How to distribute WiFi from a laptop? Distribution of WiFi from a laptop, as with an access point

Most Internet users are connected to the network using a cable provided by the provider to the room. Such a connection is quite convenient - connected to the computer or laptop cable - use the Internet. But in recent years, any user could face a problem when buying mobile devices, digital cameras, tablets and entertainment goods - all of them are equipped with a Wi-Fi module. Naturally there is a need to connect them to the Internet. To connect all mobile devices to a Wi-Fi wireless access point is required. And many are wondering - is it possible for a laptop to distribute WiFi without spending additional money on the purchase of special equipment?

Several solutions

In any operating system of the Windows family, you can configure an access point and distribute WiFi from a laptop. XP, the old system from Windows, will not be overlooked.Setup is carried out in three known ways:

  1. Using the network control center. This method is suitable for almost all laptops that have a modern Wi-Fi adapter.
  2. Install from the command line. This method will be of interest to advanced users who are well versed in Windows operating systems. From the command line it is convenient to configure the access point on laptops remotely, for example, by an operator of technical support service for users who know how to distribute WiFi from a laptop. The second option is to write successively commands into an executable file and, sending it by e-mail to the user, to remotely create and configure an access point on the desired laptop.
  3. Using third-party software. A WiFi distribution program from a laptop will be the best choice if you have problems with the first two methods.

distribute wifi from laptop xp

Important points in the settings

Whichever method of setting up Wi-Fi is chosen, the user will need to specify the name of the network and the password to the access point. The network name is set only in English letters. But the password should pay attention. A simple password from numbers or English words can be quickly cracked.It is better to use a complex - interspersed with letters and numbers. About setting the same password as in social networks or inbox. Do not do this. Guests can come at any time, who will need to be connected to the Internet, and therefore they will have to say their Wi-Fi password ... Suddenly, one of them will then decide to use it on your account? So, for sport interest. And get access.

Nothing is easier

Any Windows user experience starts with the Start button. And then the points:

  1. Open the "Control Panel" and find the "Network and Sharing Center". Select "Setting up a new connection or network" - "Setting up a computer-to-computer wireless network".
  2. The new window prompts you to give a network name, set a security type and set a password for connecting to Wi-Fi. The security type should be maximum - WPA2. At the bottom of this menu, select the “Save settings for this network” item and click the “Next” button.
  3. A message appears on the network readiness for use. At the bottom of this message, select the option “Enable Internet Connection Sharing” and after completing the operation click on the “Close” button.
  4. Returning to the "Network Management Center", before distributing WiFi from a laptop, you need to select the "Change advanced sharing settings" item located in the upper left corner of the current window. In the new window, enable network discovery and sharing. You can connect via Wi-Fi any device that will work seamlessly on the Internet.

 wifi from laptop

“From Good to Great” - using the command line

There will always be users who will be interested to use a more complex, but no less effective way to create an access point from the command line. The execution algorithm is as follows:

  1. As administrator, run the command prompt.
  2. At the command prompt, enter the command: netsh wlan set hosted network mode = allow ssid = IMYA key = PAROL, where instead of IMYA specify your own network name, and instead of PAROL write the password to the network.
  3. It remains to start the access point itself with the netsh wlan start hostednetwork command.
  4. Before distributing WiFi from a laptop, you need to allow access to all users to the Internet.

 how to distribute wifi through a laptop

Problems and solutions

Not all laptops manage to create a Wi-Fi point. This is primarily due to the fact that the module installed in the laptop is very old.Or the driver installed for the Wi-Fi module does not understand the standard Windows commands. You should not despair, because there is always a solution - you can install specialized software that will help with the solution of the issue. Having set a goal on how to distribute WiFi from a laptop using third-party programs, you need to know that most of these programs are conditional-paid, and a dilemma arises: find a free version, figure out how it works, or use conditionally-paid, the functionality of which is limited. Alternatively, you can purchase the program, but there are no guarantees that it can manage the old Wi-Fi module, so you need to experiment with different programs yourself. Making sure that the utility works one hundred percent, you can make a purchase decision.

is it possible to distribute wifi on a laptop

Free idea for latest windows systems

The Switch Virtual Router program impresses not only with its great functionality and excellent stability, but also with the presence of a Russified menu. Its only drawback is incompatibility with outdated Windows XP and VISTA systems. The program creates a wireless LAN and allows you to use office equipment, transmitting data over WiFi from a laptop. Even a beginner will understand the friendly interface of the program.After installing and running the program, you are asked to fill in only two fields - give the network name and enter the password twice. By pressing the "Start" button, you can safely connect the device via WiFi.

how to distribute wifi from a laptop

How not cool, free bribes

Owners of an old operating system should not be upset. There is one great program that doesn't care which system to work with, and the functionality and ease of management are not inferior to the previous program. A nice bonus is the automatic creation of a wireless network when you turn on the laptop. Her name is MyPublicWiFi, and it is also free. There is only one drawback - the program is not Russified - without knowledge of the English language, additional settings will be difficult to master. To run the program, you will need administrator rights, and to configure, in addition to specifying the network name and password, you need to select the necessary connection to access the Internet from the list provided by the program.

The best program in the world

The Connectify application has great functionality, unlike its competitors. And it will help to distribute WiFi from a laptop without any problems. The program is able to receive the Internet even from 3G networks, but you have to pay for it.But the developers took a step towards users and created a program that was cut down in terms of functionality, which does not allow changing the name of the access point and working with 3G networks during setup. On the other hand, it simplifies the setup: enter the password to the network and click "Start". Simply and easily.

 distribute wifi from laptop program

Do penguin lovers stand aside?

Linux is a system for advanced users. Therefore, the algorithm of actions is presented very briefly:

  1. Install packages: sudo apt-get install hostapd libpam-radius-auth.
  2. “Wireless Networks” - “Add”.
  3. The name of the point is indicated in the field of the connection name and SSID, the mode is set to special, and mtu is automatic. The remaining items can not touch.
  4. The method, in the Ipv4 tab, must be set to “Shared with other computers”, but with the “Security” tab you will have to experiment, apparently, this is due to the type of Wi-Fi module. For starters, you can install WEP 40/128, it works on many laptops, and the key will be five characters for it, which is quite acceptable.

wifi distribution program from a laptop


Each user independently decides for himself which way suits him. The main thing is to remember that the right decision can be obtained only when you take any action.If one method does not work, you need to try the next one. The result will be in any case. Before distributing WiFi through a laptop, you need to make sure that the module is physically installed in it and it is fully functional. To do this, you need to access the Internet using a laptop via WiFi in any convenient place - an Internet cafe, friends or contact the specialists in the service center. And just making sure that the equipment is installed and able to work, proceed to setting up the distribution. Otherwise, you can lose a lot of time, cursing the inoperability of programs.

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