How to get rid of the shortcomings?

Has anyone ever seen a man who has no shortage? I doubt it, because we all know that there are no perfect people. Envy, arrogance, pride, disgust, jealousy, alcoholism, smoking, etc. How many sins on earth! In any case, at least one of them is familiar to us firsthand. Do not despair, you can still correct, if you are thinking about how to get rid of the shortcomings, then you have already made the first point to healing.

Self-esteem program

  1. Accept your weaknesses.
  2. Forgive yourself for mistakes.
  3. Find your reserves.
  4. Realize your own uniqueness.
  5. Thank life for what it is given to you, and people - for the fact that they exist.
  6. Love yourself and others.

In order to realize how to get rid of the shortcomings, you must, first of all, begin to respect yourself and your neighbors, forgive yourself for this shortcoming and try to overcome it.

Accept your weaknesses

If you constantly tell a small child that something is wrong with him, he will begin to doubt himself, be afraid to do something on his own.Over time, he will grow at the same time as his self-esteem will become less, his attitudes of life will be violated and he will acquire his first shortcoming. Accept yourself as you are, believe in yourself, and you will succeed in absolutely everything!

Strength of will

Do you sometimes think how a person got rid of a flaw? Do not doubt that it is his willpower that helped him. Develop in yourself this wonderful quality; your will must not be broken, like you.

Fighting laziness

Sometimes, when we have a desire, we cannot force ourselves to do what is needed to get what we want. We are ruled by laziness and this is the main drawback of many. With laziness to fight. And it should be done every day, only then will it begin to recede. Ignore her, rush to the desired of the last forces, and you can "move mountains."

What is the disadvantage

Virtually every flaw can be turned into a virtue. For example:

  • Insolence is courage, only in a very bloated form. Therefore, if you tame a little arrogance in yourself, then turn into a brave person.
  • Sensitivity is sensuality. Stop taking offense at everyone and everything for no apparent reason, and you will become just sensitive, but not as touchy.
  • Greed is thrift (you already understand how to act).
  • Irritability - emotionality.
  • Loquacity is sociability.
  • Pickyness - attention to all details.

All our shortcomings perform some important functions, and none of them appears without a reason. If a person is too sensitive, then he needs to be pitied. Maybe, earlier, fate dealt with him cruelly, and now he needs support or is trying to protect himself from new experiences. A greedy person must have survived a lot of losses and wants to prevent a new crisis with his shortcoming. To the chatty, maybe just not enough elementary communication, etc.

How to get rid of the shortcomings: technology

This is a fairly effective technique that will help you get out of the shortcomings and get on the right path. You will need to establish contact with your subconscious, which, believe me, likes to talk.

  1. Relax. Eliminate negative thoughts so that they do not interfere with you.
  2. Ask your subconscious, is it ready to talk with you? Listen to your body. The answer to your question should come in the form of some kind of reaction (for example, somewhere sticks) or internal agreement with yourself.Do not be surprised, the unconscious part of a person can speak.
  3. Think about your shortcoming. Ask your subconscious in which part of your body this defect has settled. You will feel a pinched in the chest, a cramped stomach, a warmth in the leg, a pull in the hand, etc. The reaction will be well tangible.
  4. Ask why this flaw appeared, what role does it play in your life, does it have at least some positive influence. The answer will come in the form of a picture that has flashed through my head, thoughts or other insights. You will understand why you need this sensibility. Perhaps a feeling of grief and discomfort merges in you with a sense of sacrifice, and you get moral pleasure from it. This is the meaning of lack.
  5. Ask your subconscious for a little hint. Let them give you a hint how to replace this flaw. Here you will also have insight, and you realize how to act.
  6. Refer now to the part of your body where your deficiency lives, and ask her if she is ready for such a replacement. Can you replace, for example, a feeling of strong touchiness with emotionality?

If you get a positive response, do not forget to thank the subconscious and disconnect from this "connection".Analyze all the useful information that the unconscious has so generously bestowed upon you.

You will immediately understand how to get rid of the shortcomings, the decision will come to you immediately. Now begins the most important point - work on yourself. You should try your best, because the lack is firmly entrenched in you, and he will not show a desire to leave you without a fight. The main thing is to believe that you are much stronger and smarter. Moreover, the technique described above is not particularly difficult. Identify the shortcomings with the help of his subconscious, if desired, everyone can, including you!

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