How to cure alcoholism at home?

How to cure a frequent question. We will understand it in more detail. Contrary to popular belief, alcoholism is not simply a way of life, due to the desire of a person or the baseness of his moral values. Unfortunately, this is a disease that is serious and almost impossible to cure.

how to cure alcoholism at home

It is characterized by falling into full dependence of the patient on alcohol-containing beverages. In medicine, there are controversial opinions about which category of addiction alcoholism refers to: physical or nonetheless psychological, and maybe even a combination of both. One thing is clear, a chronic character of alcohol becomes irreversible, and the alcoholic is not able to overcome this craving by independent forces. Without medical care can not do.

In general, is it possible to cure alcoholism?

What it is?

This disease - the scourge of our time. Many wonder how to cure alcoholism.Or at least make it so that alcohol consumption ceases to interfere with a person’s social life. Unfortunately, like any other chronic disease, alcoholism is incurable. In this regard, it can be compared with diabetes and other serious chronic diseases that permanently change a person's lifestyle. But if, in case of other chronic diseases, a person retains a social face, alcoholism is fraught with the fact that, as it progresses, not only does it dramatically change the way of life of the patient, but it also leads to the loss of their social appearance and social functions.

Why is this happening?

On the background of a long period of alcohol intake, irreversible enzymatic changes occur in the patient's body, i.e. biochemical metabolism changes in the body, alcohol is included in metabolic processes and the body gets used to working only with its participation, it becomes a vital element of metabolic processes, like water or oxygen.

A lot of research has been done and is being conducted on this topic; nevertheless, many white spots remain in the topic of alcohol dependence. There are no exact answers in medicinewhy it happens and what exactly happens at the molecular level in the body, what are the physical and psychological prerequisites for the development of alcoholism.

how to cure an alcoholic

Accordingly, it is not known why some people, with regular alcohol consumption, do not become alcoholics in the diagnostic sense of the word throughout their lives, while others in the shortest period of time and at an enormous pace slide from a glass of champagne once a month to the last stage of alcoholism with complete degradation of the personality. There are only hypotheses and assumptions that do not have accurate medical evidence.

How to cure alcoholism at home is interesting to many.

Tactics and treatment strategy

So what can the possible treatment be directed to?

At present, only methods are known how to introduce a person into the remission stage, a stage characteristic of the course of any chronic disease. The stage of remission is, roughly speaking, the period of a person’s life in which the manifestations of the disease are minimal or absent altogether. A person lives a full life and does not feel craving for alcohol. “Cured” alcoholics live from remission to remission, the duration of the stages can be anything, like two weeks, or 20 years.

Therefore, it is important to know how to cure alcoholism, or rather, how to prolong the remission stage.

Abstinence syndrome

As we have already noted above, alcohol dependence is of a physical nature, against the background of prolonged intake of alcohol, the body incorporates it into metabolic processes. Accordingly, in any attempt to abandon alcohol, a person suffers not only psychological suffering, but also physical. If psychological dependence is a field for the activity of willpower, then with physical dependence everything is much more complicated. The state of physical suffering from the lack of alcohol in the body is called abstinence. This kind of breaking: when the body runs out of alcohol, it begins to suffer. Man literally breaks in the most sophisticated forms. It is this condition that delivers a lot of pain and trouble to alcoholics and their families. And only the reception of a new portion of alcohol, the so-called sober, is able to "help". Taking a serving of alcohol becomes vital. Only after that the person can no longer stop and drinks further. Thus, the vicious circle is started: binge.This is a terrible period in the life of an alcoholic, when alcohol prevails over everything. Much has been written about this in the medical literature. But how to cure a patient with alcoholism?

where can i cure alcoholism

Can I be treated at home?

In principle, it is possible, but there are a lot of nuances, which we describe below.

It’s almost impossible to get out of binge Each attempt to quit ends with the above-described withdrawal syndrome (withdrawal symptoms), which is not only manifested by unpleasant symptoms in the form of headache, nausea or weakness, which may well be endured. The condition of the patient's body upon leaving the bout is experiencing a tremendous shock, which is accompanied by an irresistible burden to alcohol, persistent insomnia, hallucinations, a sharp deterioration of the cardiovascular system, hypertonic reactions, panic fears, fear of death, which can bring a person to a state of madness. All this can even lead to death, not to mention strokes, heart attacks, gastric bleeding, hypertensive crises. Of course, the relatives of such a person want to cure alcoholism forever.

That is why the way out of binge can be accomplished only by resorting to special medical preparations that simply help to survive this period of getting out of bingeing, remove intoxication and remove abstinence. But such drug methods do not have a therapeutic effect, i.e. to return to a moderate intake of alcohol is no longer possible in any way, neither in a month, nor in a year, nor in 5 years. To lead a normal life is possible only under one condition: the rejection of alcohol in any form and in any quantities. Alcohol must be forgotten by man once and for all. It becomes a powder keg, because any so-called disruption, even in the form of a glass of beer or wine, will again inevitably lead to a binge, and with even greater strength and duration. And each time overcoming abstinence and getting out of binge will be harder and more painful.

How to cure alcoholism? What methods?

Alcohol-Aided Care Techniques

Inpatient treatment is the most effective, because the patient promptly and fully receives all medical care, which effectively removes him from the state of hard drinking and allows him to start a new life.There is a system of psychological methods and medications that make it possible to stop the withdrawal syndrome, which, as we noted above, is an unsolvable vicious circle of alcoholism. These methods can dramatically reduce or even remove the craving for alcohol.

is it possible to cure alcoholism forever

The duration of treatment depends on the stage of the disease: the initial stage of alcoholism is easier to treat.

After inpatient treatment, the result of which is a way out of hard drinking, the absence of withdrawal symptoms and craving for alcohol, the rehabilitation period begins, i.e. consolidation of the result: do not drink. Here, success is largely determined by the social and volitional factors of a person. Consider where you can cure alcoholism.

State Medical Institution

In the state clinic often drunken alcoholics are treated, in which the stage of the disease is not the first. They are able to remove alcohol dependence of any severity, for this there are all the conditions.

The advantages are the relative low cost of treatment and the availability of conditions for withdrawal of withdrawal syndromes in the most advanced cases.

A significant drawback is that in the state drug treatment clinics there is a practice of registering during the course of treatment.This is a noticeable obstacle to later life in the case when a certificate from the dispensary is needed. Deregistration is not so easy.

Whichever clinic you choose, you should remember one key point: the decision on treatment must come from the patient voluntarily, otherwise it is a waste of time and money. How to cure a patient with alcoholism, they do not know everything.

Outpatient therapy

In principle, this method may well answer the question of the article about whether it is possible to be treated for alcoholism at home.

Outpatient treatment is usually effective only in the initial stages of alcoholism, in advanced cases less often. Treatment involves taking medication and sessions with psychologists. Also of great importance is the self-motivation of the patient.

cure alcoholism forever

Outpatient treatment is available in both state and private drug treatment centers.

There is also a huge number of services for withdrawal from the binge. These are private drug treatment services that are often provided at home if the patient does not want to advertise the neglect of his or her illness. Usually private clinics and doctors of private clinics guarantee anonymity and the best possible treatment for a patient at home.

However, it should be remembered that there are especially severe cases when even a private practitioner may recommend that an alcohol addict be placed in a hospital when there is already a threat to the life of the patient or others. Do not resist in order to avoid adverse effects.

Also, the advantage of outpatient treatment is that the patient is not registered with the drug treatment center.

How to cure alcoholism at home?

Other methods of dealing with the consequences of hard drinking

There is a huge amount of advice from traditional medicine, as well as from people on concluding from hard drinking, getting rid of alcohol addiction in general. Alcoholism is an insidious disease not only for the patient himself, but also for his relatives, whose life becomes unbearable. In addition, the disease is difficult to achieve even persistent periods of remission. That is why humanity is in constant search for new, more sophisticated ways to combat this disease. All sorts of codings, hypnosis methods, psychological techniques, and alternative medicine methods that offer a lot of techniques, ranging from withdrawal from hard drinking, cleaning the body and ending in ways to achieve remission, come to the rescue.

How to cure a husband from alcoholism using traditional methods?

Traditional medical recommendations

The bottom line is to cleanse the human body of the toxic effects of alcohol and its decay products. The first stage involves ridding the body of substances that cause alcohol intoxication. During the month, the reception of “Heptral” is shown (1-3 tab. 3 times a day). In parallel, prescribed "Profan" in the form of granules, and in powder. Recommended normalization of power. Meals should be regular and as dietary as possible, including plenty of fruits and vegetables. Alcohol, as well as any alcohol-containing drugs and products are excluded completely. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the search for interesting activities, the maximum inclusion of a person in social life, where there are no or reminders of alcohol and euphoric conditions associated with its reception are minimized. How to cure a person from alcoholism using coding?

how to cure alcoholism by folk methods

Coding methods

This is the second stage of getting rid of alcohol addiction. They are used only after the withdrawal from the bout, will be a course of withdrawal of withdrawal symptoms, a course of alcohol detoxification, the psycho-emotional state of the person will return to normal.It does not matter if they were carried out at home with the help of outpatient treatment or in the hospital.

In encoding, in simple terms, is the method of suggestion. With the help of specially developed methods a person is inspired by the fact that he does not need alcohol, as well as you can and should live without him. Sessions of hypnosis may be 1, or maybe more, depending on the encoding methodology and its effectiveness for each specific case.

Undoubtedly, there are many reviews about encodings, and they are the most controversial. Someone quits drinking once and for all, someone after coding again enters the bout almost a week later. This method is not suitable for everyone. What works for one does not work for another. The coding procedure itself is absolutely harmless, and how useful it will be - there is only a trial and error method.

How to cure alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient?

Drug treatment of alcoholism

Stopping alcoholism with medication is carried out only under the strict supervision of a doctor. Very often, alcohol addiction entails disorders of the psycho-emotional state of a person up to serious mental disorders.To eliminate and minimize manifestations on the part of the nervous system, narcologists resort to antidepressants, and tranquilizers, and drugs that reduce the stimulating effect of intoxication.

It is worth noting that it is impossible to self-medicate in this case and to prescribe a course of drugs for yourself. If people are free to choose the coding method themselves, then drug treatment should be carried out only on the recommendation and under the supervision of narcologists.

A variation of the drug method is a specific method such as the insertion of capsules or injections under the skin with a substance that causes a strong deterioration in health after taking even a small dose of alcohol. The basis of this method is not so much drug therapy, how many psychotherapeutic effect: the patient is simply afraid to drink alcohol.

Acupuncture sessions are also used, which also shows its effectiveness for some patients.

The practice of prescribing supplements as an alternative to traditional medicines is also widespread.

How to cure alcoholism folk remedies?

how to cure a person of alcoholism

Herbal Alcoholism

There are a huge number of both well-known and little-known recipes. Many patients are effective methods of herbal medicine. There are ready-to-use herbal medicines. And there are those that can and should be prepared by yourself.

Let us give an example: getting rid of alcohol dependence with the help of baranza extract (moss-grass or lycopodium). This is a poisonous medicine and care must be taken when preparing it. Juice is squeezed out of the plant and diluted with boiled water in a ratio of 1:20. You must take 50-70 ml of medicine every day. 15 minutes after the patient is given, vodka is given to smell. The effect of such a sophisticated method is that after a few minutes, the alcoholic begins to show symptoms from the gastrointestinal tract: nausea and indomitable vomiting.

Is it possible to cure alcoholism forever? According to reviews, the probability of getting rid of dependence is high.

Unfortunately, there is also an individual intolerance to this drug, allergic reactions. There are also a number of contraindications in the form of the presence in humans of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart, peptic ulcer.

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