How to reconcile with a friend?

Friendship is an indispensable gift of any wealth. If it were possible, I would include it in the list of "Seven Wonders of the World". Friendship should be able to appreciate and respect. Friendship is between women, men, children, also between women and men. But friends do not choose, and so it happens that friends quarrel. How to reconcile with a friend and keep friendship?

Step by step

So, where to start to make peace with a friend? Regardless of which sex your friend is, you will need to be patient. This will be necessary in order to properly analyze the situation that has developed between you. You know your position, but now try to put yourself in the place of your friend and think: "Why did this happen? What did he not like? What did he mean? Perhaps it's your fault or your best friend, and maybe you're both wrong?

You need to consider that you are growing and changing. There are new interests, views, tastes. And if you are really friends, then you have to put up with the fact that each of you has your own inner world. And therefore, if you do not want to lose someone dear to you, then do not ask yourself such heated questions: "Why are we friends?". Do not fill the "negative features" column on a sheet of paper. There is another column of "positive features." Maybe there are less of them, but one quality costs ten "minuses"!


But do not think too long. The further, the more difficult. Making the first step is always difficult, but the game is worth the candle. Call first, try to say something intimate. For example: "I cherish our friendship. You're my only friend and I do not want to lose you. Let me see you and we'll decide together how we did it before. "If your friend ignores any of your calls and messages, and you can not disappear at home and wait for a call, then act. Go to his house. Try to talk and resolve everything.


And if you turn out to be guilty, then trysmooth the situation and, of course, ask for forgiveness. A small "forgive" may cost you a single friend. You have to step over yourself, but your friend will know that you need him, and your relationship is more important to him than some kind of pride. But, if it turns out that it's not you who is to blame, then do not think that now he owes you something. Friendship is two or more people who are equal in their rights. And in the fire, and in the water a friend will go only of his own volition. Stop thinking that he owes you something. Take due consideration for what it is.

What a friend might like

How to make peace with your best friend? Be original. This is your friend! If he does not want to even say hello to you, although you face to face on the way to work, to study or jogging. Write in bold on the asphalt: "Let's put up." Send his mail with letters or autoresponder messages. Dangle his balls with balls. Pull out leaflets on his street so that he calls you. There are many ways!

Friendship is a relationship that is based onmutual sympathy, trust and respect. And friends, these are such close people who can sincerely rejoice at your successes and help in a difficult moment. Therefore, friends are important in our lives. Without them, life is a boring thing.

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