How to cook beetroot soup: a recipe and a photo are attached!

Red borscht, also known as beetroot soup, can be cooked in various forms and variations: cold and hot, vegetarian and in meat broth, with sour cream or kefir.

Cooking is simple, but with taste

beetroot recipeFirst, cook the simplest beetroot. The recipe is as follows: we take beets (2 grams per 150), wash well and cook as for a vinaigrette. Only in the water add a little citric acid, so that the taste of the beet broth was with a pleasant sourness. Cooked vegetables - remove them, cool, peel, cut into small straws or diced, sliced ​​- as you like. And strain the broth well: a beetroot soup will be prepared on it, the recipe of which you are reading now. So, chopped beets pour back into the pan. Sweeten a little sugar and salt to taste. Boil 1 egg, separate the yolk, crumble the protein in the soup. Take 2-3 fresh cucumbers, cut into cubes - and there too. Do the same with a bunch of lettuce leaves and an onion (you can have a few young ones with feathers).At the last stage, it remains only to fill beetroot with sour cream and chopped greens - the recipe recommends doing just that. There is a dish necessary, of course, chilled. In the summer heat, this is exactly what you need! Possible additions: the soup will be more satisfying if you add potatoes, carrots, green peas as ingredients.beetroot soup recipeIn fact, the more ingredients, the more nutrients and vitamins are in your plate. Speaking of vitamins! When cooking beetroot soup, diversify the recipe, adding apples of sweet or sour-sweet varieties to it if desired. It will not spoil the taste, believe me!

Beetroot with Frying

beetroot soup on kefir coldHow else can you prepare the dish, you ask? Well, we will share in different ways. So, the next beetroot soup, the recipe is attached! In a saucepan, fry in vegetable oil 1-2 onions until golden brown. Pour in vegetable broth, ready. They put in it: 250 g of beets, peeled and diced (raw), 2 carrots, cut into slices, 3 stalks of celery, chopped into strips. Salt, sprinkle with spices and spices. When the vegetables are cooked, the thick stuff is passed through a sieve or blender to a uniform consistency.Served with a few spoons of sour cream and served on the table.

Beetroot meat with kefir or whey

beetroot soup with black breadI would like to say that beetroot soup, for whatever technology it was prepared, is a dish not only tasty and healthy, but also beautiful. Its bright saturated color is pleasant for eyes and looks spectacular on the table. And the beet itself provides important support to your liver, heart, removes toxins from the body, increases hemoglobin (due to the large content of folic acid and beta-carotene in it). So, dietitians generally recommend eating every day a small beetroot in boiled or raw form (as a component of lettuce). But back to another version of the dish to which our article is devoted: beetroot soup in kefir, the recipe is “cold.” People call it simply okroshka. So: the rest of the meat of different varieties (but lean) cook in salted water, with spices, cool, cut into cubes. Cook in the skin of beets, potatoes, carrots (take the number of vegetables at your discretion). Beets - not less than 2 medium heads. Then peel, also cut into pieces. Do the same with 3-4 eggs. A couple of young cucumbers - slices.Green onions - feathers and heads - finely chop. Be sure to take care of the dill. Mix vegetables in a saucepan, add meat, salt. Pour the mixture of kefir or homemade whey. Put in a cellar or a fridge for a couple of hours, so that the soup is real. Serve, not warming, with sour cream and black bread. You can pepper.

The result is great!

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How to cook beetroot soup: recipe and photo are attached 71

How to cook beetroot soup: recipe and photo are attached 61

How to cook beetroot soup: recipe and photo are attached 26

How to cook beetroot soup: recipe and photo are attached 66

How to cook beetroot soup: recipe and photo are attached 95