How to make cider? Making cider at home: recipes

Manufacturing technology of low-alcohol drink from apples has been known for several centuries. This cider is made without adding yeast and without pasteurization of the finished product.

Preparatory stage

If you are seriously interested in how to prepare cider, then you need to decide on what you need in the process of its manufacture. First you need to choose apples. For these purposes, best suited sweet and sour varieties of these fruits. Also, for the preparation of the drink will need sugar, water and capacity for fermentation. The composition of additional products depends on the recipe you choose for cooking. In addition to the above, you will need an ordinary medical rubber glove or a special cap.

How to cook ciderBefore you figure out how to make cider at home, you need to prepare the apples.They need to rinse with water, remove the core with the seeds and grind on a grater, in a food processor or with a knife. You do not need to peel the apples, you should also not boil them with boiling water or use detergents to clean them. On the peel of these fruits contain yeast, which contribute to fermentation.

Preparation of the drink in the standard way

One of the most common recipes for apple cider is as follows. It is necessary to prepare the fruit in the manner described above and fill with approximately 1/3 of the washed and sterilized glass container. Also, there you must add sugar at the rate of 100 grams per liter of apple mass or, as it is also called, pulp. Also in the container you can pour a little raisins.

Wine cider

If it seems to you that the apples are not juicy, then you should add water at the rate of 1: 1 to the container with the pulp. Now the usual medical rubber glove is put on the neck of the can. On it you can judge how the process of fermentation. In addition, it is necessary to block the access of oxygen, otherwise the pulp can simply turn sour. Now you need to put the container in a dark place where the temperature is maintained around the clock at 21-30 degrees Celsius. She should stand there for about a week.We can assume that the manufacture of cider at home was successful, if after a specified time you see an inflated glove on the can. It is time to remove it and strain the resulting drink in the jar.

But that is not all. Now the filtered liquid must be placed in the refrigerator and wait for the formation of a precipitate. After that, it remains only to drain with the help of a hose clean cider without thick, bottled and tightly corked.

Correct method

Those who want to learn how to make cider from a classic recipe will have to find ripe wild apples. From them it will be necessary to squeeze out pure juice. It is the basis for the preparation of a classic low-alcohol beverage. The juice is poured into a glass container so that it fills it by 2/3. The used can is closed with a special lid - water seal. When it is used, air does not get into the tank, but emitted carbon dioxide may escape from it.

Home cider

The bank must be put for at least three weeks in a dark place in which the temperature will be at the level of 22 degrees. After that, it is necessary to drain the clear liquid through the hose so that the sediment remains in the tank.This fermented juice must be poured into cans, covered with a lid and stored for 3-4 months at a temperature of 10 degrees. Only after all these steps have been completed, the cider from the juice will be ready, it can be bottled, tightly closed and stored in a refrigerator for up to three years.

Note that it does not use sugar, raisins or yeast. This product is considered natural.

Old recipe

But that's not all the ways how to make cider. To make a drink using the old method, you will need a canvas bag and a wooden barrel. If necessary, the barrel can be replaced with a large enameled pan. The apples washed and cleaned from the cores are poured into the bag, which is placed in the prepared container. After that, you can do the preparation of syrup. It is made from 6 liters of water and 1.6 kg of sugar (honey can be used instead, if desired), this amount is needed for 8 kg of fruit. From above, the apples are covered with a lid - it can be either solid wooden or reticulated. It is set to bend - so that the apples could not float.

Cider Homemade RecipeAfter completing these steps, the tank is placed in a dark place for fermentation.

When the process is over, the liquid is poured into a clean container with a flexible hose.With the same apple pulp, these stages can be repeated several times. That is, you again need to prepare a syrup and pour fruit over it, and after a month drain the clear liquid. The drinks obtained from several approaches are mixed and settled in a cold place for at least six months. Only after this low alcohol cider wine is considered ready.

Yeast Recipe

Many believe that the use of additional components will help speed up the process of making a drink. But it is not always the case. In order to prepare the cider with yeast, it will take more than six months. It is done as follows.

Apples are finely chopped, put in a jar and poured with water so that they are completely covered. This container is placed in a warm place for fermentation for about two weeks, in the process the liquid must be mixed regularly. After this period, the resulting juice is filtered and slightly heated.

Now you need to add sugar and yeast. The main thing is to keep the proportions. Thus, 25 grams of yeast and 5 cups of sugar are mixed with 4.5 liters of fermented juice. Now you need to put it in a container and cover with a lid.As soon as the liquid begins to ferment, it must be poured into a barrel, after the end of the process it clogs up and costs about half a year. Only after 6 months, homemade apple cider will be ready, it can be bottled.

Quick recipe

Homemade Apple CiderAnother production option for a low alcohol champagne beverage is the following.

For it you will need 8 kg of apples, 2 kg of sugar, 10 liters of water and a peel of two lemons. Notice that you can make cider from these ingredients in just a week.

Homemade recipe with accelerated technology looks like this. Small apples are selected, they are cleared from the core and cut in half. The fruits prepared in this way are folded into a container, filled with sugar and poured with water with the addition of lemon peel. The container is covered with gauze, previously folded in several layers, and placed in a warm place. A week later, the drink can be filtered and bottled, it will be cider. The homemade accelerated method of preparation, of course, does not coincide with the technology established by the specialists for making this drink without adding sugar and other components, but then you can drink it in a week.

Juice Cider

There is another way to make this soft drink.It can be made from freshly squeezed juice from apples of non-acidic varieties. Please note that packaged drinks sold in supermarkets will not be the basis for cider.Juice Cider

For its preparation it is necessary to add 100 grams of sugar, wine yeast or a special ferment for each liter of juice. By the way, it can be made from unwashed raspberries, water and sugar. For this, crushed berries are poured with half a glass of warm water and covered with a spoon of sugar. The container is closed and placed in a warm place for three days. At the same time every day it must be shaken.

Juice mixed with sourdough and sugar is poured into a jar and closed with a water seal. The container is kept in a cool place until the release of gas bubbles, but this is not cider. The homemade recipe of this drink requires that the liquid be carefully drained without sediment. After that, you need to wash the container, re-fill the base of the future wine there and put it in a cold place for three months. After this period, cider can already be poured.

Dried Fruit Drink

Making cider at home

If you fired up the preparation of this drink in the midst of winter, then you should not be upset and wait for a new harvest of apples.For a drink you can buy cheap fresh apples, which are sold all year round, and dried fruits. Cider is made from these ingredients as follows. A layer of dried apples is placed in a jar or barrel, and on top of them - prepared, cut into large pieces of fresh. Fruits should fill about half of the capacity in which you plan to make cider. The home-made recipe for the preparation of a drink from these components is that they need to be poured with boiled, cooled water and blocked up for about three weeks, leaving them in a dark place for successful fermentation. After this period, the cider can already be drained. The basis for this drink can be poured with water and insisted at least three more times. But remember, you get enough sour drink. It can be sweetened before use.

Drinking culture

Having dealt with how cider is prepared, it would also be nice to find out how to use it. It is believed that the dry drink is ideal for various seafood, such as shrimp, oysters. Also, it can be successfully combined with a variety of cheeses, low-fat kebabs and vegetables. But sweet varieties are better to drink with desserts.This cider is suitable for baking, yogurt cakes, sweets, chocolate, mascarpone.

This drink has many advantages. It contains no chemical additives, in addition, it is not only a source of vitamins B6, AT1, C, but also iron, calcium, potassium, pectin. It is also said that cider is able to normalize pressure and positively influence the work of the stomach and intestines. But do not forget that in the process of fermentation an alcoholic beverage is obtained, therefore you should not abuse it.

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