How to drink absinthe? How to drink green absinthe 55 degrees with sugar

Before you figure out how to drink absinthe, you need to know what a drink is.

The composition of the drink

how to drink absinthe

Absinthe is a rather rare drink, and not everyone can boast that he knows his taste well. Although nothing unusual about him. This is a fairly strong alcoholic drink. It contains about 70% alcohol. Sometimes this value can reach 86%. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly know how to drink absinthe, so as not to accidentally burn your tongue.

In fact, this is the most common brandy made from grapes and infused on thirteen fragrant herbs. These include: wormwood and calamus, fennel and anise, mint and melissa, dagil and licorice, parsley and coriander, chamomile, Veronica and white seedling. The main component is bitter wormwood. In Latin, it sounds like "artemisia absentium." Hence the name of the drink "absinthe."

He has a rather dubious fame. It is believed that its use can cause a variety of visions.The cause of this hallucinogenic effect is the substance thujone, which is contained in a huge amount in the essential oils of the extract of wormwood. It is quite poisonous, and in significant doses, even life-threatening.

A bit of history

Absinthe first became known in Switzerland in the nineties of the eighteenth century. Historians are pushing two versions of the appearance of the drink. According to the first of these, the French physician Pierre Ordiner was the inventor of an unusual infusion. He prescribed it to his patients and claimed that this medicine was practically from all diseases.

Others believe that the doctor only sold the drink, which was supplied to him by the sisters Enrio. They lived in the small town of Cuve, on the border with France, and for many years engaged in the manufacture of various potions. By distilling the infusion of wormwood and anise, they received an alcoholic extract, to which extracts of the remaining herbs were later added.

A little later, after the death of the doctor, the French Henri-Louis Pernot and Dubier redeemed the secret recipe of the drink and established its mass production. To this day, the company "Perno" is known worldwide as the main supplier of absinthe. An unusual drink with a mysterious story instantly became popular in France.Its price was at the level of the most expensive wine.

Absinthe Types

Absinthe hue may be different:

  1. Yellow. This color appears after prolonged storage. The drink can also be artificially “aged” by adding a little food coloring. This does not affect the basic rules of how to drink absinthe.
  2. Green. More often it is emerald. Perhaps that is why the drink got the nickname "green witch".
  3. Red. This effect is achieved by adding dyes or pomegranate extract.
  4. Black or brown. This absinthe becomes, if instead of inflorescences or leaves of wormwood to use the roots of this plant. And it is added to the infusion of acacia, which also plays an important role in this.

The art of drinking absinthe depends on the alcohol content. According to this indicator drinks are:

  1. Low strength (from 55 to 65%). In France, make just such drinks. They contain little thujone or none at all.
  2. High fortress (from 70 to 85%). According to the classical technology in Switzerland are preparing just such drinks.

Absinthe also divided into three categories by the number of thujone, the main "hallucinogen":

  1. High content.
  2. Low content.
  3. Without thujone. Usually this is not absinthe, but imitating its drink.

how to drink absinthe green

How to use absinthe?

Some people mistakenly think that depending on the color of the drink, the way it is used also changes. Not at all. Being black or yellow, it still remains a strong alcohol product, richly flavored with wormwood extract, and all its preparation options have two main goals: to soften the bitter taste and to reduce the concentration of alcohol a little so that absinthe can be drunk. Of course, who is able to easily swallow a seventy-degree liquid without prior treatment! Even hot tea must first be cooled. And here the situation is much more complicated.

As for color, everything is simple. More often on the shops you can find this drink only one shade, therefore, having figured out how to drink absinthe green, you can understand how to use all the other varieties. There is no unified version. There are many ways, each of which is worthy to try it.

Options for every taste

There are many different options for how to drink green absinthe.They are fundamentally different from each other, but there is one circumstance that unites them. This dish, which is preparing absinthe. Usually for such a procedure, you must have:

  • a glass or a glass with edges extending upwards;
  • special spoon with holes.

how to drink green absinthe

For the preparation of the drink is also useful clean cold water and refined sugar. All options can be combined into three main ways:

  1. French.
  2. Czech.
  3. Russian.

The first of them can be considered traditional. The process in this case is as follows:

  1. Pour absinthe into a glass.
  2. Set absinthe spoon on top.
  3. Put on it 1 piece of sugar.
  4. From another vessel, slowly pour cold water over the lump sugar. The sugar gradually dissolves, and through the holes in the spoon the sweet liquid enters the glass. Absinthe will suddenly turn white with a slight yellowish-green tint. This is due to the release of essential oils. The drink is ready to eat.

Czech method of making a drink

how to drink absinthe with sugar

The Czechs have their own opinion on how to drink absinthe with sugar. They prepare it for consumption in two ways: with the use of fire and without it. In the first case, everything is as usual:

  1. Above an empty glass to establish a special spoon.
  2. Put a piece of sugar on it.
  3. Then slowly pour in the absinthe. He, wetting the sugar and passing through the holes in the spoon, fills the glass (glass).
  4. After that, the sugar must be set on fire and wait until the resulting caramel is completely drained.
  5. Pour cold water in a glass in the ratio of 3: 1 (more water). It remains only to mix everything well and drink.

Sometimes the use of open fire in the process itself causes some concern. In this case, the drink should be prepared as follows:

  1. Heat a spoon and put sugar on it.
  2. Set the spoon on top of the glass.
  3. On the resulting construction slowly pour absinthe.

Here you can do without water. Warm absinthe with melted sugar forms a spicy and rather pleasant mixture.

What is better to use absinthe?

what to drink absinthe at home

Many fans of unusual drinks sometimes prepare absinthe on their own. In principle, it is not difficult. But the question arises: "And with what to drink absinthe at home?" Several options. This is usually cold water. But instead you can also use juice (apple, cherry or orange). The main thing is that it is transparent and does not interfere with seeing the moment of cloudiness of the drink. Orange will be perfectly combined with anise.Apple or cherry do not have pronounced sharp smells, therefore they are intended to soften bitterness a little and give the drink a light fruity aroma. Drink this mixture is not recommended. After all, a sip of any liquid instantly destroys every aftertaste, and without it, fragrant absinthe loses all its charm and individuality. It is already diluted, so it is not necessary to repeat the same procedure twice. And, of course, you should not bite it with anything. Absinthe, like brandy, you need not just to drink. They need to enjoy.

Absinthe in Russian

how to drink absinthe with couples

The Russian version is one of the most unusual ways to use absinthe. He is not like any of the previously known. This option explains how to drink absinthe with couples. To do this, you will need two glasses. Natural absinthe is poured into one glass. Then it must be set on fire. Considering the strength of the drink, it is easy to do. The composition should burn out a little. After that, it should be covered with another glass. As soon as the fire is extinguished, pour the remaining liquid into the second vessel, and first, in turn, cover with a napkin and sharply turn it upside down.As a result, on the table are two glasses. In one there is a prepared drink, and in the second - a rather subtle flavor.

It is also unusual to drink such a product: first take a sip from the first glass and then inhale the aroma from the second glass through a cocktail tube. The effect is amazing. True, to drink such a strong drink is not easy. This option is chosen mainly extremals or thrill-seekers.

What affects the strength of the drink?

how to drink absinthe 55 degrees

Regular absinthe with a fortress above 70 degrees is usually diluted with water in a ratio of 5: 1. If the drink contains less alcohol, then the liquid for its dilution will also need less (for 1 part absinthe - 3-4 parts water). On sale sometimes come across such drinks. Fairly the question arises: "How to drink absinthe 55 degrees?" Very simple. Nothing to do with him. Firstly, there is no need to use sugar, because it is already sold sweetened. Secondly, the drink strength of 55 degrees should not be diluted. In fact, it is no longer natural absinthe, but a ready-to-use mixture. On the one hand, it is convenient: opened the bottle, poured and drank.On the other hand, it eliminates the need for an unusual procedure, which is the effect of drinking this drink. Here, not only the final result is interesting, but also the process itself. From such a parody of absinthe it is impossible to expect that unusual sensation, which should be accompanied by the use of this drink.

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