How to kiss a girl for the first time? 5 useful tips

A kiss is a great way to share feelings and emotions with your darling, as well as to show the depth of passion and desire. The first contact with the lips of a girl should still be more gentle, because it often becomes the decisive factor in the transition of relationships to a more serious level.

It is not surprising that many young people are concerned about how to kiss a girl for the first time, so as not to alienate, but, on the contrary, attract her to her. Improvisation, of course, is a good thing, but it is better to prepare for such an important event as a kiss.

Proper preparation

Preparing for a kiss, we should not forget about the physiological side of the process. Having penetrated into the personal girlish space, you are moving closer to the girl both spiritually and physically.

Therefore, at the time of proximity, it is necessary to remember not only about the technique of a kiss, but also about hygiene and accuracy.

Proper preparation

  1. The pleasant fragrance emanating from the man is truly an aphrodisiac that can turn the head of any young lady. Therefore, be sure to use a good men's cologne, but do not overdo it.
  2. Yet another logical remark, which should still be mentioned, is brushed teeth and fresh, pleasant breath.
  3. Weathered lips are an extremely unpleasant sight that can negate the whole romanticism of a situation. Agree that you would not have liked the windiness and unattractiveness of your partner's lips.
  4. The opinion of women about facial hair is divided. Some people have a positive attitude to the beard, the second like smooth-shaved men, and others do not pay attention to such a male feature at all. Of course, if you wear a beard, you still should not shave it off, but to give it a well-groomed look is a must.

In order for everything to go fine, you need to stop worrying and shaking. Your excitement will surely be transmitted to the partner, who may think anything, to the extent that it is unpleasant to you.

Therefore, get together, discard unnecessary doubts, because agreeing to a date with you, the girl showed some sympathy.

What you need to remember?

Despite the seeming simplicity of this intimate process, we should not forget about several important points that can contribute to the development of relations or, conversely, destroy the sympathy that is arising between you and “chemistry”.

Tip # 1. Take your time

For some guys who want to seem cool macho, a kiss on the first date is considered a must or a completely natural condition. We will not argue with this opinion, but we should not hurry.

Many girls consciously or unconsciously follow the following rule - a kiss on the first date is considered a kind of taboo.

Some young ladies do not want to show their availability, others just want to make sure that the gentleman’s intentions are serious, some still haven’t been kissing at all, so they are somewhat scared.

Of course, there are liberated young ladies who are not averse to kiss and at the first meeting. In this case, the girls themselves are unequivocally hinted at their desire.

If the young person is embarrassed, it is better not to take risks, so as not to break the connection between you.

What you need to remember

Tip number 2. "Practice"

It sounds a little ridiculous, but if you have not kissed the ladies before, you need to practice a little.Having learned all the subtleties of the process, you will become less worried when it comes to a real kiss on the lips. It happens, for example, that lovers are embarrassed, facing noses.

The technique of contact with the lips is very much, and the process of kissing is very diverse, so describing them is a thankless task. So rehearsal is extremely important, but do not forget about expression of true emotions.

Your sympathy and sincere desire can smooth out any missteps.

Tip number 3. Choose the right moment

It is extremely important to choose the right moment and time for a kiss on the lips. Determine the signs of "readiness" of a girl is not so difficult, if you carefully monitor her facial expressions, gestures and behavior.

You can say that the young lady is ready to kiss, if:

  • she lets you into the zone of personal comfort (less than 50 cm);
  • she, when communicating, twists her hair, touches her lips;
  • looking at your lips while talking;
  • does not avoid eye contact;
  • reacts positively to short touches (does not move away).

Choose the right moment

In addition, it is important to choose the right place for this "sacrament." Many girls are embarrassed to kiss with a large crowd of people, for fear that they will be seen by acquaintances.

The last rows in the cinema is not always an ideal place to kiss, as it is important for some young ladies to see their partner at this crucial moment.

Therefore, it is best to choose a quiet place and a time when the number of people hurrying or walking past people is minimized.

Tip number 4. Do without sudden movements

Honestly, the technique of a kiss is not as important as your tenderness and respect for a girl. You shouldn’t push and even more force it to this process, since you will create a characteristic impression about yourself. You need to create the most romantic aura, make it clear to the young lady what your intentions are. The ideal variant consists of three components:

  • approach your sweetheart (enter the comfort zone);
  • catch her gaze, looking straight into the eyes;
  • slowly and gently touch your lips.

When you are approaching slowly to the girls' lips, it gives the young lady the opportunity to dodge if she does not want to kiss you or is not yet ready to go to such a close acquaintance.

Tip number 5. Take it easy on the refusal

Girls may respond to your initiative in different ways.For example, someone feels uncomfortable when other people look at it at this moment, others simply do not want to kiss the specific guys, while others try to check the male reaction to the refusal.

Important!! Despite the reluctance of the girl to kiss, you need to behave with dignity. It does not even make sense to remind you that insults or other similar actions are simply unacceptable.

It is important to show that her decision did not hurt you, so continue the conversation, behave positively. You can translate an awkward situation into a joke.

Do I ask permission from a girl?

On the Internet and in general in the male environment, there are two completely different opinions about whether you should be interested in the resolution of the girl before the kiss.

The so-called pick-upers claim that men asking permission about kisses look like weak and insecure individuals in the eyes of young ladies. “Be an alpha male, a man!” Say such advisors.

This opinion is extremely common among guys and probably has a right to exist.

Whether to ask permission from a girlLet's talk more about the opposite point of view, which says that a kiss is an action that passes by mutual consent, especially when it happens on the first date.

And if a man kisses without demand, the girl may decide that her opinion to the partner is not very interesting.

The main arguments in favor of the fact that you must ask permission from the girl before the kiss:

  1. This is an indicator of male education. When a guy is interested in the young lady, is it possible to kiss her, he demonstrates respect for her personality.
  2. The young lady may not be ready for a kiss, or simply do not want to kiss right here and now.
  3. Some girls show their initial sympathy for the guy only in the form of conversation and intercourse, sexual desire and the desire to kiss can only appear in a month or two.
  4. It is believed that touching the lips without the demand of another person can also be attributed to sexual abuse.

Which of the above opinions is more correct, it is up to you to decide. Most likely, in the process of communication, you can determine how your interlocutor will relate to intimate intimacy. Will it not be against the kiss on the first date, or will it say no to any incitement on your part?

When thinking about how to kiss a girl, you need to understand a simple thing - you must be guided, first of all, by intuition in love relationships.

If you managed to arrange the young woman to yourself, were gentle and romantic, other meetings and dates will soon follow, and only then the first kiss will follow. You will only enjoy the process itself!

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