How to draw fantasy?

Today, the fantasy genre is quite popular in various genres. It is often used in cinema, painting, literature. Increasingly, artists are interested in how to draw fantasy. If you are one of those who want to learn how to draw fantasy, first try using a tablet and image editor Photoshop, you can use them to create very beautiful realistic illustrations. Try to create beautiful fantasy drawings using our tips.

Instruction manual

  • To begin, think over the genre and themes of your future picture. With a pencil, make a sketch of your hero or heroine, choose a pose and light. Decide on the color scheme.
  • When you are completely determined, you can start drawing fantasy right in Photoshop. Use a small stiff paint brush to draw a silhouette sketch. Outline the main reliefs of the body, create a new layer and fill the resulting shape with the main color that you chose for the skin. Use the sketch lines to reduce the transparency of the resulting layer.
  • All the necessary colors, select on the palette and only then apply them on the drawing with the help of brushes with different softness and different transparency. The effect of a volumetric image can be achieved with the help of light: some parts of the picture darken, while others brighten with light highlights.
  • Light highlights can be of different colors and shades, select only those that match your color scheme. Pink or bluish highlights are always original and advantageous in the picture. For a dark, shady fragment, you can use a dark purple hue.
  • If you have drawn all the basic tones of the body, go to its details. All parts of the body need to be made clear and distinct, paint faces and hairstyles. Use a thin, almost transparent brush to display all the small details of the face. Painted fantasy girls, like boys, have very proportional parts of the body. Particular attention should be paid when drawing hands and feet, they should be realistic, proportionally correct and anatomically literate.
  • Before you start working on a drawing, decide on the body part that you depict outside the box, thusadding hero fiction. Often in the drawings depict the tentacles of jellyfish, flames, non-standard hair. The drawings of fantasy pencil girls look more mysterious if you draw long hair and blur it with the Smudge or Blur Tool.
  • If you have good textures that you can use in your picture, put them on your character.
  • You can correct the colors using the section Color Balance. In this section, you can easily change the tone and saturation of different shades.
  • To achieve high image quality and an interesting appearance, the image needs to be processed with a Noise filter, and then use a Gaussian Blur filter, but only with a small blur radius. At the very end, give a special role to the main background of the picture. Make it bright, abstract or barely noticeable at all, and maybe a plot.

Now you know how to draw fantasy. It does not need much, most importantly desire and some basic skills. And believe, soon, you will succeed.

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