How to make herbal infusion for fertilizing plants?

Nitrogen is the element that, like no otheranother, can help planting at the stage of their growth. A herbal infusion for fertilizing plants is the most economical nitrogen fertilizer. The green mass in the compost completely decays in just 2-3 months, and in the barrel - and even less, so every year you will be provided with such a useful top dressing for tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, as well as an appropriate component for creating warm beds. Let's talk more about grassy top dressing-infusion in this article.

Pluses of herbal infusion

Let's list the objective advantages of herbal infusion for plant nutrition:

  • You get an effective fertilizer without any costs.
  • This fertilizing is pure organic, therefore its application is absolutely harmless.
  • The effectiveness of herbal infusion sometimes bypasses the advertised funds.
  • Fertilizer is universal - except for the mentioned peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes, it is useful for fruit and berry crops.

herbal infusion for plant nutrition

How to prepare herbal infusion for plant nutrition: general recommendations

So, before you mix your first herbal fertilizer, let's give you a general recommendation:

  • The combination of herbs for top dressing can be very different (hereinafter we will introduce you to some recipes). Any plant without seeds will do - even the same weeds after weeding.
  • Medium proportions: 1 kg of grass per bucket of water (10 liters).
  • Basically, the infusion is fermented in a large barrel. The important point: the container is preferably covered with glass, leaving the slots for air access. So the mass will be warmed up more quickly because of the direct rays of the sun and wander more actively. If there is no glass, you can replace it with an equivalent black film.
  • The grass is crushed and completely filled with water.
  • To herbal infusion for fertilizing plants does not exude unpleasant odors, the mass is added to microbiological special preparations sold in horticultural stores.
  • Fertilizer is not used in its pure form! Normally the infusion is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10 (top dressing / water).

herbal infusion for fertilizing plants natural farming

Important Components

And now we will dwell in detail on the important components of the solution:

  • Nettle. For better effect it is desirable to add nettles - it is rich in silicon and a number of trace elements.
  • Hay. Pretty hay will be an excellent ingredient forprevention of fungal diseases of your plantings. Before adding to the barrel, pour it with hot water and, after it has cooled, place in the total mass. The active multiplication of the hay will begin, and you will eventually get an almost equivalent replacement for phytosporin, the enemy of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Yeast or rusks. Another wonderful remedy against fungal diseases is yeast or rusks from rye bread. 10 grams of yeast is enough for a barrel. Biscuit - 0,5 kg. Wet yeast - 50 g.
  • Bone flour or eggshell. A few kilograms of bone meal will enrich your homemade calcium fertilizer. An alternative is a well-dried and ground egg shell. Suitable dosage is 1/2 bucket per barrel.

how to make herbal infusion for fertilizing plants

Let us now turn to certain recipes of infusions obtained from experienced gardeners.

Recipe number 1: grass and ash

The fastest and easiest way, but the grass pastefor him should be already obviously ready. We will tell you how to dilute the herbal infusion for fertilizing plants in this case: 2 cups of wood ash and 10 liters of high temperature water are added to the fermented grass, but not boiling water. Readiness will come in a day.

Application - an aqueous solution of infusion in a ratio of 3:10.

Recipe # 2: with chalk and jam

How to make herbal infusion for fertilizing plants using this method? First, prepare the components:

  • Mixture of herbs (+ pre-straw hay - if desired).
  • 3 pieces of chalk medium size (alternative - egg shell).
  • 250 grams of any jam - to speed up fermentation.
  • Zhmenya manure (optional).
  • 2 cups of wood ash.

 how to prepare herbal infusion for plant nutrition

Half of the barrel is laid grass - free,without compacting. Then it is poured with warm water. After all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and left alone - for 3 days in the hot season, for a week - in cool weather.

For application it is necessary to observe the proportion: 1 liter of this solution per 10 liters of water.

Recipe # 3: manure, urea and ash

Additional components increase the value of grassy top dressing. The infusion is recommended to put the following:

  • 10 glasses of sifted ash.
  • Manure.
  • At will - a small amount of bird droppings.
  • 10 tbsp. l. Urea (when calculating for a 200-liter barrel).

how to make herbal infusion for fertilizing plants

Two liters of boiling water are poured into the resulting solution, insisted for several hours and then used for the intended purpose.

Recipe # 4: with superphosphate

Let's share how to make a herbal infusion for fertilizing plants of such a plan:

  • Grind the freshly mown grass. In the composition it is desirable to add as much nettle as possible.
  • Each bucket of grass is a bucket of water. However, the liquid level should not be higher than 20-25 cm to the edge - there is a possibility that the fermented solution will "run away" from the container.
  • For 10 liters of water, 40-50 g of double superphosphate. Without this component, the potassium starvation of plantations is likely.
  • Mix all the ingredients, put in the shadow for fermentation. Do not forget to stir the compound periodically in the future.
  • After a week, the solution will be completely ready - this will be indicated by the cessation of foam release.

 how to dilute herbal infusion for fertilizing plants

Apply this herbal infusion for fertilizing plants in a ratio of 1: 2: 4 with water.

Recipe # 5: with EM drugs

Prepare the following components:

  • Microbiological preparation: Vostok-EM1, Vozrozhdenie, Baikal or Bokashi.
  • Plastic barrel for 200 liters - iron is not suitable because of the highly acid reaction of EM means.
  • 5 buckets of grass. Preferably lawn, nettle, bean tops.
  • 1-3 kg of dolomite flour.
  • 3 kg of bone meal.

herbal infusion for top dressing

Pour all of the above with water, leaving 10-20 cmto the edge, so that the magic solution during fermentation does not "run away." Cover with glass or black film, leave to wander in a sunny place. After 10-15 days, wait for the ready fertilizer. It is used in the proportion of 5 liters of solution per 200 liters of water. Thus, barrels of herb infusion are enough to handle 30 acres of land.

Readiness and application

When you can talk about the willingness of the herbalinfusion for plant nutrition? Depending on the temperature of the environment, these agents can be used within a week after cooking. The readiness will be indicated by a specific "aroma", as well as the formation of foam on the surface.

Herbal fertilizer in a pure form of planting is not fed, since the solution is very concentrated, which can adversely affect the roots. Apply it best as follows:

  • Thoroughly mix the contents of the barrel with a stick.
  • Scoop out the solution, drain it from the grass and other ingredients.
  • Dilute with clean water 1:10 (infusion / water).
  • Do such fertilizing with a frequency of once every 7-10 days.

Do not wait until the solution is completely consumed -As the barrel is empty, fill it with new grass and other ingredients (except for manure), fill it with water. So at you all the summer long there will be a ready organic fertilizer.

About universal methods of top dressing

After you prepare an aqueous solution of herbal infusion, it's time to apply it to the case:

  • Watering cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers is carried out at the rate of 1 bucket for 4-5 bushes.
  • Top dressing of root crops with an aqueous solution of herbalfertilize as a normal watering. It is best to do this in the spring, 2 weeks after the appearance of the shoots. Such a fertilizer should be systematically used throughout June.

Fertilizer additives

The product of natural farming - herbal infusion for fertilizing plants - is among other things useful for fertilizing fruit and berry plantations. Feeding is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • Do holes in the soil around the tree with a depth of 50-60 cm with an iron rod or an object like this.
  • Prepare feeding: one bush - 1 liter of fertilizer, on a tree older than 5 years - 2 buckets of infusion. The solution is made in the proportion: 1 liter of fertilizer per bucket of water.
  • Pour the infusion into the prepared holes - so it will soon be near the roots.
  • After fertilization it is important to leave the soil well moistened, and then cover it with a dense layer of straw or dry grass.
  • It will be an excellent decision to periodically carry out this procedure throughout the season.

Prepare economical, efficient and safeherbal infusion-fertilizer, as you saw, is not so difficult, the main thing is to be the owner of a suitable barrel. The remedy is also very versatile - they can be fertilized with many plantings.

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