How to cook meat in a multiquark?

The most useful meat can be called steamed meatmultivark. For today, propaganda of healthy, healthy and high-quality food has become widespread. To prepare it, any housewife in the kitchen will need a miracle technique - a multivarker. With the help of this modern automatic device with a lot of function, you can spend significantly less time on the cooking process. And is not this the dream of any busy housewife?

How to cook meat in a multivarkRussian national cuisine has always been differentmore meat in the diet. That's why this product is prepared most often. Meat in the multivariate "Panasonic" greatly benefits from dishes prepared by traditional methods. The most important advantage of this device is the preservation of useful properties. At the same time, there will be a minimum amount of fat in the dish. In addition, the preparation does not require the use of additional ingredients, which during processing can become harmful to humans in any degree. In particular, this refers to vegetable oils.

Meat in the multivarque panasonicMeat in a multivariate turns into a dietarydish, it has a pleasant taste and aroma. How to cook meat in a multivariate? You can make a separate dish from this ingredient. And you can combine meat with cereals, vegetables and spices. There are a lot of recipes now. Regardless of which particular you choose, cooking does not take much time.

In the multivariate you can cook a variety of typesmeat. It can be a rabbit, pork, beef, chicken. You can use and game. Multivarka due to the softening effect of fumes allows even the hardest meat to turn into melting in the mouth. Of course, the main criterion of choice is food preferences. In order to make delicious, juicy and soft meat in the multivark, it's enough to hold a few simple rules.

Meat for a couple in a multivarkHow to cook meat in a multivariate? Choose young meat. When preparing the old, you can get a hard piece, which no one can chew. Depending on the age of the meat, it is necessary to increase the cooking time.

How to cook meat in a multi-dieting? It's easy to do this. It is enough to boil the meat and not add a large amount of spices and salt. Due to the steam the dish will turn out to be soft and easy, regardless of what kind of meat is planned to cook. The result will please any hostess.

How to cook meat in a multivark "under a fur coat"? This is a fairly simple recipe, which is combined with potato casserole. It will not take more than an hour to prepare this dish. The main ingredient should be meat, it is better to dwell on tender varieties, for example pork. It will take about 300 grams of fillets, a few medium-sized potatoes, a pair of onions, two medium tomatoes, 2 tbsp. spoons of sour cream, 100 grams of cheese, greens, salt, pepper to taste.

All ingredients must be finely chopped andLay out layers: first meat, then onion, top with raw potatoes. Tomatoes are cut in half rings and crumbled in sour cream. Lay over the potatoes. Cooking should be one hour in the "baking" mode, 10 minutes before the end sprinkled with grated cheese.

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