How to make hair bulky?

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How to make hair bulky?

Rare lucky lucky enough to have from the nature of luxurious fluffy hair. But what about all the rest, not so lucky? In fact, there are still very simple and quite effective ways to correct this situation.

How to make thin hair bulky: ways

Method one - special shampoos

Thin sparse hair, especially if it is still oily, needs frequent washing. Therefore, the choice of shampoo owner of such hair should be approached with particular responsibility.

Properly selected shampoo for hair of this type will help to visually increase their volume, reduce the fat content of the scalp, give thin dull hair shine and healthy appearance. There are two types of shampoos designed to solve the problem with the volume of hair. Shampoos of the first type from the usual cosmetic series have in their name the word "volume". After applying them, the hair appears thicker and more magnificent due to the silicone contained in them, which envelops each hair and makes it thicker and more elastic for a while.These shampoos give only a short-term temporary effect and do not solve the problem as a whole. More expensive shampoos from the professional series not only add volume to hair, but also contain vitamins, proteins and keratins in their composition, which improve the structure of hair and promote their growth and strengthening.

Method two - foams, gels and mousses

Special styling products help to make hair roots more voluminous at a time. After a shower, a small amount of such a product is first applied to the roots of still damp hair and then evenly distributed throughout its length. After that, the hair is dried with a hair dryer, lifting them at the roots with a large round brush for styling. In order for the hair after styling a long time to keep its volume, it is very important not to overdo it with the amount of gel or mousse. Excessive means will make the hair heavier, glue them together, and the result of such improper styling will be exactly the opposite of what was expected.

The third way - curlers or hair dryer

Soft hair curlers of large diameter will help to make long hair bulky. They will give your hair the shape of beautiful large curls and lift them at the roots.For medium-length hair, you can use soft, large papillots, which will turn them into lush curls. To keep the effect obtained as long as possible, the curls can be lightly sprinkled with a strong hold of varnish. It is possible to lift and style short hair with the help of a hair dryer equipped with special nozzles - brushes or a diffuser. Another old, well-known way to give hair volume is to dry the roots of wet hair with a hair dryer, keeping your head down while drying.

Fourth way - haircut

Owners of thin sparse hair are equally contraindicated as long straightVoluminous hairhair loose and hair cut too short. The best option for this type of hair is a haircut of medium length. Visually increase the volume of hair bangs and straightening strands. For thin hair perfect haircut "ladder", it is also called a cascading haircut.

Method Five - highlighting

In order to achieve the desired effect by highlighting, it is better to contact a good hair salon. Professional highlighting in three or four shades using artificially created glares visually increases the volume of any hair.

The sixth way - building strands

This method, unlike all previous ones, allows you to increase the volume of hair on the head not visually, but, so to speak, really. Modern technology is not sparedVoluminous hairparty and hairdressing. Now they have reached the level that it became possible to simply paste the missing strands. In the hairdressing salon, they are selected in strict accordance with the color and structure of the client's hair and glued with special capsules around the roots of living hair. As a result of three-hour work on gluing about one hundred strands, a magnificent and thick head of hair is obtained in color and is almost indistinguishable from the real one by touch.

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