How to make yeast dough

Richard Bertine Recipe

French baker Richard Bertine wrote a whole book about dough and bread “Dough. Simple Contemporary Breads. ” He recommends making the dough a little differently. He advises yeast not to insist, but by mixing them with water, immediately add to the flour.

In the case of using fresh yeast, he recommends rubbing them with fingers and flour, to obtain small lumps.

Lush yeast dough.

The number of ingredients remains the same, but the Frenchman recommends kneading dough otherwise.

To make it light and airy, saturated with oxygen, the dough should not be kneaded with your palms, but stretched with your fingers to the sides. Then the dough is folded in half and stretched again.

It should be noted that to do this all Bertine advises on the table without flour. The dough sticks to the hands for a long time, but later becomes airy and smooth.
After that, the table can be lightly sprinkled with flour, form a ball and remove the dough for 1.5 hours to infuse in a greased bowl.

It is much easier to bake bread in the bread maker.

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