How to grow and how to plant tomato seeds?

Any knowledgeable gardener understands: so that the tomatoes grew juicy, filling and fleshy, their seeds must initially be properly prepared at home before the final transplantation into the open ground. This is especially important for areas where the warm season does not last long, because tomatoes are by nature very heat-loving plants.

And yet, how to plant tomato seeds? The very issue of germination of seeds should be approached very seriously, so that in the future the seedlings germinated at the right time, and not sooner or later than warming. Depending on the region of residence, the seeds are planted differently. For example, for the middle band, the most ideal moment is in the first half of March. In no case can you plant tomato seedlings in open soil for less than two months: usually it takes about 65-75 days after sowing at home (except for some early varieties of hybrids - they are allowed to plant and at the age of 50 days, since the first fruits at such kinds of tomatoes can appear on 80-85 day). And it is worth initially understanding how to plant tomato seeds, and correctly calculate the time of arrival of constant warming (if you do not guess with time, only a greenhouse will help you).

Seed preparation

The main role in the cultivation of tomatoes on the firststage plays the right variety of varieties. You should choose only the right seeds, adapted specifically to your region and your climatic conditions, so that later you do not have to transplant them into the greenhouse. First, the seeds should be sorted, choosing only viable seeds for sowing. This can not be done in a clear manner, therefore, they need to be laid out on the windowsill and viewed for empty: it is impossible to leave empty seeds. Then all the others are lowered into a little salted water and wait for a while until some part pops up. Leave only those left at the bottom. Then they wash the salt with running water and disinfect with a weak solution of diluted potassium permanganate, then they are again brought under the pressure of clean water and, eventually, wrapped in wet pieces of rag for a period of about ten hours (the temperature should be warm, within 30 degrees). Thus, even before planting the tomato seeds, it will be seen which of them have germinated and which are not. Carefully tweezers are selected only germinated viable seeds.


First you need to prepare a box with a warm earth,divide it into sectors with small slats and make small grooves. Before properly planting tomato seeds in the soil, it is recommended to make a groove less than one centimeter. Box with sprouts exposed in a lit and warm place, do not immediately drag it to the windowsill, it is better to wait at least a week, until the first shoots appear. During this week, you need to take care of the right temperature (within 20 degrees), so that the sprouts do not stretch too much, but grow well into the soil. You can also cover the seedlings with a special transparent film to maintain the effect of evaporation. Water should only be warm water. Special attention should be paid to fertilizing sprouts with a periodicity of about ten days (do not be very addicted to this). Sometimes, for the prevention of hardening, plants are brought to a temperature of about ten degrees for a short time.

Landing in the soil.

How to plant tomato seeds and correctly identify,that the seedling is already ready for a transplant to an open area? The main reference here is the number of sprouted leaves in the plant: the optimal amount is not less than a dozen. Further very neatly sprouts are planted in the ground in previously made notches. The most important thing is not to overexpose the seeds in the box and not to plant the shoots during the frost. Adhering to all instructions how to plant tomato seeds, any gardener can grow juicy tomatoes.

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