the string beans should be completely soft and slightly roasted.

In the end, put garlic cloves in a ready dish and immediately remove it from the stove.

How and with what to file?

We told about how to cook green beans. But with what to bring such a dish to the table? As a rule, fried vegetables are served for dinner with, or instead of, a side dish (for example, with meat, sausages, meatballs, etc.). Thanks to this combination, the main course becomes even more fragrant, nourishing and nutritious.
how to cook red beans

Making delicious stuffed cabbage

If you are interested in how to cook beans with mushrooms, then we suggest to consider the following recipe. Using it, you get very tasty vegetarian cabbage rolls.

So, the necessary products:

  • large white bulb - one piece;
  • iodized salt, allspice - add to dish to taste;
  • carrot large and very juicy - one piece;
  • frozen green beans - 350 grams;
  • any fresh mushrooms - about 350 grams;
  • tomato sauce and mayonnaise - two large spoons;
  • sunflower oil without flavor - four large spoons;
  • cabbage elastic white - large forks;
  • fresh eggs - two small things;
  • Round grain rice - 2/3 cup.

Component preparation

What can be made from beans? Of course, delicious and fragrant cabbage rolls. In order to make it happen, you need to process all the ingredients. First you need to wash fresh mushrooms and chop them very finely. You also need to clean the onions and carrots, and then cut them into cubes and grate. As for rice, it should be thoroughly washed and boiled in salt water until soft.

To make cabbage rolls, we also need to clear white cabbage from the surface leaves, and then subject it to blanching and carefully remove the whole leaves.In the future, they will wrap stuffing.

Cooking Mince

How to cook beans for cabbage? It will be part of the fragrant vegetarian minced meat. To make it, you need to put fresh mushrooms in a stew-pan and fry them a little in sunflower oil, having previously evaporated all the moisture. Next, you need to lay out carrots and onions, and then repeat the heat treatment procedure until all the components are browned. At the same time they are recommended to spice up the spices.
how to cook delicious red beans

After frying is ready, it should be completely cooled. Next, it is required to lay out previously boiled rice, as well as frozen green beans. After mixing the ingredients, you need to add spices to taste and break a couple of small eggs. In the end, you should get a rather viscous and fragrant stuffing.

The process of forming and cooking on the stove

Now you know what to make from beans. For the formation of cabbage should take the previously processed leaves of cabbage and put in them a sufficient amount of mushroom stuffing. Further sheets are required to be wrapped in tight envelopes and put them in a pan.After the container is filled with semi-finished products (2/3), it is necessary to pour a little water into it, and also add a pinch of salt, a little tomato sauce and mayonnaise. In this composition, the dish should be brought to a boil and cook for about 45 minutes under a closed lid. During this time, the cabbage should be completely soft.

How to serve at the dinner table?

You have already learned how to cook beans and make cabbage rolls. How to serve such a dish to the table? For this, a couple of cabbage rolls are required to be put in a deep plate, and then pour them with the tomato broth that was formed in the pan. Then they should be flavored with fresh sour cream and chopped greens. Serving such a dinner at the table is recommended in hot condition with white bread.

Cooking delicious vinaigrette

There is nothing difficult in how to cook frozen frozen beans. However, it should be noted that not only the presented type of bean product is used in cooking. After all, very often recipes for various dishes require the use of red or white beans. Methods for its use in cooking will be described below.

How to cook vinaigrette with beans? The answer to this question, few know.After all, most people are used to making such a salad with peas. But if you replace it with canned red beans, you get a more satisfying and nutritious dish.
how to cook frozen beans

So, for the preparation of the salad will need ingredients:

  • large purple bulb - one piece;
  • iodized salt, allspice - add to dish to taste;
  • carrot large and very juicy - two pieces;
  • canned red beans - about 150 g;
  • beets - two medium tubers;
  • sunflower oil - used for salad dressing;
  • pickled cucumbers - two pieces (you can use sauerkraut);
  • potatoes - two medium tubers.

Component preparation

If you do not know how to cook tasty red beans, then we suggest to get it in a canned form. Such a product does not need to be heat treated. It can be consumed immediately or added to any salad. To do this, you just need to drain the entire brine.

Preparing canned beans, you must proceed to the processing of vegetables. Carrots, beets and potatoes should be thoroughly washed using a stiff brush.Next, you need to put them in a deep saucepan, add water, salt and bring to a boil. Cook these vegetables should be at different times. The potato in its uniform turns soft after 25 minutes, the carrot after 45 minutes, and the beets after about an hour.

After the products are soft, they must be removed and cooled. Next, the vegetables are required to peel and chop into small cubes. As for the purple onions and cucumbers, they should be crushed in a similar way.

By the way, if you do not want to use pickled cucumbers, then instead of them you can add sauerkraut to the salad.

Process of forming a dish

What can you make from beans and vegetables? Delicious and hearty vinaigrette. To form it, in one container it is necessary to combine the following products: beets, carrots, potatoes, onions and pickled cucumbers (sauerkraut). Next to the ingredients, add canned red beans, devoid of brine. After that, the salad must be flavored with salt and pepper, and also filled with sunflower oil.how to cook vinaigrette with beans

Served at the table

Admit it, you did not know that you can even cook a beetroot salad? But now you know how to do it correctly.Before serving the formed salad to the table, it must be thoroughly mixed with oil and then placed in a deep bowl. Serving such a dish to family members is recommended after cooling along with pieces of bread. Bon Appetit!

Beef and Bean Goulash

How to cook delicious red beans on the stove? If you do not own this information, we will tell it right now.

So, to make nourishing and flavorful beef and bean goulash, you need the following products:

  • large purple bulb - two pieces;
  • iodized salt, allspice - add to dish to taste;
  • carrot large and very juicy - two pieces;
  • red beans - about 150 g;
  • fresh beef pulp without fat - 400 g;
  • sunflower oil without aroma - use for frying;
  • white flour - one small spoon;
  • cold water - two glasses;
  • Tomato paste - two large spoons.

Cooking beans

Red beans are a bean product that requires a long heat treatment. To cook it, you should wash the beans thoroughly, and then put them in a bowl (deep) and pour them with plain cold water.In this form, the ingredient is desirable to withstand about 12-16 hours. During this time, the beans will swell as much as possible, and the e-cooking time will noticeably decrease.

After that, the product should be put in boiling water (salted). It is recommended to boil it to full softness. It may take you about 60-90 minutes.

Preparing Goulash Ingredients

Now you know how to cook red beans. While it is boiled on low heat, you can do the preparation of the remaining ingredients. To do this, beef pulp should be thoroughly rinsed, and then cut into small sticks. Next, you need to clean the bulbs and shred them into half rings. As for carrots, it must be grated.
how to cook beans with vegetables

The process of cooking goulash on the stove

How to cook red beans, we have described in detail above. But this knowledge is not enough to make delicious and rich beef goulash. After all, such a dish requires a step-by-step processing of all the ingredients.

First, in a deep stew pan, you must heat the sunflower oil, and then fry the beef cubes on it. After the meat turns red, you should put carrots and onions to it.It takes about ¼ hour to cook all the ingredients. Next, they need to pour a glass of water, and then salt and pepper. In this composition, the dish should be stewed under a lid for about half an hour. After the specified time, add another glass of cold water to the skillet, in which you need to dissolve a spoonful of wheat flour in advance.

Together with the liquid to the meat and vegetables should be put tomato paste and previously boiled beans. It is advisable to cook them on low heat for about 25-35 minutes. During this time, both meat and vegetables and bean products should become completely soft. At the same time you should have a very rich goulash. Here's how to cook beans!

Correctly present to the table

After the goulash is made, it can be safely presented to the table along with any side dish. It is easy to sate absolutely all family members with such a dinner.

Let's sum up

From the presented article you were able to find out how to cook beans nicely. Using the described recipes, you can at any time make a very satisfying and nutritious lunch, which will surely be enjoyed by all household members. But this is not all that can be prepared from the beans.You should not focus only on the presented methods. After all, this product makes and completely different dishes (soups, side dishes, salads, goulash, roasts, casseroles, and more).

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