How to create a training program yourself?

Every woman dreams of a beautiful and harmoniousshape. Hikes in the gym or aerobics classes will not bring the desired result without a fitness plan. But how to create a training program yourself? Read more about this.

Step 1: Inspection and objectives

First, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Write down on a piece of paper what you want to achieve, which zones to work out. For example, if you want to clean the abdomen after childbirth, puff up the buttocks and hips, then so indicate. It is necessary to accurately represent the desired result.

It is desirable to reinforce your plans with accuratemeasurements. That is, if there is a waist 80 centimeters, and we want it to become slimmer, then we write in the digital version, for example, 65 cm. Such specific data will allow us to keep on in the future.

how to draw up a training programStep 2: Selecting Exercises

How to make a training program if the goal is already clear? We answer: you need to pick up exercises or kind of fitness, which you will do. There are several options. Choose:

  • Strength training if you need to be rounded and pumped;
  • Aerobics, if you want to give muscle tone;
  • cardio and power, if you need to lose weight.

how to make a home workout programHow to make a training program if a littlefree time? Each of us works, and in the evening still deals with children, cleaning and cooking. But, as they say, if you really need it, then there will be time. It does not need much, but training should be regular. A good workout can serve as household chores.

Describe how many exercises, repetitions, approachesyou must commit for the specified time. Experimentally check your reasoning and correct the digital data. Please note that the problem area should receive a load every other day, not every day, since the muscles need a period to recover. This does not apply only to the lazy press - it must be trained daily.

the plan of employment in an exercise roomHow to make a program of training at home, whatto pick up exercises? Perhaps you like yoga or Pilates, or some kind of fitness. You can do it at home by downloading various benefits from the Internet. It can be just exercises for the elaboration of individual muscles. The main thing to remember is that after an active working day, it's better to do leisurely gymnastics, for example, pilates or cardio training, and after spending many hours in the office, you need to cheer up with aerobics or dancing.

If we talk about which sources to takeinformation, here the field of activity is boundless: it can be books, the Internet, advice of instructors and even independently invented gymnastics. The main thing is that you must work through all the parts of the problem areas. It is convenient to write everything in the form of a table in which the day of the week and the type of exercises will be indicated.

Step 3: Diary of the figure

How to create a training program with a diaryfigures "? The audit trail will teach you how to take lessons seriously. You will not believe, but it's so nice after several months of training to compare what happened, and what has become. Therefore, start a notebook where you carefully write down what you did, how you did it, what were the sensations. Once a week, log the control of problematic parts of the body.

It is desirable to supplement the diary with food information about what you ate during the day. After all, training can become ineffective if there is everything in a row and in huge quantities.

Step 4: Adjustment

It does not matter if you have a home training programor a plan for training in the gym, an adjustment is necessary. Already in the first week it will become clear which exercises give a significant load, and which simply spend your time. You can always make additions, the main thing is to keep the stimulus. Day by day, week after week of hard training will make your dream a reality.

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