How to get a diesel engine in the cold: tips from experienced drivers

In winter, many motorists are faced with the problem of difficult engine start. Especially it concerns the cars working at diesel fuel. The engine of such cars are arranged somewhat differently. Therefore, for them there are separate rules on how to start a diesel engine in the cold. Let's look at what affects the launch and how to prepare your iron friend for winter operation.


This is one of the main factors that affects the quality of the launch. Diesel units are different from gasoline more compression and compression ratio. Let's look at how this factor affects the launch of the power unit:

  • Compression to 18. This is a very low figure. Operation of the diesel in the winter in this case is impossible. The car can not even start "on hot."
  • From 20 to 24. In this situation, the car can be started, but only in a warm box. If he stood on the night outside, it would be extremely difficult to start it.
  • About 25. Here the unit can operate at temperatures up to minus 10 degrees Celsius.
  • Compression 26-30.The starting temperature is reduced to minus 15 degrees.
  • 32 and above. This is a normal compression, which should be in good diesel car. Such a power unit will start without problems at a temperature of minus 20-30 degrees Celsius.

As you can see, the compression ratio significantly affects how the engine shows itself in the winter. The higher it is, the greater the chance of a successful launch.

How to check the value?

To do this, use the device - compressometer. But the measurement procedure is slightly different from the one made on gasoline engines. The compression gauge is screwed into the location of the to get a diesel in cold weatherNext, start the engine. You do not need to press the accelerator pedal. Three or four turns of the crankshaft are enough for the device to “grab” the maximum readings. If the compression is below 17, the engine may not start at all. Normal values ​​should be around 30, but not less than 24 turns. It is worth checking the engine at run more than hundred thousand kilometers, and also on the threshold of a winter season. By eliminating the breakdown in advance, you will not be confronted with how to get a diesel car in the cold.To increase the compression, repair is required cylinder-piston group. However, this procedure is already carried out by specialists.


Fresh battery - a guarantee of a successful start at any time. It doesn't matter if you start the engine “hot” or “cold”. A good charge will ensure a good rotation of the crankshaft, and as a result - a quick start of the power unit. The service life of the battery is three to five years. It is worth noting that the diesel unit requires more energy to start up than the gasoline one (even if the compared engines have the same number and arrangement of cylinders). Before the start of winter, you should check the level of electrolyte. If the liquid boils away in a small volume, it is recommended to refill it with distilled water. Normal "from the tap" pour strictly prohibited. Also check the quality of the connections at the terminals. Sometimes they oxidize, as shown in the photo below:diesel will not startIn this case, it is recommended to clean them in order to ensure high-quality connection of conductors. To do this, remove the terminal and take into the hands of coarse sandpaper. Also check the pins that go to the starter.If necessary, they are also cleaned of dirt and sediment.


If you do not start the diesel, perhaps the problem is in the accumulated "sludge" that is in the fuel filter. Dirty particles interfere with the normal supply of fuel. Resource fine filter is 10 thousand kilometers. As for the element of rough cleaning, it can simply blow through the compressor and set back. The main part of the dirt is accumulated in the second filter. The element of fine cleaning retains particles up to 10 microns in size. By itself, it is a porous paper placed in a metal to get a diesel car in the coldIf the diesel engine does not start, it means that this element is dirty and needs to be replaced. When preparing a car for winter, do not forget about the air filter. Since the engine requires not only fuel but also oxygen, the condition of this cleaning element directly affects the quality of work and engine start. Tips experienced drivers say that this filter should be changed as often as possible (but no later than 10 thousand kilometers). Its resource is especially reduced when operating in rough terrain, where instead of asphalt - slag and primer.


In order not to ask the question “how to get a diesel in the cold”, the engine oil should be changed for the winter. Now manufacturers produce lubricants not only by the type of engines (diesel or gasoline), but also by seasonality. In the cold period it is allowed to use less viscous oil. This will greatly facilitate the start of the engine in the winter.

Glow plugs

On gasoline engines to ignite the mixture are spark plugs. The diesel engine is arranged differently. To start and work it does not require an additional spark - the mixture ignites from a high degree of compression. But modern manufacturers equip diesel engines with auxiliary elements. Among them - the candle glow. It heats up diesel fuel so that the launch is more to start a diesel engine in the coldThis is especially true in the winter. How to start a diesel engine in severe frost? To do this, you need to wait until the candle heats up the fuel. Turn the key to the third position. On the dashboard the control bulb will light up. Usually it is red or yellow. After a few seconds, it goes out. As soon as it stopped burning, we start the engine.Thus, you withstand more time for the candle to better heat the fuel.

How to get a diesel in the cold? Ether in aerosol

Surely you have heard of such means as "easy start". These products are available in small spray cans. They are useful in that they can start a diesel engine even in extreme conditions. The composition of the product includes flammable substances. Due to them, the "easy" engine start is made. The mixture begins to burn earlier - the chances of a successful start increase several times. But it is worth remembering that in large quantities flammable substances harm the diesel engine. Therefore, this product should be used only in emergency to start a diesel engine in severe frostHow to get a diesel engine in the cold by means of "easy start"? To do this, unscrew the air filter housing, and better - remove the pipe. Straight into it we start splashing the composition. At this time, the assistant turns the starter. The motor starts easily.

Is it possible to start from the pusher?

Surely many of us have seen how to turn on the "Lada" and "Volga" in this way. Accelerating the car to the minimum speed, the driver turns the key - the mixture ignites under pressure. But the trouble is that it cannot be done on a diesel engine.Therefore, we exclude this launch option in the first place.

Dilute fuel

Everyone knows that diesel, unlike gasoline, has two varieties - summer and winter. The so-called arctic fuel appears at gas stations is not always on time. There is a sharp cooling. Then the question arises of how to start a diesel in the winter on a summer diesel fuel. Since its crystallization temperature is much higher, it is easier to freeze. At minus 10 degrees, it turns into from experienced driversOn such fuel to start the engine is simply impossible. How to be in this situation? For this we need to dilute the fuel in the tank with a special "winter" additive. The same is added at gas stations (to that same “summer fuel”), so this product should not be considered foreign and harmful to the diesel unit. It is recommended to pour the product in advance (for example, at night). In the morning you successfully start the engine on summer fuel. The product is inexpensive - about 400 rubles per 500-ml bottle. But there are cases when diesel fuel crystallizes in the filters to warm up the diesel in winterAnd then no additive will help. How to get a diesel in the cold? To do this, use third-party elements.Simply put, the filter is heated with a gas or kerosene burner. Do not worry - diesel fuel will not catch fire from such a fire. The main thing - do not get on the plastic elements, which can melt. This is the surest way that manages to start the engine in any cold.

Useful tips

Experienced drivers are advised to use kerosene as an additive. It is diluted in the ratio of "one to ten." Kerosene is not harmful to a diesel engine. And the effect is the same as that of specialized additives. The product will make diesel fuel more liquid, and the excess material will evaporate through the crankcase ventilation system. If there is no burner or kerosene with additives on hand, you can heat the filter with improvised methods. For example, boiling water from a kettle, or a hairdryer. This is especially true for machines with plastic fuel lines. Under the influence of high temperatures, diesel fuel will become less dense, and you can successfully start the car.

Running on cars with automatic transmission

Automatic transmission has in its design torque converter. It works thanks to the oil that is inside. In winter, it also thickens.On machines with manual transmission, to disconnect the box from the engine, just press the clutch pedal. On the machine, the starter has to waste energy in order to spin the flywheel and the gearshift shaft, since the knot does not completely come off the to start a diesel in the winter on the summer dieselThis makes the engine start difficult. To successfully start the engine in the winter, it is necessary to change the oil in the automatic transmission. The cleaner it is, the easier it will be for the motor in winter. In extreme cases - warm the hair dryer, but this applies to cases where the temperature is far beyond minus 30.


So, we found out what actions need to be done to successfully start the engine in cold weather. By the way, how to warm up the diesel in the winter? Experts recommend not to keep it at idle for a long time. After a minute of inactivity, you can move at low speed. After 2-3 kilometers the engine will be warm and ready for normal use. Remember that at idle it never warms up normally.

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