How to make a path in the garden with their own hands

Villa has many advantages. For example, on the site you can grow organic fruits and vegetables. Also go to the cottage for family outdoor paths

Site arrangement

This business is very important. Paths play an important role in the arrangement. In the garden, footpaths are not just areas for easy movement. They, among other things, perform decorative functions. How to arrange the paths in the garden with your own hands? About it further.

General information

It is worth noting that it is quite difficult to move around the dacha plots without normal tracks. For example, it may rain. Because of this, puddles and dirt form on the site. Of course, traveling in such a territory is difficult and unpleasant. Another thing, if there are paths in the garden. The hands to build them is quite simple. You can use different materials.

Paths in the garden

This is a kind of sign of civilization. Properly designed and decorated paths in the garden will give the site a finished look and be sure to improve its appearance.It should be noted that they should not be too wide and winding. It is logical to start building paths in the garden with your own hands in the place where there are already trodden paths.DIY garden paths

Features of appearance

Paths in the garden should be durable and strong. They are pretty easy to put in order. In addition, one can not fail to note the importance of the material from which the paths are made in the garden. The trails can be made using:

  1. Grass cover.
  2. Ground bark.
  3. Tree.
  4. Pebbles.
  5. Gravel.
  6. Sand.
  7. Paving stone
  8. Specialized paving slabs.
  9. Brick.

Planning stage

Before you make a path in the garden, you need to make a project. It is natural that straight paths are the shortest path to the goal. In some cases, it is required to visually enlarge a small area. In such a situation, it is better to abandon the use of straight tracks. They will not change the appearance of the site. It is best to make the paths in the garden winding. Do not allow their intersections at right angles. At the same time, it is rather difficult to imagine a path that would coil among rectangular beds and flowerbeds.In this case, it is advisable to change their to make a garden track

Self-improvement cottages

To build beautiful paths in the garden is not such an impossible task. It is necessary to begin planning the site. A network of tracks should be placed so that they do not cross the central area of ​​the lawn. In addition, they must combine all the important elements on the site, as well as buildings. It is worth paying attention to the appearance of the track and the material from which it will be made. It is recommended to take care that everything is consistent with the style and landscape of the site.

What is better to build paths?

So, the planning phase is complete. What is the best way to lay the track in the country? A simple answer may be given to this question. The selected material must necessarily correspond to the landscape style of the territory.concrete paths in the garden

Surface preparation

This stage is one of the most important. At arrangement of a garden path the marking is initially made and the soil is prepared. Only after that it is possible to make laying. It is recommended to follow certain rules.Otherwise, all the mistakes made at this stage will still be felt. In particular, this applies to track damage. Errors in surface preparation can cause them to appear. It is not only about decorative defects and inconvenience. In some cases, serious repairs may be required.


  1. Required to outline the contours of the future track. For this laces and wooden pegs can be used.
  2. Next, you need to remove the turf along the entire length and width of the track. It is best to do this with a shovel. It is recommended to follow the pre-defined lines. You need to carefully align the edges of the track. Thus, a trench is formed. Its depth depends on the thickness of the sand pad. It is on it that tiles are laid in the future. It does not depend on the material from which it is made. The recommended pillow thickness is at least 10 cm.
  3. Sand layer must be well compacted. After that it is required to make its alignment. Sometimes in some places it is required to fill up additional sand.

beautiful garden paths

Use solution

Concrete paths in the garden are considered the most practical and sturdy.However, their appearance is significantly inferior to the paths of paving stones or stone. Concrete track can be made independently. It should be noted that its strength may be different. In this case, the composition of the solution plays an important role. The strength of the concrete depends on the strength of the concrete.

Preparation of the composition

The following items will be required:

  1. Gravel (3 hours).
  2. Coarse sand (2 hours).
  3. Cement (1 hour).

When preparing the solution, it is recommended to observe the above ratio. In some cases, it is required that the track be like a tower. To this end, planking formwork is installed along the edges of the formed trench. Small stones should be laid on the bottom. Further, all this is filled with solution. The concrete path is decorated with tiles. You can also lay out a mosaic. For these purposes, glass or multi-colored pieces of ceramic tiles are used. Sometimes beautiful stones of small size are pressed.kindergarten health path

Wood saws

Almost everyone knows about the need for regular sanitary cleaning in the garden. Often there are situations when it becomes necessary to cut off old trees. In this case, it is not necessary to “let them in” for firewoodThe original garden path can be equipped with cuts. It is sure to transform the appearance of the garden or garden. It should be noted that there is a need to protect wooden circles from moisture. In this case, special treatment is required. You can use linseed oil. It is necessary to bring it to a boil. Next will need a brush. With the help of it you need to paint over the saw from all sides. After the first layer has dried, the treatment must be repeated. The preparation stage has its own characteristics. First, a sand pillow is poured. After that the polyethylene film is laid. This is done so that the wood is not in contact with the ground. Thus, it will be protected from rotting. At the next stage you need to lay wooden circles. Here can be applied a variety of ways. This is an excellent reason to release their fantasy. After all the circles are laid, you need to check them with a level. It is easy to fill the void between the saws with the following materials:

  1. Chips.
  2. By sand.
  3. Gravel.
  4. By gravel.

It should be noted that wooden paths are best used where the dry climate prevails. In addition, among all the others, they are the most short-lived.kindergarten paths

Gravel paths

In some cases, a long winding path is required at the site. It can be constructed from small pebbles or gravel. This track has both advantages and disadvantages. It is worth noting that the construction process is fast enough. The price of such a track is quite attractive. However, it can not withstand a large load. However, as a pedestrian option you can use it.

Special features

It is not recommended to pour gravel on unprepared soil. It is established that after a while it will begin to “creep away” in different directions. In addition, weeds will begin to grow on the track. In this case, the curbs will come to the rescue. They will give the track a complete look. The soil is recommended to pretreat. This is done so that weeds cannot grow there. For such purposes, you can use a herbicide. It is also very often lined with plastic wrap or agrofibre. Only after this preparation can pebbles or gravel be poured. It should be noted that it is quite easy to care for such a path. Sometimes you need to fill up with new gravel and get rid of weeds.

Tracks in kindergarten

Their goal is a special effect on the foot. There are many active points on them. Their stimulation has a positive effect on the processes in the children's body and improves its activity as a whole. Scientists have long confirmed these facts. It is proved that the feet are a kind of reflection of human organs. In this case, it is advisable to conduct a health massage. This improves the metabolism and internal blood circulation. It will also help strengthen the immune system. The kindergarten health track helps babies recover quickly from mental and physical stress. Walking on them relieves fatigue.

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