How to make mead?

The mead is a truly Russian drink thatappeared on the tables of our ancestors a long time ago. To the extent that the main ingredient of mead is honey, it is considered that the drink is very useful. And in this article we will tell you how to make mead yourself.

The mead is both low-alcoholic andnon-alcoholic, in addition, this drink is produced and on an industrial scale, another name for mead is hmel honey. Now let's proceed to a description of how to make a homemade mead. For the preparation of mead will require:

  • Honey
  • Water
  • Hop cones (sold in pharmacies)
  • Yeast

Mead: the algorithm of cooking

  • Boil 5 liters of water and add to it a half liter jar of honey and mix thoroughly.
  • Continue boiling water after adding honey for 3-5 minutes. At the same time, foam will stand out - do not be scared, just shoot it. When the foam ceases to stand out, go to the next stage.
  • We fall asleep in a mixture of 5 g of hop cones, carefully mix the liquid, and remove from the plate, covering the lid. We leave to cool under natural conditions.
  • While the mixture cools down to 40-50 °, we prepareyeast. For this, one teaspoon of yeast is bred in water (it is better to sweeten it). After the desired temperature of the mixture is reached, we add yeast to it. You can not add yeast into the liquid hotter than 50 °, in the case, how to cook a mead, it's better not to rush.
  • After all the ingredients are covered,it is necessary to close the container for fermentation with a lid with a hydraulic seal (on how to make this cover yourself, read below), and put it in a dark place. The optimum temperature for fermentation is 22-25 °, at this temperature the fermentation process will take 5 days.
  • After 5 days (or at the endprocess of fermentation). We take out the fermentation tank, scoop up the cones and express the mead (using gauze), pouring it into bottles (it's better to use plastic ones). At the same time, we fill the bottles no more than by 90%. Tighten the covers tightly.
  • Put bottles in a dark and cool place for ripening for 4-5 days. After a lapse of 2 days, it is better to release the bottles from the bottles.

The whole process, how to cook mead takesfrom 9 to 12 days, after which you can fully enjoy this pleasant drink. And this is many times faster than in distant times in Russia, when the mead was prepared in barrels buried in the ground for 5-20 years!

Serve mead better chilled. An exception may be winter time, a slightly warmed mead warms everyone's cold night.

Lid with hydroshirt

To prepare such a cover, we needa sealed lid under the fermentation tank, a hose, and a jar of water. In the lid make a hole for the hose, while ensuring the tightness of the connection. The hose inside the fermentation tank should be above the water level, the other end of the hose (free), immerse in another jar with water, through it will emit gases that are formed during fermentation.

Tips for cooking mead

  • Honey for mead any.
  • Simultaneously with cones of hops in mead you can also add spices (for example, cinnamon, nutmeg)
  • Sometimes raisins are used for sourdough.
  • As a yeast, it is necessary to use fast-acting yeast, and brewer's yeast is also suitable.
  • For boiling and fermentation it is better to take enamelware.
  • Dishes for fermentation should not be transparent, but if the dishes are transparent, then you need to place it wherever light does not penetrate.
  • Instead of a lid with a water seal, you can use a rubber glove worn on the throat of a fermentation bottle.
  • Here's a way how to find out that fermentation is over. To do this, it is simply necessary to bring a burning match to the neck of the bottle for fermentation. And open it, if the match does not go out, then the fermentation is over.
  • If you plan to make mead regularly, do not pour out the ferment from the fermentation tank, but simply fill in the mixture of honey and cones that has cooled down after boiling.
  • Before pouring mead through glasses, it is worth to lower the pressure, so as not to get a gushing mead, and not to lose a lot of delicious food.

Now you know how to make mead, but in addition toit is also worth knowing that keeping the drink should not last longer than 2-3 weeks (in the refrigerator). Therefore, when choosing the volume of cooking mead, consider your needs for it.

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