How to play blackjack?

Blackjack Card Game as part of an online casinoProvides a deck of cards of 52 units. It involves only one player and the dealer. To win over the casino - online, you need to have more points than the dealer of the institution, but not more than 21 points. Thus, you can have on hands 20, 19, 18, etc. points, and your number of points exceeds the dealer. Another important nuance is that before each card is dealt a new deck is taken. Before playing Blackjack, you need to know the dignity of all the cards that participate in this game.

Advantages of cards

Ace in classic blackjack can give a player,as one point, and 11. If in the classic game the player drops an ace, then he can change his dignity from eleven to one, or from one to eleven. Thus, thanks to ace, on the gaming table may appear as a soft card layout, and hard. In the first case, the ace is eleven, and in the second - the ace is equal to one. And with a soft hand on the table, the ace and 6 form "soft" 17, and with a hard one - an ace, 10 and 6 form "hard" 17.

Cards, ranging from deuce to dozens, have the same dignity as card denomination. Ten points at the time of the game will bring every jack, king or lady.

Betting in Blackjack

If you play blackjack online, thenYou can choose one of the boxes at the table, that is, you will make one bet. If you want to expand your capabilities, and do not waste time, then choose a few boxes at the table to each of them play alone with the dealer of the institution. Thus, the essence of the game does not change, but if you are a fast player with enough experience in the game, then, of course, you should choose the second option. Each casino has its own betting range in this game, the maximum of which, in no case, should not be exceeded. After you bet, the game begins.

Beginning of the game

The dealer gives out to the player, as well as to himself, 2 cards. The second card from those available to the dealer is opened to them and placed on the table - its face value is visible to the player. In the case of this outcome of the game, when the player immediately after the first deal is 2 cards, giving a total of 21 points, the game ends in a player's victory, because he got the BlackJack, but on condition that the dealer does not have 21 points on his hands (he shows their cards to the player). In the case of a player's winnings, a sum of three to two is placed on his account. The dealer can offer the player after paying two cards to pay for his bet one to one, but only if the second dealer card is an ace. You, as a player, can either accept the offer of the dealer, or refuse him, after which he opens his first card. If after this, the dealer has BlackJack on hand, then the player is refunded, but not paid 1: 1.

BlackJack from the player

Experienced players know that BlackJack will not work,if after the first hand, they do not have dozens or ace in their hands, that is, the dealer gave them simple cards. Although, if the player will play for free in Blackjack, then it does not make a big difference to him when a blackjack combination appears in his hand, and whether it will appear at all. Such a game is necessary for beginning players who do not know the rules of Blackjack, are not familiar with the nuances and subtleties of the gameplay. If the player at the first hand fell into the hands of cards of high denomination, then he has a chance to collect BlackJack. Provided that at the table in all the boxes are open cards and the dealer showed his pair of cards.

BlackJack from the dealer

Players have the opportunity to secure their ownIf the dealer opened his second card, which turned out to be an ace. This means that a casino employee has a chance to get a BlackJack. In order to insure your bets, you need to click on the corresponding button - this is "Insurance", thereby making a half bet from the initial one. In the event that the croupier collects the BlackJack, the player receives a win at the second bet, which is paid as 2: 1. It should be noted that all other variants of the game are not an excuse for paying the insurance rate.

Waiver of the bet and its doubling

If you made a bet, but the dealer gave youbad cards, then you can refuse to continue the game, taking half of the previously made bet. "Saving" can only be done before the game, but not at the moment. Such actions Blackjack (rules) prohibits if the dealer has an ace on hand after the first hand.

Double the bet is allowed to the player before the game,when he came up with good cards. This operation requires payment of an additional interest. After that, the player can take only one card. According to the rules of the game, doubling is possible. If there are two cards on hand, the player has only 11 points. After Split, the rate does not double.

Split and bust

If the cards are dealt, the player has twoequivalent cards, for example, two kings or two waltzes, then the player can divide these cards into 2 hands. In the future, he will play on two hands, observing the rules of the game in Blackjack, which prohibit in this game to fold or double the rate. Do not use the RS1 button to make Split. In case of Split, consisting of two aces, the player can take another card on each of the two hands, but in that case, he must score 21 points for each of the hands to compose the BlackJack. When the player types a total of 21 points on one hand, the player switches to the other hand. In the absence of a sufficient amount of points, the player is allowed to take an additional card or stop. In case of busting, the player loses - his bet goes to the casino.

The player has the right to stop, if he hashands are not 21 points, after which the amount of points is fixed. After opening the cards of the dealer, the sum of his points and the player is compared - the result will be either a win or a loss of the player. An additional card can be taken by players if he did not score 21 points. A new game begins when all the bets are paid for in the previous game.

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