How to knit socks? Knit socks: schemes

The famous proverb says that you need to keep your feet warm. Those who know how to knit socks will be able to follow the wisdom of the people - to wear them when it's cold and not get sick. A handmade product will be a wonderful gift. Socks can be handed over to a loved one, relative, or knit them for a child.

how to knit socks

Prepare everything you need and knit a sample.

For knitting socks need threads and knitting needles. You can buy any yarn, its color and texture depend only on your taste. The size of the needles is determined as follows. Stretch the thread, fold it in half - such thickness will be knitting needles. There should be five of them or two. If the first method suits you, get 5 knitting needles, in this case you will knit socks on four with the help of the fifth.

To determine how many loops you need, tie a pattern. Type 12 loops (two extreme), follow 2 cm with an elastic band and 3 with a front stitch. Count how many loops in one centimeter. Measure the girth of the foot in the place where there will be a rubber band.Multiply this value by the number of loops in one centimeter. So much you need to dial loops. Here's how to make a pattern before knitting socks.

Main works

knit socks knitting for beginners

The number of loops must be a multiple of four. If this figure is not divisible by 4, round it up. Put the two knitting needles together, put half loops on them, then the next two - the remaining number of loops. Knit in a circle, for this last knit knit together with the first. Then follow the gum pattern. It can be made according to the 2x2 or 1x1 scheme, that is, two purl and 2 facial or one purl and 1 facial. Depending on the style of the sock you have chosen, the elastic may be small or almost reach the heel. In the latter case, the product will sit tight on the lower leg.

If the gum is small, knit up to the heel of the front surface. You can stick to the scheme and execute your favorite pattern. How to knit the heel of the sock, you need to tell more, as this part of the product for beginning needlewomen can be difficult.

Tying heel

For the next part of the work will need half loops. For example, your sock consists of 44 loops, 22 of them still remain intact on two needles. Work with the second half of the loops.You knit a wedge of 22 rows in length, making facial faces on the face, and seam loops on the inside. When this canvas is created, divide the number of loops by 3. In this example, no residue is divisible, so the middle part of the heel will consist of 8 loops, and the right and left side parts - of seven.

 how to knit a heel sock

How to knit a heel sock to make it neat? To do this, turn the canvas on the front side. Knit the right side of the heel, then the center. Connect the last loop of the central wedge to the first loop of the left side. Turn the product inside out, knit only the central wedge, knit together the last loop of the central and the first adjacent from the second side part. So far you have the central part of the heel and consists of 8 loops, and the side - from six.

By the same technology, continue and then complete the creation of the heel, knitting only its central wedge, and knit the loops of the side parts together with the first and the last loop of the middle part. Proceed in this way until the loops of the side parts run out. After that, collect on them as many loops as it was before the start of vyvyvyvaniya heels.If there were 44 loops in total, but 30 (22 + 8) remained, then you need to dial 7 loops from each side.

Now you need to tell how to knit socks on.

Creating a jersey of the foot, completing the process

A heel that looks like a hat for a doll is ready. Now you need to knit further, engaging all 44 loops. So you need to act until you reach the little finger. You can apply the product to a paper-based basis or try on the person for whom you are making such a necessary thing.

After the little finger, you must begin to decrease. Knit the last two (or first) loops of each knitting needle together. Here's how to knit socks at the final stage. The subtraction goes through the row, then the line will turn out smooth. When each needle has one loop, also knit them together. You will have two, pass the thread through them, tighten it, cut, leaving a “tail” of 5 cm. Then, using a hook, pull it out to the wrong side. And in the same way make the second sock.

knit socks on 2 needles

How to do it on two needles?

You can create a knitwear not only for five, but also knit socks on 2 needles. For this model, perform a sample and make calculations, as for the style presented above. Type loops on 2 needles, then - knit a rubber band, turning the canvas.After that - a garter stitch, a satin stitch or a selected pattern. When you create the canvas before the heel, start shaping it. To do this, divide all the loops by 4. If you had 36, the result will be nine.

Tie 9 loops on the face of the first part, then remove them on the pin. Do the same with nine loops of the fourth part. The heel will be created from the central wedge, which consists of 18 loops, its length is equal to the heel length.

When you complete this part, divide it into three. Next, knit the heel in the same way as described in the example above. As a result, you will only have 6 middle loops left on the needle, and six sides will be closed. Type loops in place of the missing. Knit them all in a circle, including those that were on the pin so far. At the end, decorate the toe, diminishing every even row of 4 loops after the little finger.

Option with a pattern, knit socks knitting

For beginners, there are simple ways to create colored socks with stripes or with patterns. If you have a yarn of different shades, you can use it. In this case, the threads can alternate through a certain number of rows. This will help scheme or fantasy.

Make an elastic band from the main yarn, and then go on to creativity. Tie 3 rows of blue, then one white thread, so alternate to the end. The heel, too, make one-color. In this example, it will be white or blue. Thus and further knit socks, schemes will help to understand how to do it.

knit socks scheme

They are usually painted on checkered sheets. Each of the cells corresponds to one loop. First notice the bottom row. Making it, knit loops on the scheme from right to left. Then follow the second row, following the clue in the figure. Where the cells are white, the thread should be light. The black cell corresponds to the dark yarn. Thread through the inside out to the front part turned out immaculate.

Start with simple patterns, then over time you will be able to create socks on which you will write a name on a yarn, tie a heart, make a complex ornament. Such a designer thing will be a welcome gift for any person, especially as handmade products, in which a piece of the soul of the craftswoman is embedded, are now at the height of fashion.

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